Novel Foods Announcement

Novel Foods regulation is coming soon. This will certainly have a major effect on what CBD products can be sold in the UK.

    1. What are Novel Food Regulations for CBD?


      At its most basic it means that manufacturers/brands have to present evidence to show that their product is safe, consistent, legal and contains what it says on the label.

      Applicants have to submit toxicology reports, their manufacturing processes, safety information and ingredients to the Food Standards Agency. The FSA will carry out an initial assessment to decide if the product can still be sold and then a more detailed evaluation to come up with a final decision.

        2. What are the expected changes as a result of these regulations?

        Hemp Leaf

        Products that are not deemed safe by the FSA will no longer be legal to be sold in the UK. This is good news for the consumer as finally there will be a framework to ensure only the safest products are available.

        The downside: some smaller producers will not be able to afford the vast expense that comes with making an application and will simply disappear from the UK market in 2021.

        Also, it is expected that regulations around the amount of THC (1mg per bottle) will now be more strictly enforced. This has seen some brands create broad-spectrum and isolate-based products (both THC free) to replace their full-spectrum ranges. In any case, until we find out the results of applications, we cannot be certain about the future of full-spectrum products.

          3. When do the Novel Food Regulations begin?

            As of April 1st, 2021, any CBD product that is sold as and used as food supplement (oils, gummies, capsules and pastes but not skincare/ beauty products) in the UK must have a pending application with the Food Standards Agency.

              4. If it is still available from April 1st will it always be sold?

                No, from this date products with a pending application can only be sold until the full authorisation is received. If the product doesn’t receive authorisation, it must be removed from stores. It is expected that an application could take up to 9 months.

                  5. Which brands may be affected?

                    It’s early to predict which brands will remain and which will go, but chances are full-spectrum products from producers like Biopurus, BioBloom, Love CBD, and PharmaHemp will change or no longer be available.

                    Before the end of March, if you’d like to stock up on these full-spectrum products here is the direct link to them:

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                    BioBloom full-spectrum oils

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                    Love CBD full-spectrum products

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                    PharmaHemp full-spectrum products

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                    Cibdol full-spectrum products


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                    If you’re a regular buyer of these products and we run out of them, there will be alternatives available for you. We will list them here in due course.

                    12.04.21 update:
                    We're still waiting for a full update from the FSA regarding the implementation of Novel Foods regulation.

                    BioBloom has passed the first part of the application process and is going to be available whilst full confirmation is awaiting.