Love Hemp UK 40% CBD + CBDa Oil (Extra-Strong) 1ml

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Love Hemp 40% Super-Concentrated CBD + CBDa Oil (strongest available) 

Love Hemp uses high-quality hemp strains grown within the E.U. including Fedora & Lovrin Sativa Strains and extracted using Supercritical CO2, gold standard for hemp oil extraction. This is the strongest CBD + CBDa Oil legal and available in the UK and it is certified THC free. Legal and certified.

This is the 1ml sample of 40% CBD + CBDa Oil by Love Hemp UK, also available as a 10ml bottle (4000mg).

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Love Hemp: Organic, Highest-Quality UK Cannabis Oil at an Affordable Price

100% Pure CBD Oil made in the UK

  • additive free
  • non-GMO
  • certified organic
  • fully tested
  • cold-pressed using Supercritical CO2 (hemp’s purest extraction method)
  • vegan
  • available as Natural

    Entourage Effect - Whole Plant Food Supplement

    The entourage effect and whole plant medicine effect is achieved only when the oil is cold pressed in a way that won't affect its active compound. Cannabinoids and terpenes can then continue being bioactive and working together in synergy.

    European Crops, UK Manufactured

    • grown in the Czech Republic following high-quality production standards
    • manufactured in London, United Kingdom

    Safe, Verified & Tested CBD Oil

    • third-party lab tested using HPLC analysis
    • non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, THC free

    Love Hemp CBD Entourage Effect 40% (400mg in 1ml) (extra-strong)


    1 syringe contains CBD oil 1ml – 400mg (40%) CBD+CBDa (organic)

    THC free.


    Take 0.25ml to 0.5ml under the tongue, 2-3 times per day, hold it for 1 minute and then swallow. Start with a lower dose and find your optimum dose. Or use as directed by a physician.

    Please note this product cannot be smoked or vaporised.

    Don't forget to:

    • refrigerate after opening
    • keep away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity

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