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Welcome to our blog, where we cover everything about CBD (Cannabidiol).

The UK is still in the midst of a CBD oil boom and people are keen to try the new β€œwonder” supplement. With this comes a vast amount of news, conflicting data, hyperbole and half-truths. The team behind for the Ageless are here to cut through the noise and deliver information that is free of jargon and sticks to the facts.

for the Ageless is more than just a retailer. It is our mission to impart practical wisdom and share the knowledge we gain from our ongoing communication with experts, industry professionals, and our learned customers. After much consideration, we created informational resources that are easily accessible to all and cover all of the key questions we’ve encountered since our start in 2016.

With this blog, we bring clarity to the complex world of CBD by breaking down the myths and sharing easy-to-digest facts and tips on the wide range of products available. We have also created engaging guides aimed at those who may be trying CBD for the very first time.

What can I find in this CBD blog?

Do you want to know why so many people use cannabidiol as part of their daily routine? Read about how you can stay healthy with CBD. You’ll also get to understand the production process and learn to identify the highest quality brands that are available now.

If you are seeking to find the ideal method of taking CBD you can read about using a vaporiser, cooking with CBD oil, brewing hemp tea, and applying topical balms and creams. If you would like to know which form of CBD is active the quickest or the most efficient way to take your CBD, then read about bioavailability.

You will also find much more as we regularly update and add new blog posts. If there is something we have missed, a subject you would like to know more about or if you would like to say hello to the team then feel free to contact us. Send us a message by using the button on the right of the screen or find our contact details at the bottom of the page.