Heart Care - Oxaloacetate, MitoQ & Other Key Supplements

Heart Care Supplements like Oxaloacetate, MitoQ & Lumbrokinase

Heart Care - Oxaloacetate, MitoQ & Other Key Supplements For the AgelessA savvy selection of the most advanced heart and cardiovascular care supplements. Oxaloacetate is a natural mTOR modulator that lowers blood pressure and increases vitality. Lumbrokinase (Bolouke) is a natural blood thinner 10x more effective than Nattokinase. We all know that CoQ10 is essential when you enter your 50s to protect the heart and MitoQ Heart is the best CoQ10 available. We also carry a more economical high-grade CoQ10.

The BioClip-Cuff is more than a blood pressure monitor, because it measures your arterial stiffness. If you're looking to take a bold step into heart and cardiovascular repair, try the best bio-peptides: they are safe nutraceuticals that act as bioregulators of the cardiovascular system and the heart (Chelohart). A more complete biopeptide solution for cardiovascular health formulated by Dr Khavinson is the Cardio Bundle: 3 Anti-Aging Peptide Complexes for Cardiovascular Health to regenerate and repair blood vessels, the thymus gland and the heart.