Endoca Raw Organic Hemp Oil Extract (10g) with 20% CBD + CBDa


Endoca produces the Best Organic CBD + CBDa oil available in UK

Pure Raw Hemp Only

  • additive free
  • 400 active hemp molecules
  • cold-pressed using Supercritical CO2 (hemp’s purest extraction method)

    Organic Cannabis Oil Only 

    • GMO, herbicide and pesticide free
    • grown in Denmark following organic standards
    • ECC accredited (European Organic Regulation)

      CBD (Cannabidiol), CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid) and 400 Active Hemp Molecules Proven

      • GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice
      • 3rd-party tested every step of the manufacturing process - see analysis/certificate for this product

      CBD Oil is Legal and Safe

      • nonpsychoactive
      • non-toxic
      • non-addictive

      CBD and CBDa are Premium Antiaging Supplements

      Dr John Hicks, MD on CBD oil’s anti-ageing benefits

      Cannabis Oil, CBD and Health

      In this compilation of interviews:

      Dr David Allen, MD and Cardiac Surgeon explains the importance of:

      • the endocannabinoid system
      • homeostasis 
      • and CBD "saving lives"

      Dr Rob Streisfeld, MD
      enumerates a long number of benefits and peer-reviewed studies
      and Dr Jullie Holland, MD and others discuss further benefits.

      Cannabis oil finally goes legal and mainstream

      The many more benefits of cannabis oil have only been recently accepted by the mainstream, because they are widely studied and the amount of evidence is overwhelming. Even the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society now endorse it, but do not fall for synthetic substitutes. In Endoca's whole-plant, raw and organic hemp you'll there are 400 active organic hemp molecules including: Phyto Cannabinoides (CBDa, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN), Terpenes, Alkanes, Amino Acids, Aldehydes, Ketones, Flavonoids, Glycosides, etc.

      Endoca Raw Organic Hemp Oil Extract (10g) with 20% CBD + CBDa


      Use up to 2 times daily by placing up to 1g under the tongue. Hold it under the tongue for 1 minute, and then swallow. Or use as directed by a physician.


        1g = 200mg of CBD + CBDa

        1 tube = 2000mg of CBD + CBDa

        Don't forget to:

        • refrigerate after opening
        • keep away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity

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