Collagen peptides for beauty & wellbeing

by Chelsea Jennings August 06, 2017

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing-for the Ageless

Collagen peptides are on the cover and back cover of every health and beauty magazine nowadays. And there’s a very good reason for it.

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing collagen for the Ageless
Did you know that about 70% of the body's protein is made from collagen? The problem is that, after the age of 25, we lose an average of 1.5% of collagen per year. It's hard to obtain a lot of collagen from food unless you're having broth every day. Environmental damage and deficient diets also produce a deficit of collagen in our bodies, making it an essential supplement, particularly if you’re looking to support healthy tissue and skin.

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing young and old skin comparison for the Ageless

Free radical damage accelerates the depletion of collagen reserves in the body causing the well-known signs of premature ageing: wrinkles, coarse skin and thin hair are what we can see. What about our digestive tract, our tendons and muscles, the good health of our major organs and the cardiovascular system? All these depend on a healthy metabolism that produces collagen.

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing collagen man and woman healthy skin for the Ageless
Precursors of collagen like MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, have long been acknowledged essential foundations of any anti-ageing regime. But numerous studies in the field of nutrition have brought to light the importance of collagen supplementation for those who want to keep well and beautiful. The number of collagen powder and collagen drink brands in the market has exploded in recent years. Very few reviewers look into the quality of the ingredients featured in these heavily-marketed formulas.


What are good quality collagen peptides?

After years of actively researching the manufacturing process and health benefits of the different collagen formulations, I’ve come to my own conclusions as to what a good collagen supplement needs to contain and where its active ingredients need to be sourced from. It’s a delight to be able to share these findings with you now:

Collagen peptides I would take:

  • hydrolysed collagen powder for high bioavailability
  • bioavailable, free-range and ethical sourcing
  • no hormones or chemicals
  • manufactured in Europe or under strict regulations
  • blended naturally with herbs and natural vitamins

    Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing YES for the Ageless

Collagen peptides I would NOT take:

  • manufacturers that don’t list where the ingredients have been sourced from
  • industrial farming sources (fisheries, closed cattle farms), which ensure hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. and very unhappy animals
  • no safety stamps or third-party certification
  • blended with synthetic additives

    Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing NO for the Ageless

Bovine collagen is the best type of collagen, but only if the cows were happy

Bovine collagen constitutes the highest bioavailable source of collagen that exists because the combination of type 1 and type 3 collagen is closest to that of humans. The caveat here is that we don’t want to encourage industrial farming because it is bad for the well-being of the animals, the planet, and ourselves.

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing happy cow for the AgelessIt is fundamental then, that if you consume bovine collagen, you’re sure it comes from a legitimate source of free range, ethical farming. Grass fed cows that are allowed to roam freely are not as common as one may think in today’s super industrialised world. No wonder many companies choose to not disclose the origin of the collagen they use in their formulas; just check out the top brands in the market.

They get away with this because consumers are not smart enough to look beyond the empty marketing claims and question what’s on the label. Fortunately, I found a UK brand that has the same beliefs as I do. Planet Paleo sources its pure collagen from 100% pasture-raised cattle from sunny South America. If you're looking for a more inexpensive formula, try the second best collagen supplement: Ethical British manufacturer G&G produces the marine collagen formula Collagen Extra, which also features glucosamine, chondroitin (also derived from fish), MSM and vitamin C. But if you can afford it, go for the most bioavailable form of collagen for the human body: bovine collagen.




Benefits of bovine collagen

Bovine collagen provides the most bioavailable collagen for humans: Type I and Type III collagen. Collagen is a unique protein that is a rich source of the amino acids glycine and proline, which are commonly low in most protein sources.

It is one of the most abundant proteins in the body, making up the skin, joints, bones, blood vessels and lining of the digestive tract. So you can start to imagine the many benefits of Bovine Collagen…

Tighter skin and better hair and nails

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing tighter skin better hair for the Ageless

Bovine collagen is very rich in amino acids proline and glycine, which helps tighten and tone skin and are the building blocks of healthy hair and nails. It is no surprise we start seeing wrinkles, flaky skin, and weak hair as we get older because after the age of 25 we lose about 2% of our natural collagen production per year. Supplementation is essential from this age onwards and the results can be seen fairly quickly.


Deeper, more regenerative sleep

Because collagen modulates cortisol at night, taking it in the evening improves the quality of your sleep considerably. and how peacefully do we sleep when we know collagen is doing it regenerative job in the rest of the body.

Gut health supports the healing and repair of a leaky gut

Being rich in amino acids like glycine and glutamine makes collagen very healing of the gut line. This will vary from person to person, but the first thing I notice when I take it every morning and every evening is a sense of digestive peace that only a nice warm broth can equal.


Collagen is high in amino acids that are precursors of glutathione, a major detoxifier. A long-term benefit of taking collagen is its capacity to open up this major detoxifying route of the liver to get rid of heavy metals, accumulated toxins from foods, water and plastics from the environment. The toxic load has never been bigger and the body can do with a helping hand.

Builds muscle and repairs tissue

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing bulding muscle for the Ageless

A fairly obvious benefit, but nevertheless, one to not be underestimated: bovine collagen has high bioavailability and this can aid the quick recovery of trauma, surgery or strenuous physical exercise. Our organs and vessels are made of collagen, so having good quantities of it available ensures whole-body well-being especially when recovering from ailments or physical activity.


Stronger bones

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing stronger bones for the AgelessCalcium has been debunked as a mineral that is actually dangerous to supplement when not taken in the right ratio along with magnesium and in very specific circumstances. Collagen has no negative side effects and can’t be toxic (unless taken in extremely high quantities). Because bones, joints, discs, tendons, ligaments are made from collagen, it makes sense to supplement it when wanting to improve the quality of your bone health. This is why collagen is well-known as a natural remedy for joint pain and osteoarthritis.


Better energy levels and metabolism

The bottom line is the more healthy protein in your diet means, the fewer cravings. In the right proportions, the free-form amino acids and peptides derived from bovine collagen are a natural foundation for better energy levels and a healthier metabolism. Check out the reviews to see most people highlight the fact that taking a good-quality source collagen has primarily made them feel so much better.

Beyond collagen peptides - bioactive peptides

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing Russian bioactive peptides for the AgelessSince the early 1970s, leading Russian doctors and researchers at the St. Petersburg Bioregulation and Gerontology have been studying and developing bioactive peptides. This new and completely natural form of nutritional supplements are now being studied and synthesised in France, the US and other countries interested in their regenerative capacity. But the only long-term studies on animals and humans have been performed in Russia by Dr Khavinson’s team, who discovered over 100 biologically-active peptides extracted from animal tissue and organs that have the capacity to regenerate human tissue and organs.

These peptides are proven to help control gene expression and new protein synthesis within the human body. Their naturally-occurring ingredients act as gene switches that regulate under-active or over-active cell activity. They have been shown to be an optimum defence against environmental damage, and also help to fight off disease, and help speed the recovery process after surgery or physical trauma. Bioactive peptides also help ward off illness.


The best bioactive peptides

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing bioactive peprides human body for the Ageless

There are 21 complexes of natural bioactive peptides that can be taken as nutritional supplements with no side effects or adverse reactions. These boost the functions of specific body parts such as the liver, thyroid, blood vessels, cartilage, brain, thymus, pineal gland, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, eyes, bladder, heart, adrenal gland, lungs, bone marrow, parathyroid gland, retina, and more. By providing separate peptide complexes to support each individual organ or tissue in the body, you can choose which peptide to take to fulfil your individual goals. Bioactive peptides are thus customisable to every person as they choose which areas of their health need support at any given time.


Which peptide supplements can we trust?

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing which peptides to trust for the AgelessBioactive peptides work by boosting the functions of the body’s vital organs and tissues, which tend to decline as we age. These natural supplements offer powerful, anti-ageing properties that regulate the performance, regenerate and extend the healthspan of the body’s vital organs and tissues. They help reverse ageing by regulating the metabolism of cells in different systems of the body. Regulating metabolism helps them dispose of toxins and extra, unused particles that otherwise clog up the cells and make them age more rapidly. When cells cannot regularly dispose of their toxic burden, they may malfunction, mutate and eventually just die off. With the effect of bioactive peptides, organ and tissue cells stay in premier shape for much longer working as they are supposed to.

Unlike synthetic peptides, all quality bioactive peptide supplements and capsules are free from any side-effects or adverse effects, because they perform their function only where needed. This is why they’re also called bio-regulators. The collection of 21 bioactive peptides are guaranteed to be extracted from grass-fed Danish cattle raised in GMO-free pastures and put together following pharmaceutical standards to ensure purity and safety. Be careful when purchasing such peptide products produced synthetically and without certification. These are normally targeted to bodybuilders and can be very harmful to your health and well-being.


Topical collagen peptides

Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing topical peptides skin for the AgelessTopical collagen peptides come in the forms of tonics, serums, lotions, creams and masks that are applied directly onto the skin for deep regeneration. These topical solutions allow help to provide for remarkable results on the skin, by helping reduce wrinkles, spots, and age-related marks. Collagen peptides also help cleanse and clean the skin without drying it out, synergising with the existing natural oils that keep the skin moisturised and protected from environmental damage. Collagen peptides can also provide strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. While topical treatments do not reach all seven layers of skin, collagen peptides can reach the top four layers, producing a deep regenerating effect and resulting in a younger look with reduced wrinkles and age spots.



Collagen Peptides for Beauty & Wellbeing younger skin for the AgelessBoth oral and topical treatments with collagen peptides and bioactive peptides are safe and can produce some of the most advanced anti-ageing benefits in the market. The nutritional supplements support internal organs and bodily tissue, whilst the topical creams produce healthy, glowing skin. Whilst humanity may not yet be immortal, bioactive peptides and collagen peptides can certainly help set back deeply some effects of ageing, allowing more time for science to advance, and more promising research to come. 

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Chelsea Jennings


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