Hypnosis for Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan

Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Programme Cds cover for the Ageless

Contents of the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis Programme:

An ebook with an explanatory guide on how the programme and the recordings work and two key life-changing techniques.

Ageless Inside Out (ebook)
  • How Hypnosis Works
  • The Life Path Diagram (worksheet)
  • Heart’s Desire Incubator (technique)

Four self-hypnosis recordings to achieve natural rejuvenation and better healthspan:

  1. Deep Relaxation (mp3)
  2. Deep Regeneration (mp3)
  3. Restoring Beach Walk (mp3)
  4. Invigorating Forest Walk (mp3)

    Ageless Inside Out ebook

    The following Ageless Buzz post is a summary of the Ageless Inside Out ebook, which is the main roadmap for the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis Programme.

    Hypnosis for Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Ageless Inside Out ebook for the AgelessIn this guide, you learn how deep hypnosis works, how and when to use the 4 recordings for Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing, and you get acquainted with the Heart’s Desire Incubator and the Life Path Diagram. The benefits of the programme are many, but above all, you gain a deep sense of confidence and freedom. The beauty from within features go hand in hand with the life extension and increased wellbeing benefits, which you learn to achieve with the power of your mind.

    Are You Ready to Be Ageless Inside Out?

    Changing mental attitudes requires a commitment to change and readiness for change. As much as change is desirable and necessary in life, it is also strongly feared by most adults, although this is not usually the case for children. There are significant reasons often for this resistance to change, such as fear of the unknown as well as secondary gains from holding on to the problems and maintaining the status quo.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Programme ready for change for the Ageless

    Secondary gains can include the desire to punish self or others, avoid responsibility, attract attention, sympathy and other perceived benefits from having problems. There is a great variety of other common gains/payoffs from hanging on to problems. In general, there is frequently the fear of being unworthy of success, from underlying feelings of being unlovable, which leads to patterns of self-undermining and self-self-sabotage. In most cases, if there is a genuine commitment to change, the motivation for change can be stimulated strongly enough with effective programming, so that substantial change is achieved and many goals are successfully met without having to uncover and process underlying negative subconscious programmes.

    Clearing the subconscious level through analytical hypnotherapy will be necessary for some people so that substantial change can occur and in all cases, the less the subconscious opposition the quicker and more powerful will be the change.

    What Hypnosis Is and Isn’t

    An everyday trance experience is a natural phenomenon that everyone can experience and frequently does to one degree or another when, for example, watching an absorbing movie at the cinema or on TV or computer. The individual is not unconscious but is reducing intellectual analysis and increasing their emotional and imaginative involvement which are key processes of the subconscious level of the human mind.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing what hypnosis is and isn't meadow for the AgelessA golden rule is to “don’t try to make it happen” as the conscious effort will interfere with relaxation and entering into the hypnotic experience or hypnotic trance, as it is commonly known. The use of unnecessary and counter-productive effort in hypnosis often comes from a fear of losing control, common in “over-controlled” people which usually stems from an underlying fear that the individual lacks sufficient control and power in life. In hypnosis, contrary to popular misconceptions, the individual is not unaware but is more aware and yet more relaxed. The hypnotised person can increase the level of activity of their rational faculties as much as they wish if they need to do this although they are choosing to decrease intellectual analysis while absorbing the beneficial suggestions in hypnosis.

    The fear of “letting go” is frequently overcome by regular practice. Practice is vital in acquiring the art of relaxation of mind and body and in implanting beneficial suggestions. The depth of trance is, for most purposes in therapy, a relatively minor factor in generating a successful therapeutic outcome.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing what hypnosis is and isn't steps for the AgelessWe have included a Deep Relaxation recording which is useful for initial training in the art of relaxation and especially valuable for those who find it difficult to relax. It can be played for about a week either on its own or with the programming affirmations recording: Deep Regeneration. It is not essential to use the Deep Relaxation recording in cases where the listener finds it very easy to relax from the outset of training. Success in hypnotic programming does not come because “it worked" but because the individual responded to a reasonable or even high degree to the beneficial suggestions. In cases where the subject has a poor or limited response and believes “it didn’t work". The therapist’s goal, in cooperation with the client, is to determine what factors are operating in the client’s mind that cause the inhibition of his/her response to the programming. Strong persistence coupled with careful observation of responses are keys to success in these cases.

    Your Success in Deep Hypnotic Programming

    Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are natural experiences of the mind. They are of major benefit for mind-body wellness and for success in all areas of life. We hope you will learn to use hypnotic programming for great benefit in your life and in so doing benefit the world around you.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing success in hypnotic programming echinacea for the Ageless


    How Ageless Inside Out Works 

    You have resolutions, hopes, desires, goals… you want to…

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing ageless inside out for the Ageless
    • be fit and bright
    • look forward with confidence
    • have creative ideas bubbling
    • come up with brilliant solutions
    • look and feel ageless

    All this happens in your rehearsal zone, the part of your central nervous system that looks ahead. What you see when you look ahead depends on the database you’ve got in your rehearsal zone already, which has accumulated since you were born.

    Nurturing the Mind

    The rehearsal zone’s database contains:

    • what you’ve learned from things that have happened to you
    • what you’ve been told by others that has made an impression on you
    • what you’ve learned from secondary information – what you’ve seen happening to others, what you’ve seen and read and listened about

    It is quite normal for a lot of this to be self-contradictory – some of your experiences may boost your confidence, some may diminish it.  So, achieving goals may become a struggle. There’s nothing wrong with struggling. If it’s a real struggle, you realise that there are real difficulties, and you can get prepared to overcome them.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Nurturing the Rehearsal Zone’s Database for the AgelessThe Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis Programme works on shifting the balance of the rehearsal zone in your favour. Ideas get accepted into the database if they are emotionally impacting, and/or repeated frequently. This programme has been carefully designed to use language with high emotional and imaginative impact – now it’s up to you to listen to it repeatedly. The programme eliminates unnecessary struggles (when you know rationally that there is no real difficulty, but you act as though there is, or as though there is more than there is). You stop worrying that people are not going to like you, that you’re not good enough, and you stop getting in your own way. You stop sabotaging your perfectly good plans for fitness and achievement.

    Rules for Listening for Optimum Effect

    1. Listen at least once a day.
    2. Listen at a separate time from going to sleep, although you can listen when you’re going to sleep as well.
    3. Make sure you’re free to relax completely when listening, never when driving or doing anything requiring your conscious attention and control.
    4. If you need to, in an emergency, you can stop listening and be alert immediately.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing optimum effect for the Ageless


    Maximising Responses to Ageless Inside Out

    These recordings are for you to re-educate your subconscious mind away from old self-limiting and self-defeating programmes and towards new beliefs and attitudes. Reprogramming the subconscious mind from old negative programming requires regular exposure; therefore, it is recommended to play the recording at least once daily.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Maximising Responses for the Ageless

    It has been found from substantial clinical observation that it requires up to three weeks (and occasionally longer, for some people) with daily exposure for the ideas to become accepted and the new neural pathways associated with the new ideas to become firmly established. Particularly during this formative time, it is important as far as possible to avoid indulging in negative thinking (a form of unconscious negative programming), which has the effect of weakening or detracting from the new positive programming.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Maximising Responses forest for the Ageless

    In the unusual event of an adverse reaction, the listener can terminate the state with a count to five with the understanding that any negative emotions coming from the subconscious level will quite soon subside and can be investigated and helped by a competent therapist. Breakthrough Programming incorporates carefully-designed language to maximise its acceptability and effectiveness in making an impression on the subconscious mind. In most cases, the acceptance of new programming can be accomplished with sufficient repetition.  If there is strong and persistent opposition due to powerfully negative counter-ideas, such as those most strongly seen in cases where there have been abusive or traumatic experiences which tend to undermine self-belief and self-worth, then it is recommended to have a personal consultation with a therapist to address these and gain support and insight. Any major, persistent opposition to the positive suggestions usually is addressed by some analytical hypnotherapy, involving regression and re-processing of old negative fixed beliefs. This is usually a short process as is all of hypnotherapy.

    Vigour, Energy, Zest for Life – Whatever Your Age

    The key to vigour, energy and zest for life is in your imagination.

    Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Zest for Life – Whatever Your Age for the Ageless
    The longer you live, the more experiences you have, the more likely that what you see in the future reflects what you fear, rather than what you hope.The brain is an anticipatory system – what we imagine for our future feeds back into how we feel now.

    Learn the skills of using your imagination for yourself, rather than against yourself. Your body is your lifelong companion – make a friend of it and treat it well, it will repay you. To live well, the longer you live, the more you need to learn and practise these skills.

    The Hypnosis Programme in 5 Steps

    1. Learning to Relax

    Your mind needs inputs, outputs and rest. Listen to the Deep Relaxation recording. Keep a personal journal to become more aware of how you think and feel.

    2. Nurturing your Needs and Desires

    Apply the techniques featured in the Heart’s Desire Incubator.

    Adjust your view – the further along you go in your life journey, your perspective shifts – if you try to have the same aims and motivations as you did in the earlier part of your journey, then this is likely to be a poor fit.

    3. Programme Yourself for Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan

    Listen to the Deep Regeneration recording.
    Choose a regular system for exercising all muscles in your body, including the ones in your face and neck and a savvy system of skin and hair care, including a consistently delicious and nutritionally balanced diet. Use a tailor-made motivational and imaginative affirmations to maximise your commitment and counter inertia.

    4. Programme Yourself to Enjoy Every Moment Fully

    Make your short perspective more vivid - enjoy the present, let go of the past except for learning from it, or memories that give you pleasure – listen to the Restoring Beach Walk and Invigorating Forest Walk recordings.

    5. Practise Gratitude and Reach a Deep Sense of Inner Fulfilment

    Expand the future to more than just your individual life – for many people, this is their children and grandchildren, if this is not enough or doesn’t work for you, find another way to have a stake in the long-term future, beyond the personal – use the Life Path Diagram to open up your future.

      The Life Path Diagram

      The Life Path Diagram can be used by people of any age, however, will probably be most useful for people past the usual life mid-point - about 40 or so.  At this stage, there are many signs that people can't ignore that physical life doesn't last forever (it is probable that biologically there is a kind of optical illusion in youth, that they see older people getting older but don't relate to this as something that can happen to them).  But by the age of 40 or so, there are deaths occurring of the older generation, and possibly even some peers.  So, to keep the brain anticipating, and shift the motivations and value system beyond the individual life, the Life Path Diagram extends the forward-looking range by some decades beyond the normal life expectancy, almost doubling it.

      Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Life Path Diagram for the AgelessKeep nurturing your true desires - freedom from the burden of fashions in ideas and material things, along with freedom from meeting the expectations of others that don’t fit with our own, is one of the potential benefits of living longer – you’ve seen it before and know it doesn’t give real satisfaction – use the Heart’s Desire Incubator to nurture your true self-expressions. In the activities/skills path, you write the things you have done or expect to be doing during the anticipated time of your physical life. In the influence path, you write the influence you have had or expect to have during the anticipated time of your physical life, and after it. As most of us don't expect to be famous, we forget that we have a great deal of influence after we die, even if this influence is not always attributed to us. For instance, many people have items that were made by family members, such as furniture or paintings or craftwork, and that may last for many years. They may even have works such as buildings or home renovations and alterations that will last for many years, or trees they have planted or gardens they have laid out. They will very probably have descendants whose lives and actions will be influenced by them, as well as the other forms of influence that are mentioned. So, the inspiration is, to have this post-mortal influence in mind, in living the last decades of life, keeping the brain stimulated with an extended future.

        Heart’s Desire Incubator

        Seeds need soil and water to sprout

        • your heart’s desires need acknowledgement and attention
        • write them down, keep them in a file, and give them light and water (acknowledgement and attention) at least 3 times a week

        Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing growing plants for the Ageless


        The strongest seedlings thrive

        • not all seeds will sprout, not all seedlings will thrive
        • some ideas will not progress because the resources are not available, you are not ready yet in your life, or they need major rewriting, so they go back to the sprouting tray
        • some will be worthy of allocation of resources, experimentation, time, material assets, research

        Growing plants need feeding, watering, weeding, pruning… 

        • not all planted out seedlings will survive, let alone thrive – some may be killed by frost, or drought, or eaten by bugs, or destroyed by disease
        • when tested out in real-life conditions, your experimental ideas may prove unfeasible in their current form, back to the sprouting tray
        • the ones that make it, that survive in the real world, need care and attention, to keep adapting to the ever-changing environment – they’ll feed you and delight you, but they still need you to look out for them

        Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Heart’s Desire Incubator for the Ageless

        To achieve your heart’s desires, you need to always keep a sprouting tray and nurture its seeds, seedlings and growing plants. This way, your energy is realised and expressed in the world, on many scales.

        We encourage you to try out the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Programme to experience being Ageless Inside Out for a period of at least three weeks to experience long-lasting results. You may start feeling a difference straight away.

        This is the video we used to launch the programme:

        With best wishes for your success,

        John & Sharon
        Dr. John Butler and Sharon Butler
        Hypnotherapy Training International

        Ageless Inside Out - Natural Rejuvenation & Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Training International for the Ageless


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        Benjamin Michael
        Benjamin Michael

        May 20, 2017

        Hypnosis for me is something that I just can’t believe in. I have tried it before twice to stop smoking and it always led me back to lighting up. I fail to see who it would help in any matter, such as to stop smoking, lose weight, or get healthier. I believe it to be a huge hoax and just a way for some to make money off our bad habits.


        May 20, 2017

        It is hard for me to fully relax. I would be delighted to be able to say that I can sit right down and relax, but for me that is not the case. I have too much on my mind, and it is either racing or my mind wanders. I would love to be able to learn first and foremost how to relax. This looks like a very interesting approach, and one that I am willing to make a commitment to!

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