Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy?

by Dr. John Butler May 03, 2017

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy?-for the Ageless

Mind Power for Natural Rejuvenation and Better Healthspan - Interview with Dr John Butler, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Can hypnosis make us live longer, and stay healthier longer? 

Hypnosis is a very powerful means to activate the subconscious parts of your brain, which regulate your body, so yes, your mind can have a very positive influence on the body. The mind can influence the body for good or for bad, as we can see with stress.

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power live longer for the Ageless

We haven’t got enough scientific studies to show the exact degree of change for each individual, but it’s appropriate to say that anybody can use the mind in ways that will definitely assist and boost the healing and regulatory systems of their body. In that way, it will be a powerful influence in helping us stay younger and healthier throughout life.

We tend to think that lifestyle and cosmetics are the only answer to "how to stay young". Can hypnosis make us look younger?

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power look younger for the Ageless

Obviously, it’s a major factor on the functioning of the body, as I said. If the mind influences the body for improving health, this is going to contribute to more youthful looks and along with other things such as good nutrition and exercise, all three of these factors will help us to make the most of our genetics and increase our ability to look younger in life.

Hypnosis is well known for dealing with addictions like smoking, and for phobias and setting goals like losing weight, but in your experience as a seasoned hypnotherapist, what is hypnosis truly effective for?

Hypnosis has been shown over and over again as a most effective way to stop smoking, it’s a powerful way to motivate people to lose weight and live healthier, but there are so many other ways in which hypnosis can be used to help a person in their life and to achieve goals. 

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy Interview on Mind Power smoking for the Ageless

Hypnosis is very powerfully effective to help our bodies function better. It’s the most powerful way to activate the mind-body mechanisms for greater health. Hypnosis can be very effective for helping people increase self-confidence, help them overcome anxiety states, improve their mental functioning generally, help them achieve many, many types of goals.  It helps us to be more self-aware, to discover our potential, and to achieve goals.

What are some of the most remarkable changes you’ve seen in your clients? 

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power changes for the AgelessThere’s a sense of vulnerability that comes along with this.That’s a very good question. I’ve seen people very affected by depression and anxiety, lacking in confidence, who have change remarkably in their confidence and mental attitudes about life, overcoming mental problems. I’ve seen them improve health, and in some cases, achieve what might even be considered miraculous levels of change in overcoming an illness, and I’ve seen people achieve many, many goals that might have seemed impossible to them to achieve before. 

Most of us don’t like strangers seeing our bodies naked, let alone our minds, what do you say to those of us scared at the prospect of revealing too much to you, and to ourselves, through hypnotherapy?

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy Interview on Mind Power trust for the Ageless
This is something that happens inevitably in a therapeutic setting, it’s called the therapeutic relationship, learning to trust the therapist as non-judgmental and in the same way as we have to go to the doctor with our bodies, people can learn, and usually do learn quite quickly, to overcome that inhibition, which is really mostly coming from a sense of self-criticism and self-rejection, which we help them overcome, so they don’t fear revelation.


What is the difference between going to a hypnotherapist and doing self-hypnosis?

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power self hypnosis for the Ageless

In the one case, you are operating your mind through your own resources entirely. With a therapist, they are guiding and helping you to use your mind, and there is a strong element of self-hypnosis even when working with another individual because you are still using your mind, but the therapist plays an important role in teaching you how to use your mind.  When you’ve learned self-hypnosis, you can take over that process for yourself.


Why isn’t hypnosis taught in schools?

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy Interview on Mind Power taught in school for the Ageless
That’s a very good question, I think much of it is due to ignorance, and a certain amount of prejudice. Hypnosis has been subject to misunderstanding for a very long time, through media portrayals of it as a form of mind domination or mind control. These ideas are, of course, very inaccurate as a portrayal of clinical hypnotherapy, and, of course, the prejudices of Freud and generations of psychotherapists, who saw hypnosis as a very superficial form of therapy and did not speak highly of it. Thankfully, in the last 30 years or so, this ill-founded prejudice has been reducing to the point where it is much less evident nowadays.



How come only some health practitioners train to apply hypnosis in their practices?

There’s a great ignorance about the value of hypnosis and there still is a degree of prejudice against it as it is not always seen as fitting into a scientific model of medicine.  Again, this prejudice is reducing and hypnosis is being seen as a valuable tool to physicians in conjunction with medicines, instead of being a competitive rival, as some have seen it. 

Can anyone learn hypnosis, or are there any types of people who wouldn’t benefit from it?

Anyone can learn hypnosis, respond to it, or can learn to use self-hypnosis to one degree or another.

Can I ask a bit more about your work as a trainer, and the courses you are giving? Who are they for? 

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power courses for the AgelessI’ve been teaching hypnotherapy for many years, in many countries, beginning my professional teaching career in 1990. My courses are geared towards individuals who wish to become hypnotherapists as a professional career, I also teach many people who wish to apply it in conjunction with their existing career, such as medicine, psychology, psychotherapy. We also teach members of the public who come on courses, who wish to learn more about hypnosis to help themselves in various ways, such as improving mental functioning and performance.


What is your ultimate hope for hypnosis and humanity?

Can Hypnosis Keep Us Young and Healthy? Interview on Mind Power future for the Ageless
I very much hope we will reach the day when hypnosis will be taught in schools. Its power will be appreciated, it will be recognised as the most powerful and deepest-acting method to unlock human potential, and by so doing, enable to benefit from its great unused mental resources, which I believe will lead to a much healthier, happier, peaceful and successful world.

Dr John Butler is Director of Hypnotherapy Training International

Dr. John Butler
Dr. John Butler


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August 02, 2017

Really thought provoking – this should be taught to everybody at an early age…!

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