Andrew Ward - Author

Andrew Ward With a passion for the plant, Andrew Ward is a freelance writer with a passion for telling the compelling stories in the world of CBD and medical cannabis. A professional author for seven years, his bylines include High Times, Benzinga, PROHBTD, The Marijuana Times and many others.

Andrew began his career writing film reviews at 24. Prior to this, he had spent years as an amateur scriptwriter, with a particular passion for horror movies. The love for storytelling would remain strong, but the market for an unproven screenwriter proved to be too taxing. So, he moved into office life, which provided some financial security but little room for creativity.

Working in startups taught Andrew that not all promises are kept by employers, and that a career can be altered at the need of business. While they called it "startup culture," he called it a sign that he may want to consider being his own boss.

The Cannabis Journey Begins

After being laid off by a startup in January 2017, he took a chance on himself and began freelance writing for the industry he cared so much about. A few months of cold emailing would occur before landing his two roles, writing for a cannabis advocacy publication, and for a rosin press manufacturer. Despite the risks involved, Andrew pushed forward, setting lofty goals for himself. 

Today, he is eagerly awaiting the release of his first book, Cannabis Jobs, which comes out 2019 October. Cannabis Jobs details the opportunities and hardships that currently exist in the American cannabis industry.

Through interviews with influential figures in cannabis, the book aims to give readers a snapshot of what it takes to make it in some of the most popular sectors of the industry today. Cannabis Jobs also aims to remind us all about the importance of creating an inclusive, diverse industry that represents all consumers of the plant.

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