Creative Role Play to Love & Heal

by J.M. Fletcher & J.P. Fletcher December 27, 2017

Creative Role Play to Love & Heal-for the Ageless

How creative role play brought Jill & James Fletcher together and became a recipe for love, friendship, healing and escaping anxiety. In this article, Jill & James discuss how imaginative play and daydreaming can bring about the best of life and health.

Role Play, Imaginative Play and Love

Role Play Imaginative Play LoveOur world was born from the magic of imagination. Building the world and characters with my husband and co-author James entailed complete immersion. I suppose in some ways, this was easy for us. Although my husband James and I did not know each other as teenagers, we both as teens played D&D, or Dungeons & Dragons as it is called. When we first met, he brought D&D books over to my apartment. After we were married, we found an online Neverwinter Nights server, which allowed us to role play characters with one another. The online server had people who would volunteer to run quests, so we were able to role play having adventures and affecting the stories within the setting together. We stayed for years with that online gaming community and still have friendships from that time.

Writing a book role play

Interestingly, as authors some things we did role play out for the book, such as the chapters involving the docks and what ensues there for Nelina and Elian.  I also had a role-play session or two as Queen Celeste from the book. Without question, it helped me to connect to the characters that much more while writing them. Again, all of this goes to imagination and using it. In the case of my husband and me, it led to us writing an entire book and self-publishing it.

Imagination dress up role playImagination is essential, especially for child development. You may have heard terms and phrases like "creative problem-solving" and "critical thinking" skills when referring to cognitive development. The essence of those phrases relates to the child's creative ability. Social skills are also fostered when children use their imaginations. Children when playing with one another will tend to play pretend and act as characters or act out scenarios. I remember more than once as a kid playing house or pretending I was Wonder Woman. Kids need to be able to have those experiences in order to learn and thrive.  Innovative and imaginative play is one of the ways in which kids find out about the world they live in. Amid creative playing, youngsters control materials, convey things verbally and non-verbally, design, act, connect, respond, and adopt roles.

daydreaming imagination dream role play

A person’s creative ability in using imagination is the capacity to shape a picture in our minds of something that isn't seen through the five senses, of taste, touch, sound, sight and smell. It is the capacity of the psyche to fabricate mental scenes, items or occasions that don't exist, are absent, or that have occurred previously.

Having a strong, solid, creative imagination does not make you absent-minded, impractical, or illogical. There is oftentimes the stigma of the phrase daydreamer. I can remember more than once a teacher or two telling me to quit daydreaming. As a mother, I’ve always tried to encourage my kids to use their imaginations. Despite what might be expected, a person's imagination fortifies their inventive and creative capacities. Without question, it is an incredible and powerful tool that we can use to our own personal advantage.

reading a book imaginationIn truth, creative energy is imperative in our regular day to day existences and our well-being. Regardless of whether it is viewing a T.V. Show, tuning in to music, perusing a book, or notwithstanding thinking of one, it is magnificent for enabling the psyche to unwind. Utilizing your creative energy enables you to be brought to new universes with fascinating individuals and undertakings. It gives us an escapism, when the inconveniences and troubles of the day can push down hard. Inside our creative ability, we are constantly permitted to escape with the flexibility to visit any land whenever we want.

Daydreaming universes role play
In our everyday lives, we will run into a variety of various anxieties and stresses that we can't stay away from. Exercises involving our creative ability give us a shelter from those anxieties and worries. It gives our mind consent to go into a different universe where we can enable ourselves to be anybody we wish giving a rest to the body, brain, and soul. Taking a break from the grind of life to sustain your creative energy can likewise energize and encourage your intellectual growth and development.

In many discussions regarding success, you will find that one of the suggested techniques is to visualize your goals and what you want to accomplish. People who do that are using their imagination to envision what they want and how to achieve their objectives.

Christmas Tree Holiday SeasonsLet’s consider the holidays, such as the one that just passed recently, Halloween. Kids and grown-ups utilize their creative abilities and innovative capacities when dressing up in costumes to praise the day. Their ensembles speak volumes to their imaginative articulation in depicting a character of their choice. Easter for some is a holy day, whereas for others it involves a bunny that leaves children an Easter basket filled with chocolate and other goodies. Christmas is yet another holiday filled with imagination and magic.  Santa Claus leaves presents under the decorated Christmas trees for children, and Santa’s elves make all the toys in their workshop at the North Pole. That’s not getting into the flying reindeer or the famous one with the glowing red nose either. 

The Magus - A Dream Come True

Magus dream romance role playThe Magus, book one, is from the fantasy romance series ‘A Chronicle of Rebirth’. The novel focuses on the Magus Ru’ark and the woman he falls in love with, the beautiful, flaxen-haired Nelina. Outside of his homeland, no one else has any abilities or enchantments that are similar to his own gifts. Ru’ark uses a powerful form of smoke magic, which we refer to in the book as weavings. Aghadine is the homeland of the Magus which is imprisoned by a great and dangerous Waste. The people from there seek the opportunity to gain their freedom in order to rejoin whatever remains of the world that they have been isolated from for so long. It was through a clever, supernatural, strategy of his own concocting, that the Magus Ru'ark was able leave Aghadine through a long dead portal. Once he was free, he chose to establish himself in the City of Danthamore. However, no ordinary place or dwelling would suffice for the message he wanted to send. Therefore, he decided to take up residence in the Obsidian palace to conduct his search for a way to release his people. After waiting slightly over a decade, he finally comes across Nelina through the local slave trader Johan who is selling her.

love knot heart role playAs fate would have it, she is the perfect vessel that he requires in order to free his homeland from the Waste. However, the heart is a tricky matter. Ru’ark is left with the choice of being with Nelina, the woman he has grown to love, or saving his people and giving her over to them. Ru’ark is a man who isn’t used to having feelings for a woman, so these things are new to him. Nelina is naive and immature when it comes to love relationships. Her experience in having relationships is limited due to living with her Uncle after her parents died.

Besides the main characters Ru’ark and Nelina, there are other notable characters as well. The Queen, Celeste has her own agenda. Kinnat is a Soul Seer which is our version of a shaman who is in book one and who will appear again in future books. Then of course, there is the noble Captain of the City Guard Elian who is loyal to The Magus and a friend to Nelina.


Imaginative Play and Health

imaginative play health bath
Imagination is also taking a natural approach towards our own well-being. I try for myself to use natural substances and techniques for healing and for my well-being. One of my favorite ways to replenish, heal, and even brainstorm, is a bath. Similar to the character Nelina in the book, I prepare my bath with care. I use Epsom, Himalayan, and Dead Sea salts along with various bath bombs.

I also light incense and candles to set the mood while having music play. A lot of plotlines and ideas come to me from relaxing and letting my imagination drift off to the characters and the world they live in. In addition, I use my imagination to visualize cleansing my aura of any negativity that I may have picked up. My bath in and of itself is its own ritual of well-being. A few years back, I took a class on holistic healing that was being given by a nurse. She loved the bath routine that I had developed for self-healing. I also learned about Doshas and other methods of self-evaluation and healing from her.

personal magic role playI believe that while we may have to use prescription pharmaceuticals, we should consider and not forget to use and try healthier approaches. For example, in my case, due to iron deficiency anemia I must take iron pills twice a day. It was bad enough that over the summer it required me to have to go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Yet, when it comes down to a migraine or back pain, I don’t rely on pain relievers like Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen unless I must. My preference is instead to use a natural, medical cannabis. In the State of Maine, medical marijuana is legal, and I honestly don’t know how I would manage without things like my salve. It genuinely relieves pain like nothing else I have tried.

As to Magic, oftentimes it means something different depending on who you ask.  I’ve found that people tend to have varying views on what magic is. I have a cousin who is a catholic priest that does magic tricks like a magician. Then again on the other hand, I am good friends with a woman who is a practicing Wiccan who looks at magic quite differently. Magic is something that we need to open our eyes to see. To me, magic is an individual’s own personal power and what’s inside of them. To discover it, we don't have to look any further than the grin that made somebody feel more joyful or happy in that moment.

walk in forest magicSurrounding yourself with a positive energy conveys its very own magic. It enables and allows you to influence and affect the circumstances you are faced with to find the solution you need. Additionally, things such as a dash of thoughtfulness and kindness go a long way to perhaps make someone's day a little better. I live in rural Greenfield Twp., Maine on six acres of land with my husband, kids, and furbabies (dogs). When I step out my front door and walk into the woods, I find magic in just being there. Walking through the trees and following the trails allows me to feel as though I am connecting to nature itself. To date though, nothing has quite matched the magic and majesty in the woods as seeing a moose.

role play imagination crystal ballIt is imperative in our daily lives, that we take time for self-care. If we ignore our own needs or put them off we run the risk of then running on empty. I have found about myself that not taking care of my own needs leaves me depleted and not much use to myself or anyone else. It is easy in our day to day lives to get caught up in routines that we forget to nurture ourselves. Therefore, I strive to find some time for myself each day to focus on relaxation. I hope that if you had not thought much about your own imagination that you will pay more attention to it. Like a garden, you should take care in tending it and let your imagination grow and reach new heights. Remember, if you are like me who takes care of children and others, you cannot give them your best without being at your best first.

The Magus Creative Role Play book
The most magical of all seasons is in full swing and, if you are looking for a good fantasy romance book, or if you’ve never given the crossing of those two genres a read, why not try our book? Our book recently won the Silver Award from Literary Titan.

Stay healthy, happy, and love life!

Written by J.M. Fletcher and J.P. Fletcher

The Magus J.M. Fletcher & J.P. Fletcher


Find The Magus on (Free Kindle version also available)

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J.M. Fletcher & J.P. Fletcher
J.M. Fletcher & J.P. Fletcher


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