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We've chosen each of these expertly made amino acid capsules and powders because they offer comprehensive support for protein synthesis and recovery. Whether you want something targeted directly at your needs or a complete range of amino acids, you'll find the ideal product here. We've only included supplements that offer fast-absorption amino acids that can be used in your body efficiently.

Why buy amino acids from for the Ageless?

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At for the Ageless, we know how important it is to buy safe, high-quality, and effective amino acid supplements. We have an exceptional knowledge of our products and personally test every item we stock. For an amino acid capsule to be sold at for the Ageless, it must meet our selection criteria:

  • The ingredients must be ethically sourced and from quality sources.
  • We prefer products manufactured in the UK to keep our carbon footprint small.
  • Free of toxins, artificial additives and fillers
  • Good Manufacturing Practice certified
  • Formulated by experts
  • Our personal testing must show that they're effective.
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Everything we sell comes directly from the supplier or main distributor; it's then shipped from a state-of-the-art facility in Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton. This is one of the few organic warehouses in England that meets the high standards set out by the EU, DEFRA, and the Soil Association.

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Every supplement sold at for the Ageless is price-match guaranteed. We ensure you only ever pay the manufacturer's recommended retail price or lower. If you find a price has changed and we have not yet updated the website please get in contact with us.

All food supplement collections are included in our price match guarantee:

What are amino acids?

What are amino acids

Amino acids are large molecules that used as building blocks to create proteins. They can be strung together into chains, folded into 3D structures or even have interlinking connections to develop the many protein structures in our cells and tissues. There are twenty different types of amino acids, each with a slightly different structure, making them ideal for various proteins and body processes.

Some amino acids are known as 'non-essential' because you can produce them through a series of chemical reactions in your cells. Others are 'essential' because you need to get them through your diet.

Some amino acid supplements come with the prefix 'L' like 'L-Glutamine'. This is because they all come in a left (L) and a right (D for Dexer) version. Both types are nearly identical, but their structure is the mirror image of each other. For example, your left hand appears as if it is the reflection of your right. It's the same with amino acids, the basic structure is the same, but everything is the other way round. You'll most likely find products containing 'L' amino acids because they're considered slightly more stable and may be favoured in some bodily functions.

11 non-essential amino acids

9 essential amino acids

·      Glutamine

·      Aspartate

·      Glutamate

·      Arginine

·      Alanine

·      Proline

·      Cysteine

·      Asparagine

·      Serine

·      Glycine

·      Tyrosine

·      Valine

·      Leucine

·      Isoleucine

·      Lysine

·      Threonine

·      Phenylalanine

·      Methionine

·      Histidine

·      Tryptophan

Benefits of amino acids

Benefits of amino acids

All twenty amino acids are needed throughout the body, but single types can be taken as supplements because of their benefits to specific organs or body parts. People are most likely to use essential amino acids to supplement their diet, but we also stock full-spectrum amino acids for when your body may need more complete support.

Amino acids are taken for a range of different reasons:

Sport and exercise – They can be used in muscle repair and to create energy in your cells. That makes them ideal for aiding recovery after exercise. We've chosen G&G Vitamin's Full Spectrum Amino Acids to provide comprehensive support for people who like to get active or regularly enjoy a range of sports.

Healthy skin and hair – Your skin and hair rely on amino acids for many different structures and daily processes. If you supply a reliable source of the necessary amino acids, your hair is able to grow effectively and your skin can repair any damaged areas. Another research study also discovered that some hair loss is linked to the deficiency of some amino acids. L-Cysteine is used to promote healthy skin and hair.

Gut health and digestion – Some amino acids play a role in regulating your gut's health and protecting its wall. Studies have found that glutamine is a vital part of a healthy gut and that supplementation may be useful if glutamine levels have become depleted.

Improved sleep quality – Tryptophan is used in processes that produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Consequently, it's often taken by people who want to improve their sleep-wake cycle. We stock Night Aid from G&G vitamins because it provides comprehensive support for healthy sleep, including 5-HTP, which becomes tryptophan when metabolised.


  • Amino acid supplements should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Supplements must be kept away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity.
  • If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.
  • If you have any allergies, it's essential that you check the label thoroughly before use.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily serving suggestion.


    Amino acids are sold as a food supplement. They are not intended to assist with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, ailment or medical condition. Any product statements provided on this site are for information only and do not constitute medical advice. Read our full legal disclaimer for more information.

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