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Nutritional therapist Graham Botfield created Living Nutrition to combine his knowledge of traditional medicines with modern research. They use the best wholefoods, including many herbs and mushrooms, enhancing their effects through careful formulations plus their own unique kefir-kombucha fermentation process.

Living Nutrition offers a select range that they’re constantly improving. Their main collections are:

  • The Signature Collection - herb and food blends that have been activated for greater absorption.
  • The ‚ÄėSymbiotic Collection‚Äô - designed to provide natural support for your gut flora.
  • ‚ÄėFermented Herbs‚Äô - a variety of herbs in a fermented living food complex.

Living Nutrition supplements particularly stand out because they use a synergy of 35 microorganisms to turn each ingredient into an easily absorbable collection of nutrients, enzymes and microbes.

They focus on traditional and natural ingredients, never using GMO or synthetic alternatives. All Living Nutition products are certified as organic by the UK Soil Association and are suitable for vegans, celiacs and vegetarians.

Who is Living Nutrition?

Living Nutrition is a UK based natural supplement company with over twelve years of experience designing and formulating their own products. Their philosophy is to put nature and purity first, never adding any synthetic ingedients. There is no heat or pressure used during manufacturing and all their capsules are free from fillers, binders or additives.

Starting with the freshest raw ingredients Living Nutrition use fermentation and freeze-drying techniques to lock the nutrients into their most active state. This means that they will last longer, whilst remaining as potent as the day they were made.

Shop with confidence

At Living Nutrition, they never take anything for granted, regularlyly checking and improving their formulations. More than twenty scientific studies on their products have helped them establish what works and what needs to be changed. Consequently, each formulation represents cutting edge information on how to support health and wellbeing.

Living Nutrition at for the Ageless

At for the Ageless we only select items that meet our strict selection criteria. Every product we sell has been personally tested by our team and comes with a price match guarantee. We know how important it is to buy safe, high-quality, effective supplements and our testing has shown that those from Living Nutrition meet our rigorous standards.

To be sold at for the Ageless, supplements must meet our selection criteria:

  • The ingredients must be ethically sourced and from quality sources.
  • We prefer products manufactured in the UK to keep our carbon footprint small.
  • Free of toxins, artificial additives and fillers
  • Good Manufacturing Practice certified
  • Formulated by experts
  • Our personal testing must show that they‚Äôre effective.

Price-match guarantee

Every supplement sold at for the Ageless is price-match guaranteed. We ensure you only ever pay the manufacturer's recommended retail price or lower. If you find a price has changed and we have not yet updated the website please get in contact with us.

All food supplement collections are included in our price match guarantee:

Contact for the Ageless

If you want to know more about Living Nutrition or any of the other products we sell, we'd love to hear from you. We are available to arrange a one-to-one consultation with an expert via:

  • The¬†Messenger app¬†at the bottom right of every page.
  • Email:¬†
  • The¬†contact page.
  • Calling us on¬†+44 (0)208 191 8621

Everything we sell comes directly from the supplier or main distributor; it's then shipped from a state-of-the-art facility in Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton. This is one of the few organic warehouses in England that meets the high standards set out by the EU, DEFRA, and the Soil Association.


All products are sold as food supplements. They are not intended to assist with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, ailment or medical condition. Any product statements provided on this site are for information only and do not constitute medical advice. Read our full legal disclaimer for more information.

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