Gavin Crawley - Author

Gavin Crawley Gavin Crawley is a researcher and author who regularly writes on subjects relating to the different forms of CBD products on the market and how they can be used to support a healthy life. He lives and works at home with his two teenage stepsons and a young daughter and he is able to write from experience, as CBD plays a big part in keeping him, his family and even his pets happy and healthy

Having spent 12 years in the Royal Airforce as a Russian and Serbo-Croat translator at a time when all things connected to cannabis were very much in the taboo category, it’s true to say that he had misgivings at first, largely he says, down to years of misinformation he had been fed. After initially using CBD to tackle mild PTSD symptoms, he found that its positive effects were not just limited to the treatment of the condition and such were the wide-ranging benefits, he felt compelled to start writing about the subject so that more would become aware of its benefits.

Now suffering much less from the anxiety and depression that typically accompanies PTSD, Gavin has been able to reconnect with other passions in his life, like music. He’s a keen acoustic guitarist and a fan of the greats like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. Though rock stardom is unlikely, Gavin gains great catharsis from the stresses and strains of daily life from playing his guitar - something he doesn’t feel would have happened without having made the decision to try CBD for the first time.

A deeper understanding of CBD oil & wellbeing

Gavin has gone from knowing very little about CBD oil and its many advantages to being someone who is able to talk about the subject at great length and depth. He attributes this to the hours of research he has put into learning about a topic that holds great personal interest for him. He began learning about CBD’s many applications and benefits to the human body and he soon realized that there were many ways it could be used to complement the mainstream pharmaceuticals that most of use on a regular basis.

Then he went on to learn as much as he could about how the magic happens within the body, gaining detailed knowledge about how the body’s own endocannabinoid system works with and without the introduction of CBD. He went to all of this trouble firstly to see how it could help himself, but the more he discovered, the more he realised that CBD could also help his partner, who herself had suffered chronically with Crohn's disease - something that he’s delighted to say is now is in almost complete remission

for the Ageless and Nature’s Blends are but two of the companies that regularly publish his blogs on all things relating to natural supplements like CBD oil, black seed oil and Manuka honey. He calls it his own personal mission to seek out the best of nature can offer to help himself, his family and ultimately, his readers to discover effective natural products to integrate with traditional medicines to create a more balanced approach to health

Gavin believes that writers are able to do their best work when they write about subjects they are passionate about and his deep interest in natural supplements comes from the fact that his and his family’s lives have been profoundly enhanced by their use. It’s a feeling he’s keen to share with anyone who reads his work.