CBD paste collection

Our range of CBD pastes is small yet perfectly formed. We only sell whole plant CBD paste that contains a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. Supercritical CO2 is used to extract all the plant nutrients from organic hemp before being lab tested for safety and purity. Buying a paste is the perfect choice if you are seeking a strong yet versatile CBD product.

What is CBD paste?

CBD paste

CBD pastes are a blend of hemp extract and carrier substances like coconut oil and beeswax. The carriers are added to provide a thick texture and pleasant flavour. The result is a smooth pulp that is usually sold preloaded into a syringe.

Because they have a thicker consistency, pastes can hold a more potent extract. This means that they are usually packed with numerous naturally beneficial plant compounds including terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids. CBD pastes are usually higher in strength than many CBD drops.

All the pastes we stock are produced using supercritical CO2 extraction which is the most effective way to preserve the cannabinoids. Because of the precise extraction method, they are typically full-spectrum but can also be broad spectrum (THC removed).

Is CBD paste legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD paste is legal to buy in the UK as long as it meets certain criteria for marketing and cannabinoid content. CBD itself is not a controlled substance but if the paste contains too much THC, CBN or CBDV it is not legal to buy or sell.

Will I get "high" taking CBD paste?

CBD is a non-intoxicating substance, so taking CBD paste won’t make you feel high. THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. The hemp used to produce CBD paste is very low in THC. When present in legal levels, there are not high enough amounts of THC to cause intoxication.

What are the benefits of using CBD paste?


The key advantages are:

  • Pastes are versatile and can be taken in several different ways. This includes sublingually (under the tongue), adding it to food and making your own CBD capsules.
  • CBD paste is easy to apply and comes in a syringe to make it straightforward to administer a precise amount.
  • As a CBD paste contains a medium to high concentration of CBD, they’re often more cost-effective than buying multiple low strength products.

What are the disadvantages of CBD paste?

The disadvantages of CBD paste are:

  • Even with a tasty carrier substance, pastes can have a strong bitter aftertaste.
  • They usually aren’t available in lower strengths. 
  • Due to the higher strength consuming smaller amounts of CBD can be tricky. 

What strength should I choose and how much to take?

start low graph

Unless you’re planning on reducing their strength by dilution, pastes are best for people who are already regular consumers of CBD. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s best to start with a low strength oil.

When first using a paste, we recommend starting with the lowest concentration available until you’re familiar with the method of application and its effect. A CBD paste syringe comes with tiny marks along the tube to indicate how much you’ve used. With less potent pastes like the Purple Edition from Original Alternative and the 20% from PharmaHemp, each small mark represents 40mg of CBD.

Start by using one 40mg amount each day. After monitoring how it makes you feel for a week, you could increase the amount or how often you take it.

If you want to try something stronger you can move on to a 50% paste. With this extra strong paste, each small mark represents 100mg of CBD.

Why buy CBD paste from for the Ageless?

for the Ageless hemp values

When it comes down to staying healthy and remaining ageless nothing beats optimum nutrition, exercise, rest and a peaceful mind.

In times of deficiency or when life becomes hectic, you can support a healthy lifestyle with high-quality supplements that are proven to fast-track results. As their name says, “supplements” exist to complement positive lifestyle choices.

When choosing your supplement, it is important to know that they are safe, produced using high-quality ingredients and do what they say on the label.

Before any CBD pastes are sold at for the Ageless, we have six points that the product must meet. These are our selection criteria:

  • Is the total CBD content clear?
  • Was supercritical CO2 extraction used?
  • Have the products been lab-tested for safety and cannabinoid content?
  • Was it extracted from organically grown hemp?
  • Is the CBD full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and correctly labelled as such?
  • Does it actually work? We personally test all products before we add them to the collection.

Price-match guarantee

Every product sold at for the Ageless is price match guaranteed. We ensure you only ever pay the manufacturers recommended retail price and not a penny more. If you find a price has changed and we have not yet updated the website, please get in contact with the team.