for the Ageless is born

by for the Ageless Team July 09, 2016

for the Ageless is born-for the Ageless

Quick review of our sense of satisfaction at all levels:
How long have we thought of ourselves as physically flawed? We may love our age, but judgement creeps in sometimes.
How are we doing emotionally? Well… being mature can be a great plus, but it can also become a heavy weight on our shoulders. Have we trained to be content?
What about money and friends?
We may be financially secure and socially adjusted right now, but we've learned this good fortune can change any minute.
There is a truth beyond all doubt.
The fiery light that threads it all, the still sea that fills us, grounding us come what may. Our spirit.
To some of us, this ageless certainty comes naturally and remains deep inside like a core pulse. It's what we wanted most since we were children: to be the best we can be and hold hands with others who cherish life as much as we do.
On All Saints’ and Samhain, a bonfire is lit and we take stock of the harvest. From this evening, we put forward our unusual collection of goods for you, for the Ageless.

for the Ageless Team
for the Ageless Team


We're a small team of researchers of groundbreaking food supplements and natural skincare specialised in organic CBD oil products. We follow a strict selection criteria and test everything we retail.

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May 17, 2017

Ageless truth for me doesn’t appear to come naturally like some have been blessed to have. Negative people tend to gravitate towards me, which just makes me life a huge struggle for me. Wishing that I was one of those lucky ones that were granted with ageless truth.


May 16, 2017

I agree that I have always strived to have that “ageless truth”. I want to be the best that I can be, and naturally want to be with others that value this life like I do. Sometimes I do struggle with how I am doing emotionally, but surrounding myself with those positive people that have many values eases the stress of this.

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