Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome flowers for the Ageless

I am originally from the Delta Region of Louisiana, where I grew up on a small family farm helping my grandmother in the garden and around the Bayou learning about nature, plants, herbs, and home remedies. I loved growing up on the farm and fell in love with natural remedies and healthy living. My grandmother sparked an interest in me that has become my passion and life's work.


From Military Wife to Masters in Naturopathy

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Military Wife to Masters in Naturopathy for the AgelessI left my home sweet home as a young military wife, but I took that spark with me. Between moving all over the United States and a few parts of the world, raising and homeschooling 3 children, and working part-time; I somehow managed to go back to school to earn an Associate’s Degree in Health and Wellness, a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition, and Master’s Degree in Naturopathy.

That spark my grandmother ignited drove me to get my education, take care of my family naturally, and start a business to educate and minister to others using natural remedies. However, the road was not to be smooth and easy, there were bumps in the road and a couple of mountains I had to conquer.

Moving ten times, following my military man, caused me to change colleges and jobs multiple times, learn to live with and love many different people, and at times adjust to all kinds of climates and illnesses. The learning curve was harsh and difficult to adjust to, but I drew on those Cajun roots and stubbornness to get me through.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Military Wife moving times for the Ageless

Tired Legs, Fuzzy Head and Many More Symptoms

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tired Legs, Fuzzy Head and Many More Symptoms for the Ageless

Soon after our fifth move it all started catching up to me, I started getting sick a lot and every illness just ran down my immune system more and more. Finally, in 2002, after yet another move I crashed! My body; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually just gave out from years of pushing past my bodies limits and giving every bit of myself away, and not giving enough love or self-care to myself.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Charles Swindoll's quote for the Ageless
It was an especially difficult time in my life, now in my thirties, all the things I had run from were catching up with me and there was nowhere left to run! Still working on my Master’s Degree, I attended a conference hosted by my online school, where I met a chiropractor who specialized in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (MPS) and Fibromyalgia, lightbulb moment!


I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the AgelessFor the first time, I realized this was what I was suffering from, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by studying his book and others, I put his natural healing methods into practice, two long years later I was better and ready to hit the road running again.

However, I was a little older, a lot wiser and determined I was going to reach my goals and dreams. Hitting the books hard, while maintaining that delicate balance between wife, mother, and friend I somehow managed to finish my degree. Whew... ready to start my business, ministry, life but that was NOT the Master's plan!

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome road trip for the AgelessIn 2005 feeling better and knowing how to take better care of myself, I sat out with my two youngest children on a 1300-mile road trip, home to Louisiana. This was the first time I had sat out on my own since becoming ill and I was so excited to be going home and traveling with my children. It was a picture-perfect trip, a few hurdles along the way but nothing I couldn't overcome. We spent almost 2 weeks in Louisiana, visiting family and friends.

On the trip back north to our current military station we met up with my husband, older daughter, and his family for a camping reunion. It was so wonderful to be feeling myself again, enjoying the company of family and friends, and looking forward to opening my business when I got back home. But it was not to be...


An Unexpected Turn of Events

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  An Unexpected Turn of Events for the AgelessOn the return trip to Michigan, our current duty station, forty-five minutes from home my life was forever altered in ways I would never have dreamed! There we were, our little family caravan, headed home; when suddenly in heavy traffic and road construction, the eighteen-wheeler in front of us stopped suddenly. We hit him, since a Suburban towing a 5,000-pound camper doesn't stop well or quickly. The camper we were towing hit us, then our 18 and 16-year-old daughters; driving my husband's truck hit the camper and both hit us again. TOTALED, our vehicles, my body, and my dream of opening my business, just gone in an instant.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Rest vs Destiny quote for the Ageless
We were trapped in the Suburban, my husband had to kick out a window to rescue us from the wreckage and smoke. Thank God, my husband and children only had minor injuries, not so for me! I had a broken sternum, ruptured and damaged disc and nerves in my back, damage to disc and nerves in my neck, and two injured knees.


Feeling Run Down

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Feeling Run Down for the AgelessFive long days on the cardiac ward, to be sure there was no damage to my heart or internal organs, I was released to go home. The next ten years, YES! I said TEN, were a blur of pain, doctors, surgeries, and drugs, but not much relief. I was so taxed and in such a fog I couldn't even think clearly enough to treat myself naturally. All that work, all those dreams, seemingly down the drain.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Faithful companion dog for the AgelessTwo more military moves and enter a holistic chiropractor, who made me begin to believe I could get better. I began seeing him three times a week and started to see some improvement. Then in December 2015, I had to undergo medically necessary surgery and the pain was so horrific it couldn't be controlled. Pills, after more pills, a pain pump, and three blown veins sent my body into shock.

I made up my mind in that moment, enough was enough, I reached way down deep to the stubborn Cajun Natural Healer inside me and determined I was going to get better and make my dreams come true! I got the books back out, began to study, added more healers and fewer patches (medical doctors) to my team and began to change my life.


Natural Healing and Integrated Medicine

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Natural Healing and Integrated Medicine for the AgelessBecause unlike many in the natural health care field, I believe in integrated medicine. I have learned through personal experience that modern medicine cannot only be helpful, but sometimes necessary to helping the body heal and recover. But western medicine is a Band-Aid, not a cure.

It has taken another two years of Natural Healing techniques and some western medicine to get to where I am. I am nowhere near the person I was before, I live with pain daily, but I have given myself permission to take care of me, worked out a healing program that I live daily. I've learned a lot along the way and that everything happens for a purpose and even if you have health issues, it doesn't mean you should stop learning and growing.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Natural Healing and Integrated Medicine Naturopaths for the AgelessLike during the last two years of my recovery, I discovered DNA and have spent much of my time studying its effects on the health and wellbeing of an individual. I am fascinated by how the DNA of a person’s ancestors can shape and change the way they act and feel. It has opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking about health and wellness and the way it can shape the choices we make and the infirmities we deal with.


My Approach as a Naturopath

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome My Approach as a Naturopath health history for the AgelessAs a traditional naturopath, I consult with clients on specific health concerns, research, write, and my favorite teach. My core belief is that true health and healing comes through educating clients by passing on my knowledge so that they are empowered to take their health into their own hands, heal, and thrive. I specialize in non-invasive, lifestyle consulting, offering an individual approach that educates for long-term health. My consultations include diet, supplements, lifestyle choices, and alternative natural health techniques to give clients healthy choices they can use to improve their health, well-being, and longevity.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome My Approach as a Naturopath for the Ageless
I ask my clients to fill out a brief health history and return it me, via email, so that I can develop a personalized program for them, their health concerns, and goal. I email them their healthy healing program, via email and follow up with a phone consultation to go over my suggestions. I am always available for follow up calls, text, and emails. My goal is to always develop a relationship, so that my clients feel comfortable to confide in me and know that I am there if they have questions or concerns.


Healthy Healing and My Anti-Aging Program

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healthy Healing and Anti-Aging Program for the AgelessKathy contacted a few years ago, for suggestions to slow down the aging process. She was concerned she was feeling fatigued and having more aches and pains than were normal for an otherwise healthy woman in her fifties. She answered the Health history form and I designed a program to help with her energy and the aches and pains she was experiencing. We went over the prescription drugs she was taking and their side effect, and we made a list of adjustments to consult with her doctor about. We evaluated her diet, foods she should avoid and ones to focus on.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Healthy Healing and Anti-Aging Program Clamon Natural Health for the AgelessWe also focused on the importance of getting enough good quality sleep, insufficient sleep is a major aging trigger, focused on reducing stress levels and techniques to reduce stress, the importance of exercise and the fact that exercise is an anti-aging elixir. I suggest she add anti-aging supplements, like Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Bee Pollen, Vitamins A & C, Selenium, and Zinc. Adding herbal supplements including, Ginkgo Biloba, Grapeseed, Rosemary, and Turmeric to reduce inflammation. Also, good skin care is vital, make sure skin is well hydrated and avoid sun exposure, one of the major causes of premature aging of the skin.


My Life’s Purpose

I'm finally better enough to begin helping others. And I believe I am so blessed to have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of people seeking optimal health and greater wellbeing in life. All my studies, training and experiences have brought me to this time and place. A place where I can teach others to appreciate their uniqueness and capacity to learn and heal. I believe that education is the foundation of health and wellbeing and by teaching others about the reasons why diseases/illness occur and how to properly restore balance in their life they can heal and live a full life.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Elizabeth Clamon's family for the Ageless
Photos above from left to right
1. Britney, my middle daughter and Jeff her husband (August 2012)
2. Joshua, my youngest child
3. Megan, Gary and my grand dogs Spike and Willow
4. Our favorite pastime Arnold and Elizabeth
5. Delta Region of Louisiana

I have learned, through my own health struggles, that there is nothing more precious in life than good health. I love using my knowledge and experience to assist people in utilizing alternative, integrated, and holistic health practices to achieve optimal health, which in turn allows them to help others.

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome My Life’s Purpose for the AgelessMy mission has changed considering my experiences and I have learned it's not about the money, as much as, the love of helping others learn and grow. I write two blogs, teach online, coach and consult, and speak to groups about healing naturally and my journey, in the hope it will touch and change others perspective. I walk a fine line, between keeping myself healthy, fulfilling my passion, and enjoying my life.

I have a regiment of medication, supplements, natural healing techniques, self-care, and nurturing my mind and spirit to achieve my goal to educate others on how to heal themselves. I love people and I love to see them take control of their body, mind, emotions, and spirit, to improve or regain their life. This is my passion, my love, and my calling; it's why I was put here and why I've overcome so much.


Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Elizabeth Clamon for the AgelessWritten by Elizabeth Clamon

Elizabeth is a military wife, mother of three, grandmother of two, animal lover and motorcycle enthusiasts. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and Masters in Naturopathy from Clayton College of Health. She studied psychology at Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana. She has been educating, coaching, and consulting for more than 20 years. Elizabeth’s focus is healing through diet, herbs, alternative medicine, and complementary modalities. She believes to be truly healed and whole, you must find a balance between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Her passion is Natural Health education and teaching others to take control of their own life and health. She is the owner/operator of Clamon Natural Health, online educator with Skillshare, Public Speaker, and Optavia Wellness Coach.

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