Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s

Yes, You Can

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s banishing word NO for the AgelessIt’s time to banish the words “I wish I could ... no you can’t”.

We all have self-talk – internal chatter, that’s consistently negative with the dominant word being NO, which controls you, rather than the supremely powerful affirmation and dominant positive phrase of ‘Yes, You Can’ guiding and supporting you.

As a life coach specializing in the over 50s I know professionally and personally how vitally important it is to manage your internal chatter and turn it around to become your inner cheerleader. I certainly had to. 

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s regrets for the AgelessWe all arrive at the 50-mark often regretting some of our past and our losses too, along with being fearful about our future life as we progress beyond 50.

This is a time of your life for a new beginning a new future one that you want!

If you can think a thought – you can make it happen, whether positive or negative.

Yes, You Can is such a positive phrase you want to embed it in your subconscious mind.

Any time NO you can’t, or I couldn’t come into your mind, you are rejecting your future - you need to override that so Yes, You Can immediately pops into the forefront of your mind.

While that may take a little time to achieve a life coach can help you fast track that process, and there are some wonderful ways to do that and some are a lot of fun.

You are in this physical world once go for what you want to do – say to yourself Yes, You Can then say your name. 

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s age for the AgelessThe word ‘YES’ has magic within it - it’s empowering – stretch yourself Yes, You Can do it.  Clearly though, you don’t want to be saying yes you can to tasks, things, actions that are inappropriate for you or where you instantly have negative feelings.

Age is no reason to say no to the ‘things’ that make you feel good, and that feel right for you where you want to move toward.

For reality, as a life coach I’m working with an 80-year-old who wants to create a new venture for their future. No isn’t an option for them, Yes, You Can, yes, I can are the words they go by.

The highest percentage of new ventures, or new business start-ups in Western Society is greater in the over 50s than under 50s.

There is no perfect time for you to start – you make that time – honour yourself saying Yes, You Can!

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s you got this for the AgelessNo problem can be solved at the same level of awareness at which it was created. This means to make changes in your life you need to change your thinking and to get you going, the first step is for your inner voice to say: Yes, You Can... you can do it.

The next step is to honour yourself, your life and your future and the best way to get that going is to find a life coach with whom you’re comfortable and understands where you are in your life, but who will help you stretch so you can create a new life chapter. 

It’s an exciting time of life and even if you’re in your 60s, 70s or beyond. Go for it wholeheartedly with Yes You Can.  One positive way to begin is to yes to have a coach work with you to get you going.

Life Coaching – Moving Forward & Taking Action

Do you say or think any of these?
Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s life coaching moving forward and taking action for the Ageless
I’d love to do something new

I desperately want to change my life
I really want to write a book
I want to start a new venture
I want to earn money again: I need to
I want to start a business
I want to live life again and have fun
I desperately want to change & start over

In this article, these are some of the issues that will be addressed:

  1. Want to move forward, but don’t how?
  2. Identifying blocks holding you back
  3. Understanding ‘What is a Life Coach, and What Do They Do’
  4. Process of selecting a Life Coach for You
  5. Coaching those near or over 50
  6. Everyone is Unique You Have Special Gifts

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s life coaching moving forward and taking action frustration for the AgelessHas life dropped a big ball and chain around your feet?

Do you feel like you are sleep walking through life, unable to move frozen with some form of fear, or even fear about the future, fearful about how to move forward without making a mistake or even fearful of what others will say?

Does the thought of change, a new beginning, or even the future, worry or frighten you?

Imagine how you will feel when you change all that? Because You CAN!

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s life coaching moving forward and taking action change for the AgelessToday, with so many social pressures often experienced through some form of loss, like the impact or aftermath of a major financial loss, it’s not uncommon for people to grapple with mental limitations and blocks that hold them back from creating change in their lives.

While some of those mental blocks could have been there since childhood the blocks can become more pronounced when you get older and when some big loss occurs – be it financial, job, career, loss of a loved one, divorce or even loss of your worldly possessions due to a natural disaster.

But at some point you will want, even need to move forward on a major project, a new direction for your life even if you don’t know what you might do in that new life. You may even be enthusiastic about doing that… but still something is stopping you. This is when your best action is to find a professional life coach to help you.

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s life coaching moving forward and taking action help for the Ageless

How to Find the Right Life Coach for You 

Are you planning to make changes in your life, go for new goals, and begin the New Year with a bang? 

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s How to Find the Right Life Coach for You New Year for the AgelessIs this finally going to be the year in which you do make the changes you’ve thought about for a long time? You’re in this life once and only YOU can create the change you seek.

There’s no doubt one of the best ways to fast track change or to achieve a goal is to have a Life Coach work with you then you can be totally focused on what you want to achieve.

But how do you find the right life coach for you, your circumstances and goals?

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. Over the last ten years, this profession has grown so fast that now there’s a plethora of Coaches around the world offering a variety of different yet specialised niche areas.

It’s understandable to think this diverse range of specialities would make your selection process easier.

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s How to Find the Right Life Coach for You paths for the AgelessOn the contrary it can make it more difficult, time consuming and confusing.

There are few reasons but primarily: due to technology as a client you can search for a coach anywhere in the world and this alone can be confusing. Since the niche choices offered are so vast and varied, you could begin your search for a coach whose niche area, and background experience and professional knowledge sounds ‘right’ for you and your goal. The best way to make that decision is to speak with the respective coach.

Other than that, how do you begin to choose a life coach for you?

The best way to begin the process is to answer the questions posed in this article and to take your time doing that. Think about them because your answers can or most likely will either positively or negatively impact on your coach selection.

Each one of us is unique as are the issues or goals to be focused on during the coaching process. If you are mature age this factors in your Coach choice and you need to find a one that respects and understands the issues around this demographic.

So, what is important to you may not be important, to another person. 

So, let’s get going!

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s How to Find the Right Life Coach for You Diana Todd-Banks for the AgelessLife coaching is a positive partnership that begins with the present, not the past. Coaching is not counselling, consulting, psychotherapy, mentoring, therapy, or training.

Any life coach with whom you communicate either verbally, or by email, will ask you four initial questions like these, if they don’t then do not consider them:

WHAT do you want to achieve?

WHY do you want to achieve that?

WHAT is your time line?

WHY do you believe a coach can help you?

So, before you start your search for a Coach you need to first define your thoughts, with as much clarity as possible and the best way to achieve that, is to answer the following four questions.

Do not just verbally answer the questions, hand-write your answers, and do not use the computer to do that. The mere act of handwriting your answers leaves a powerful imprint on your subconscious mind. Please take your time writing these answers.

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Define Your Goals for the Ageless
  1. Define your goal in 3-4 words. If it’s “I want to do something but I don’t know what” finding one can be a goal.
  2. Describe your goal, in a 15-25 word sentence.
  3. When would you like to achieve it?
  4. Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  5. What is the motivating force behind you wanting to achieve this goal?

    Your goal could be: “I want to do something that produces some income, but I don’t know what I could possibly do.”

    Once you’ve answered the above questions you’ll find it a lot easier to have a discussion with any coach.

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Define Your Goals questions for the AgelessDuring your search don’t try and look for a coach who has experience just in the area in which you want to be coached.One last point before you progress to the next lot of questions.

    Coaches are highly trained and skilled in asking pertinent probing questions about your goals and dreams. They help you outline the steps required for you to achieve your goal(s) so you can move forward with a fresh outlook and confidence.


    Step 2: Preparing for Life Coaching

    As with the questions above, it is preferable for you to record and write your answers because once you start communicating with coaches you might forget some issues that are very important to you.

    • What questions do you need to ask a potential coach? 
    • What do you need to do to identify then find the right coach?
    • Do you want a coach who lives in the same country as you or doesn’t that matter?
    • Given your goal, what specific questions will you need to ask a life coach, to determine if that coach is right for you?
    • Can you identify any specific criteria for determining what you want in a coach?
    • What will you look for in a coach?
    • What characteristics and qualities would you expect in a coach?
    • What experience do you want a coach to have?
    • Do you want a life coach who appears ‘comfortable’ or,
    • Do you want a coach who adopts an academic approach?
    • What kind of coaching sessions do you want? Face-to-face coaching in the same room, or use online technology like Skype?

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Preparing for life coaching for the AgelessFinally, is it important to you that the life coach has extensive personal life and business experience? For some people, it most certainly is.

    Those questions will help you in your choice, but take the time and speak with a life coach then you can ask some of the questions posed above. One thing is certain you don’t want to make a mistake about your next move and your future.

    Coaching can save you stress, anxiety, money and time; and yes, it’s a fun, positive experience that allows you to grow and gain faster results than you could ever do on your own.

    BUT a life coach does not weave some magical wand. You need to do your part! 

    Goals need to be realistic, and as a client, you must be an active participant to make it all happen.

    This is why it’s so important you are comfortable with the life coach you select. It’s also why the questions posed in this article need to be given serious consideration, as your answers will help you with your decision and influence your future.

    In closing think about this:

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Preparing for life coaching what makes you happy for the AgelessIf your life now, was the same in five years’ time, would that make you happy? If not, just remember, you are in this world once. If you want to change your life, or achieve a goal, you need to make some changes and act not when the time is right.  Start now.

    When it comes to the bottom line remember: the life coach you select can have a profound impact on your life, and how you move forward.

    Your future is important!  Your decision is important!

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Preparing for life coaching blank canvas paint your future for the AgelessMany people think there’s no time left for them to start a new business, profession or even be the founder of a much-needed community group. Here’s a brief example to show you do have time... and lots of it.

    What is your age now?  e.g. 35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75…

    Now subtract your age from 85.

    What is your answer?       

    You guessed it, if you are 45 you have 38 years of your adult life left, so forget thinking how many years you have been on this planet think how many years you have, to take on a new project or restyle your lifestyle. You can do it. I have.

    What are you going to do with those three, nearly four decades? Remember some people live an active life well beyond 85. Why assume that’s when you’ll pass on?

    Now, you have a blank canvas…

    Go and paint it…

    Create your future… it’s your life!

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Preparing for life coaching sky is the limit for the Ageless

    Most people have far more of their adult life left than they realise. When you do come to that realisation, right away several barriers fall away and you feel a new sense of energy and vigour.

    Remember, you are in this physical world once, go after what you want.

    If you want to change your life and start over, you need to make some changes and take action! No one else will do that for you.

    So where would you like to be in five years’ time?

    What are you going to do… waste that precious time?

    Why not DO something you’ve always wanted to do?

    Be a star in your show… the new chapter of your life.

    You can become an author, you can live life again, and you certainly can make the changes to begin a new life!

    You can make this next chapter of your life the best ever. You can do that!

    Everyone has inherent gifts and you do too.

    Everything may have been done or said before,

    But not in YOUR voice!

    Therefore, the world needs YOU and

    what YOU have to offer

    Share it! 

    Written by Diana Todd-Banks

    Over 50’s Coach, Life Change Specialist, Podcast Host, Author

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s written by Diana Todd-Banks for the AgelessDiana Todd-Banks is a woman who has had an incredibly varied life, has conquered very high hurdles to make things happen and overcome many deep lows.

    Many say you can describe her life in numbers here’s a snapshot:

    54 years’ business experience
    at 15 rape
    5 deaths & packed up after 5 deaths
    death threat to steal my shares
    domestic violence
    19 different careers
    8 different companies
    3 different countries all of which created
    57 physical moves
    6 months could not walk or talk
    3 years could not function was poisoned with arsenic

    Picking herself up, dusting herself off from these lows, Diana has moved forward with a positive outlook on life which ultimately has opened many new doors and opportunities.

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Diana Todd-Banks in garden for the AgelessToday, Diana Todd-Banks is an Over 50s Coach and 3 times international award-winning bestselling author, written 9 books 3 with many top world authors and speakers, producer and host of a new Podcast Series for those near or over 50, 60s and beyond.

    Combining her vast wealth of experiences and insight with practical coaching strategies, Diana works with clients to help them restart, renew and reinvent their life, possibly following the loss of a loved one, a job or financial loss, divorce, retirement, or health or relocation setback. She’s considered a down-to-earth woman and very comfortable to talk with.

    Di has appeared on TV & radio in Australia and US living there for 20 years.  Previously she’s been a feature columnist & journalist, PR Practitioner, Feature Food Writer & Judge, Executive Director of an International Chamber of Commerce, International Marketing Consultant, US food & wine importer, classical guitarist & teacher and Life Coach.

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Diana Todd-Banks before and after for the AgelessPrior to all that she was a lost soul that floundered around with no direction until … the words of a popular song resonated with her soul, her gut, her emotions and at 21, she took a bold step into the unknown, and that did change her life … dramatically.

    But years later, Di’s life totally stopped!

    At 52 she lost the ability to walk and speak for 6 months or function for 3 years, all while living alone.

    Recovered, Diana started over, helping others and this is where she is today 20 years later.

    Books by Diana Todd-Banks

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Books by Diana Todd-Banks for the AgelessDiana is a 3 x Int’l award winning best-selling author, written 9 books 3 with many top world best-selling authors and speakers.

    In her last book, Di joined a select group of the world’s leading experts, along with best-selling author Jack Canfield, named by Time magazine as the "Publishing Phenomenon of the Decade," to co-author the book titled The Success Secret, The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Success and Life.

    On the day of release, The Success Secret reached best-seller status in seven categories.

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Books by Diana Todd-Banks Wrapping It Up for the AgelessHer ground-breaking book has drawn significant media attention, because it was a world-first on the subject: Wrapping It Up—Packing Up Possessions & Other End of Life Matters. This has been rebranded to Closing the Final Chapter.  This was followed by Estate Organizer, - The Ultimate Guide to Recording Your Life Matters and the Estate Organizer Advisor Training Program.

    As well Di is a co-author alongside other top world inspirational, self-development speakers and best-selling authors: Brian Tracy in a book entitled ‘Cracking the Success Code and later with Brian Tracy, in Change Agents.

    In addition, Diana’s work was also included in another book alongside other top inspirational, self-development speakers and best-selling authors: In the Spirit of Success with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Sandy Forster.

    Podcasts by Diana Todd-Banks

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Podcasts by Diana Todd-Banks for the Ageless
    Mature Preneurs Talk to Di Todd-Banks, are Podcasts that connect over-50s guests who’ve created a new enterprise with an audience who seek to do the same.

    During the 22-minute interviews, the spotlight is on the 50-plus entrepreneurs who share how they changed their life by starting a new profession or business; they talk how they did it, the pitfalls, tips, suggestions, joys ... and some funny bits too ... and in doing so encouraging the audience to take action!

    Life Coaching Sessions with Diana Todd-Banks

    Connect with Diana at and in the subject line write: Re. Your Ageless Buzz Article on Life Coaching. Diana is offering a special gift certificate to Ageless Buzz readers. Or book a session with Diana.

    Check out testimonials on Diana's Life Coaching sessions.

    Yes You Can – Life Coach Advice for Over 50s Diana Todd-Banks with Jack Canfield for the Ageless

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