Biopurus Sale: 3 x 10% CBD oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea

Biopurus SALE! was: £222 now: £198.90 --> FREE 1.6% CBD HEMP TEA

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3 x 10% Organic CBD oil + Free 1.6% CBD Hemp Tea

With this offer, you receive:

That's 1000mg x 3 = 3000mg of CBD content in three 10ml dropper bottles and you'll also receive a pack of 1.6% CBD hemp tea, which synergises very well with CBD oil. We recommend taking these products together to support your complete wellbeing.  

Biopurus CBD oil is made with organic Cannabis Sativa L. hemp oil from sustainable Czech farms and manufactured in the UK. Each 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD Oil with a dropper. Each bottle contains 250 drops approximately and the manufacturer suggests to start with a dose of 1-2 drops per day, so each of the 10ml droppers can last more than 3 months if taken every day.

The Biopurus collection also includes 5% CBD oil (1500mg in 30ml)20% CBD oil (2000mg in 10ml) and 30% CBD oil (3000mg in 10ml). The Biopurus 30% CBD oil comes with a Free Gift (a free product of your choice) and Free Priority Delivery.

This CBD Oil has been extracted using Supercritical CO2 extraction - the gold standard for hemp oil extraction - because it is cold pressed preserving the whole-plant benefits of Cannabis Sativa. CBD oil has a large number of widely recognised benefits for general health and well being.

Check out the full CBD Oil Collection and the hemp tea collection.

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) from hemp nothing else

  • nothing else added
  • non-GMO
  • certified organic
  • cold-pressed using Supercritical CO2 (hemp’s purest extraction method)
  • vegan

1.6% CBD Hemp Tea UK - Certified Organic (35g)

1.6% CBD hemp tea made of Cannabis Sativa L. flowers & leaves is 100% pure and natural hemp (no added ingredients) and with 1.6% of CBD content in a 35g fancy pack. Harvested in certified organic Cannabis Sativa L. farms in the Czech Republic using the Ferimon variety and imported by Biopurus UK, now in a new pack.

The Biopurus CBD tea is also available as 1.6% CBD tea bags and Organic Hemp Tea.

Hemp Flowers & Leaves (Crushed) - Cannabis Sativa L.

The 1.6% CBD content makes this Hemp Tea ideal for infusing but it can also be eaten, smoked or vaporised. These organic hemp flowers and leaves come in a 35g pack. Certified organic, 100% hemp in its raw form: the leaves, the flowers and the seeds. They have been dried naturally and contain a high quantity of CBD (cannabidiol) and cannabinoids. THC free.

CBD Hemp Flowers and Leaves Harvested by Hand, Dried Naturally in the Czech Republic, Packaged in the UK

These flowers, buds, stems, seeds and leaves have been harvested by hand and dried naturally in organic fields of the Czech Republic.

  • vegan
  • additive free
  • absolutely non-GMO
  • can be eaten, infused or vaporised
  • certified organic Czech crops - high production standards
  • packaged in Ashford, United Kingdom
  • lab tested and guaranteed THC free

Safe, Legal, Verified and Tested by Biopurus UK

  • grown in the Czech Republic following high-quality production standards
  • lab tested using HPLC analysis
  • manufactured in Ashford, United Kingdom by Biopurus UK
  • non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, THC free

Certified Organic CBD Rich Hemp Flowers, Buds and Leaves - available in the UK and EU

  • 1.6% CBD content
  • THC free
  • not addictive, toxic or psychoactive
  • no artificial additives: just the dried flowers, buds and leaves

3 x 10% Certified Organic CBD Hemp Oil by Biopurus UK (3 x 1000mg in 10ml)


1 dropper bottle contains CBD oil 10ml – 1000mg (10%) certified organic CBD oil

THC free.

Suggested Dosage

Take 1-2 drops under the tongue, 1 time per day, hold it for 1-3 minutes and then swallow. Or use as directed by a physician. We recommend taking this product before breakfast and dinner.

Please note this product cannot be smoked or vaporised.

Don't forget to:

  • keep away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity
  • store in a cupboard in an upright position
  • we suggest to use a mirror to apply the right dose sublingually (under the tongue)

1.6% CBD Hemp Flowers, Seeds & Leaves by Biopurus UK - Certified Organic (35g)


35 grammes of 100% Certified Organic Hemp Flowers and Leaves

1.6% CBD content. THC free.

Suggested Dosage

Use 1-2 teaspoons of dried CBD hemp tea per cup of boiling water and let brew for 5 minutes. Drain or use a drainer.

3-5 times per day or as directed by a health practitioner.

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