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Clear CBD content

When selecting CBD products at for the Ageless we consider a number of important criteria. These are to ensure that quality broad and full-spectrum cannabidiol makes it into our store. All CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, this is because hemp is low in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) making it legal to buy in the UK and many EU countries. To be listed, the total amount of CBD within the bottle, capsule, balm or gummy must be clearly stated. This ensures you know exactly how much CBD you are consuming and allows you to monitor your intake.

Lab tested & organic

We select only the best CBD oils available in the UK. When deciding on which brands to retail, we seek independent lab results to demonstrate what the products contain and will stock those that extract their CBD from organically grown hemp. These lab results detail the level of different cannabinoids alongside the absence of heavy metals and toxins from the final product. You can check lab results on product pages under the ingredients tab. Our favourite CBD producers are certified organic. Both Biopurus and BioBloom have achieved this certification.