The Naked Truth of Sex Beyond Age

Naked Truth of Sex Beyond Age for the Ageless Buzz

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The idea of seniors making love invokes horror in the young who assume they have exclusive rights to sex. We may not be swinging from the chandeliers or indulging in marathon sex fests but there is plenty of action taking place between the sheets of the ageless.

Along with grey hair and wrinkles comes greater self-acceptance and comfort in our own skin. We have notched up a plethora of sexual experience. We understand our bodies. We know what we enjoy. We have the skill to satisfy our partners.

As we age sex often becomes more satisfying. With maturity comes a few challenges and possibly the need to change our notions of sexuality.

Statistics show that advancing years don’t reduce sex to a mere memory. Seniors are engaging in plenty of action in the bedroom and creating sexy new memoirs.

Sexagenarians are still doing it

73% of 57-64-year-olds have had sex in the last year

37% of people over 60 continue to have sex at least once a week

Sex doesn’t stop at 70

54% of men and 31% of women continue to be sexually active in their seventies

Sex in our eighties and beyond

62% of healthy men and 30% of healthy women aged between 80 and 102 continue to enjoy sex

The 69’ers

Over half of 57-75-year-olds and a third of 75-85-year-olds give or receive oral sex

Benefits of staying sexually active

A sizzling or even simmering sex life brings many benefits. Regular sex in our autumn years keeps us looking radiant, boosts our self-esteem and leaves us feeling happy, desired and fulfilled.

Making love is a fun way to keep fit and strengthen our immune system.

Sex relieves stress and keeps the brain functioning.

Why we lose our sexual appetite

Physical signs of ageing can make us feel less attractive and knock our self-esteem.

Women often feel less feminine after the menopause.

Over time lust for our partner dwindles. Sexual cravings are replaced by feelings of friendship and affection.

Sex may have become a habit or even a chore.

Our sexual prowess may diminish due to illness, disability or prescribed medication.

Reduced energy levels and a lower sex drive caused by dietary deficiencies.

The quality and frequency of making love may have declined.

Reaching a climax may take longer and orgasms may feel less intense.

The good news is that we can regain our sexual appetites. Once we get back on track in the bedroom; feel-good hormones will increase our desire to ‘get down and dirty’ more frequently.

How to put the spice back into your sex life

Essential Food for the Ageless superfood for stamina and libido booster

A balanced diet and regular exercise will ensure you’re in tip-top condition, improve your mood and boost your appetite for sex. Eating well and exercising results in us looking better and gaining vitality. Supplementing a good diet with a natural superfood drink can jump-start your libido.

Treat yourself to a more youthful glow with anti-aging skin care products that rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles and hold back signs of ageing.

Drawing out your inner sex goddess will get you in the mood for ‘luurve’. Embrace your assets in some sexy new undies and spray a seductive scent in all the right places. Age doesn’t prevent you from being a sexy seductress.

Treat your partner to a racy photo of his own glamour girl. A boudoir photoshoot will uncover the hidden sex siren within you.

Remind your partner that you appreciate them. Pay a genuine compliment and flirt a little.

Create some quality time for romance. Why not arrange a hot date night?

Let’s talk about sex

Only 22% of women and 38% of men over 50 have discussed sex with their doctor. Older adults often feel embarrassed about discussing sex with their partners let alone a doctor.

Treating sexual health issues is all in a day’s work for your doctor. Loss of libido can signal an underlying medical condition. There are treatments available which can move you from ‘not’ to ‘hot’.

Rethink your sexual strategy

At some point, you may have to rethink your sexual strategy and explore new paths to intimacy. The emphasis may need to shift from penetration towards more kissing, hugging, sensual massage and mutual pleasuring.

How about splashing out on some sex toys? Many older lovers are having fun and overcoming sexual challenges including slow arousal and erection difficulties, using toys that tickle the fancy.

Older women’s sex obstacles

Low libido becomes common as we age. There are many causes including the menopause, thyroid conditions and depression. Iron and magnesium deficiencies can also reduce our appetite for sex. A love potion can increase desire and improve sexual performance.

Painful intercourse is often caused by lack of oestrogen which causes vaginal walls to become thinner, drier and less elastic. A little lubrication can ease penetration making intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable.

As we age it may take more effort to become aroused and can take us longer to reach orgasm.

Incontinence, prolapse and painful sex may be due to pelvic floor problems. Don’t suffer in silence. Ask your doctor about treatments for pelvic floor problems.

Male autumn of life sex problems

Men may lose their sexual appetite as they age. This can be exacerbated by anxiety over their performance.

Difficulty gaining or maintaining an erection can be caused by conditions including diabetes or commonly prescribed drugs.

Many sexual problems experienced by older men are due to loss of function in the testicles. As men age testosterone production decreases. Reduced levels of testosterone cause lack of energy and fatigue along with low libido and erectile dysfunction. Men can give their testicles and libido a helping hand to boost function.


Sex with a new partner

We may find ourselves embarking on an intimate relationship with a new partner due to divorce or bereavement. Revealing our bodies can feel daunting. Remember attraction isn’t just skin deep and your new partner is probably feeling just as self-conscious.

Safe sex

Seniors aren’t immune to sexually transmitted disease (STD’s). STD rates have rocketed amongst the over 50s. If you plan to ‘do it’ with a new partner indulge in safe sex to protect yourself against STD’s.

Sexual satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is as much in our heads as it is our nether regions. Spiritual and emotional well-being bring us more sexual satisfaction than attempting to recreate the Karma Sutra in our bedrooms.

As we age sex can become a more profound experience; we are mindful and able to fully focus on the experience at hand. We relish the journey and don’t fret over the destination. Connecting deeply with our self and our partner on a physical, emotional and spiritual level reduces our need for earth-shattering orgasms.

CBD oils and other love potions for the ageless libido sexual performance

How much of our sexual satisfaction can be attributed to the abundance of positive energy created through sex and our gratitude for experiencing love and bliss? CBD oils and other love potions can help you achieve the sense of deep relaxation needed to get there.

Sex is ageless and free. ‘Get it on’ as often as it feels good. You may ‘get lucky’ less frequently as you age and it’s unlikely to be as rampant but a little sexual healing is just what the doctor ordered.


Written by Julie Al-Zoubi

Julie Al-Zoubi for the Ageless writer


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3 Responses


May 17, 2017

Relationships that are strong have sex on a frequent basis. Many are weirded out by those in their late ages that are having sex, but truth be told, this is what keeps them young! We often feel that those in their late years don’t want or need sex, but nothing could be further from the truth.


May 17, 2017

Sex in my opinion has to be something that keeps a relationship strong. No matter what the age. Many feel that when one ages, sex is something that disappears, however, I feel that my sex life has only become better in my old age.

Lilly Sophie
Lilly Sophie

May 17, 2017

Sex is essential in a relationship. No matter how old you are. I really hope that when I am in my 60s, I don’t see my partner just as a companion or friend. I want to still be in love with them and centre my love around them. I think that couples that are sexually active in their aging years feel better about themselves and are truly satisfied with their relationships.

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