Kate Prince - Author

Kate Prince writer Kate Prince is an established writer specialised in parenting techniques, integrative health and, mostly, the latest trends in the film industry. Kate lives in Wiltshire, alongside her daughter, their two cats and their French bulldog, Pablo. When she isn’t writing celebrity news, she'll be writing a script on the latest Netflix show for YouTube channel The Binger, or imparting her knowledge on the film industry at CCN and Investing.com, among others. We are lucky to have Kate share her story on Ageless Buzz (see articles below). You also can view a selection of Kate’s work on her website and follow her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Reflecting on her own experience

Kate was first diagnosed with chronic migraine when she was just two years old. As a result, she spent much of her adolescent life trying to find a way to control these attacks in a bid to live a pain-free life. After finding limited success with conventional medicine as an adolescent, Kate began to investigate alternative therapies in 2017. She soon discovered that natural medicine and remedies such as CBD oil could be used in partnership with conventional medicine for the best possible outcome. Since developing a vitamin regime and taking CBD oil daily alongside her prescribed medicine, Kate has managed to significantly decrease the frequency of her migraine attacks.

As a chronic fatigue syndrome and endometriosis sufferer alongside managing her migraines, Kate understands all too well the link that physical health has to mental health. After a particularly bad spell in 2017 that lead to a panic attack, Kate developed generalised anxiety disorder, and dedicated her time to repairing the link between her mind and body. Kate strives to help others that are in the same boat by sharing her own personal stories relating to her health struggles.