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Guest Bloggers Wanted for a Win-Win!

Guest bloggers wanted for a fruitful win-win deal. You contribute with precious insight and knowledge, we make it shine with great design and a 360 SEO & marketing campaign.

Writing a Guest Post for Ageless Buzz 

Ageless Buzz has not been around for long, but we already receive enquiries from writers and bloggers who want to be featured with a guest post or a long-term collaboration. We often reach out to practitioners and bloggers who we know have something valuable to share with Ageless Buzz readers.

How to Submit a Guest Post

To submit a guest post to be published on Ageless Buzz, please email Kim at with ‘Guest post by [Your Name]’ as the subject. Also name the attached file with your article like this: ‘Guest post by [Your Name]’.

Editorial Guidelines for Ageless Buzz, a unique Health & Beauty Blog

Guest bloggers wanted! We welcome submissions for guest posts that follow these requirements:

  1. Content: Ageless Buzz focuses on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, longevity, healthspan, lifestyle, supplements, beauty and rejuvenation. Please submit topic ideas before committing to write an article. Content with a purely commercial intent will be rejected. Please pay careful attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation and run a check before submitting the article.
  2. Tone: Ageless Buzz readers are very keen on informative and insightful articles with hints and tips, personal stories or deep research. When the writing is broken down into shorter, paragraphs and uses a dynamic and engaging tone, your content will reach a wider audience. Above all, be yourself!
  3. Originality: Your writing for this post is fully original and has not been featured and will not be featured anywhere else. Google penalises duplicate content online, so this is essential for being able to rank high in organic search. We run an originality check prior to publication (for everyone’s safety).
  4. Links: You may include a link to your own blog and social media posts. Please do not submit links for a purely commercial purpose. To improve the ranking of your article and of your own site, we’ll ask you to feature a link to the article on your main website/blog/social media site.
  5. Bio: Readers love to find out more about who’s writing. Please write a short bio, but if you’d rather include a long one because it’s relevant to the article, like Joanna Hill did in her article on Integrative Medicine, please go ahead.
  6. Length: Articles featured on Ageless Buzz must be a minimum of 2,000 words long, preferably 2,500+ words. This ensures we provide in-depth content that explores the topic from a variety of angles. Google rewards +2,000-word+ articles with higher visibility on search engines for that reason!
  7. Editing: Our SEO team may suggest alternative titles/headlines to ensure your article gets as much exposure as possible in search engines and social media. A member of our media team will keep in touch with you (normally over email) to ensure the article is well polished before publication. We of course don’t make any changes to your article without your permission and these suggestions to edit for SEO tend to be minimal.
  8. Images: You may supply up to 20 images, which must be your own work or from the public domain and both royalty and copyright free. Please let us know what you want to be featured in terms of images (what’s essential and what isn’t). We’ll do our best to source more images (if needed) and design a beautiful article for you. We need a headshot or medium shot of you for your bio like these ones from Morgan Garcia or David Layzelle, two of our guest bloggers.
    Morgan GarciaDavid Layzelle
  9. When including research references or links to material that you want to refer to, please use APA referencing like Morgan did in her article on PCOS.
  10. Publishing date: We tend to allocate a publishing spot for you that we estimate will benefit the article’s exposure, but if you have any particular preferences, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Incentives for Writing for Ageless Buzz

We don't pay or charge for guest posts, but you’ve offered us great content to feature on our site, so, as an incentive (and to see the post get as much exposure as possible) we offer a Free SEO, Design & Marketing package that is hard to say no to:

Free SEO to Rank on Search Engines

We optimise your article to ensure it contains keywords audiences are searching for. (Any suggested changes will be approved by you prior to publication.)

We design your article to be as beautiful and appealing as all the ones we’ve already published! When you haven’t provided sufficient images, we source them to fit your tone and content.

Marketing to Gain Exposure in Your Niche

We run two simultaneous campaigns to ensure the greatest possible exposure in your topic’s niche.

9-Month Inbound Marketing Campaign to Drip Feed Your Content

We'll run a 9-month inbound marketing campaign using all our social media channels (see links at the bottom of this page) using the best hashtags for the topic.

60-Day Outbound Marketing Campaign to Reach Out to Influencers in Your Niche

We’ll run a 60-day paid campaign to reach out to influencers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We can provide you with the results for this campaign every two weeks (clicks and shares). When an article has been very successful in the first 30 days, we run a third marketing campaign that involves the distribution of a press release, video slideshows and more to boost the exposure of the article even more.

Measuring Results

Guest bloggers wanted for a win-win deal! Most of our guest bloggers have seen an increase in visitors (traffic) to their linked sites and more followers on social media. The better the article performs on our page, the more traffic and SEO "juice" it will drive to your sites. But we cannot guarantee this, because it depends on the success of your content and the marketing campaign. We'll certainly do our best to make it well worth your time and effort. We can provide updates on the results as the marketing campaigns progress.

Continuing our Work Together

If we're both happy with the results, we'll be happy to repeat the experience and make it even better next time! This happens with most of our collaborations. Guest bloggers wanted for a long-term relationship, please!

If you have any questions on submissions or guest blogging, please contact Kim at

Guest Bloggers Wanted Continuing our Work Together