Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis e-Programme

Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis e-Programme for the Ageless

Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis Programme 


A simple guide on the power of self-hypnosis and how to use the recordings: 

  • Ageless Inside Out (ebook)
    • How Hypnosis Works
    • The Life Path Diagram
    • Heart’s Desire Incubator

4 powerful hypnotic e-programmes (downloads):

  1. Deep Relaxation (mp3)
  2. Deep Regeneration (mp3)
  3. Restoring Beach Walk (mp3)
  4. Invigorating Forest Walk (mp3)

An extraordinary opportunity to train your mind in order to become ageless inside out. Experienced hypnotherapists Dr John Butler and Sharon Butler guide you through a simple self-hypnosis programme that lets you experience results fast. Unlike talk therapy, high-quality hypnosis scripts have a proven ability to make a deep difference fast, depending on the suggestibility of the individual.

Benefits of the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis e-Programme

This programme has been devised exclusively for the Ageless with a focus on wellness and beauty. There is no other hypnotic programme in the market with a double focus on natural rejuvenation and better healthspan. At the very least, this programme can be a valuable adjunct to any beauty regime or regenerative programme. Experience being ageless inside out now by downloading the product, which for a limited time will be on sale.

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Ageless Inside Out (ebook)


  • how the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis Programme works 
  • how and when to use the 4 recordings
  • contains the Heart’s Desire Incubator and the Life Path Diagram


  • deep feeling of harmony, confidence and freedom
  • achieve a deep inner sense of fulfilment and beauty inside out
  • strengthen your wellbeing with the power of your mind

1. Deep Relaxation (mp3 download)

  • to effectively prepare for Deep Regeneration
  • achieve deeper hypnotic relaxation for greater wellbeing
  • effortless inner sense of confidence and peace

2. Deep Regeneration (mp3 download)

  • greater immunity, stamina and wellbeing
  • cleanse inside out and recharge with vibrant health, energy and vitality
  • reactivate your vast subconscious power and self-healing mechanism

3. Restoring Beach Walk (mp3 download)

  • nourish your wellness
  • appreciate the present
  • restore yourself at your own private beach

4. Invigorating Forest Walk (mp3 download)

  • recover your natural energy
  • feel better, stronger and refreshed
  • the invigorating forest welcomes you anytime

More information on Hypnotherapy and this e-Programme

Dr John Butler on Hypnosis

"Hypnosis is the most powerful way, by far, to unlock the power of the mind. Through hypnosis we can access the power of the mind for self-discovery, self-development and achieving goals.

Many philosophies and therapies are actually fragments of hypnotherapy or spin-offs of hypnotherapy. The entire field of “talk therapies” is itself essentially a fragment of hypnotherapy and the discoveries in talk therapy have fed back into hypnotherapy which continues to develop in its knowledge and applications.

Hypnotherapy has its roots in the ancient past. It was practised by many ancient cultures and developed in its modern form in Western civilisation largely from the work of Anton Mesmer and those who followed on from him, though it was also known to philosophers in esoteric and occult traditions in Western philosophy before Mesmer."

This is the video we used to publicise the launch of the programme, when it was free for a limited time. You can still get it for free when you spend over a certain threshold at for the Ageless (please contact us for more information).

An article on this Hypnosis e-Programme

Featured on Ageless Buzz, this is an article with a summary of the Ageless Inside Out ebook and the contents of this Programme.

Big Thanks to Dr John Butler and Sharon Butler

Thanks to the altruistic vision of Dr John Butler and Sharon Butler, who run Hypnotherapy Training International.

Instructions for the Natural Rejuvenation & Better Healthspan Hypnosis e-Programme

How to enjoy this programme:

  1. Download the zip file you'll receive via email after going through the checkout process.
  2. Uncompress the file to find: 1 PDF file (ebook) and 4 MP3 files (hypnotic recordings).
  3. Read the ebook on your desktop, tablet or smart device. The file also allows printing.
  4. Follow the safety instructions of the ebook for listening to the recordings. The order and method for listening, along with two additional techniques, are featured in the ebook.
  5. The MP3 files (hypnotic recordings) can be listened to on an MP3 player or your preferred device. The use of headphones is recommended. Adjust the volume to a pleasant level (not too high, not too low).

We are very keen to read or listen to your feedback on this e-programme. Your comments will be passed on to the authors Dr John Butler and Sharon Butler.

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