How many CBD gummies should I eat?

by Laura Howarth November 20, 2023

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

As CBD grows in popularity, so too does the range of products available. From flavoured oils to skin balms and salves, there’s no shortage of CBD products to choose from. One product range that is proving particularly popular is the CBD gummy.

Gummies look like any other pick ‘n’ mix sweet, but they offer more than just a sugar rush. These delectable sweets contain a pre-portioned serving of cannabidiol (CBD), allowing you to enjoy your daily serving in a tasty little treat.

CBD gummies are made in many ways. Some manufacturers combine the CBD with the gummy mix while others simply cover sweets with a CBD coating.

Like other CBD products, not all gummies are created equal. It’s important to pay close attention to the quality and the total amount of CBD you are taking.

Taking CBD gummies – fast facts

  • CBD gummies are small sweets that contain a specified serving size.
  • When CBD gummies are ingested, they have a lower bioavailability than oil.
  • Chewing your gummies for longer can increase the bioavailability.
  • Taking them with a meal can make them more effective.
  • How they make you feel will depend on a wide range of factors.
  • If you are enjoying multiple CBD products, you need to consider the total serving size.

How many gummies should I eat?

Holding a single CBD gummy

Whatever your reasons for turning to CBD, the biggest question you are likely to have when starting is: how many CBD gummies should I eat? 

Eating between 1-5 CBD gummies per day is usually within the recommended limits, depending on how much of the active ingredient is contained in each sweet. This will provide the desired results for most people.

When deciding how many, the most important thing to remember is the daily total CBD content. The Food Standards Agency recommends you limit daily consumption to 70mg. So, if you buy gummies that each contain 10mg, you can safely enjoy up to 7 per day.

Also bear in mind that this is the upper limit, not a daily serving suggestion. You might take as little as 20mg per day and experience the exact outcome you are looking for, while others might need to take 60mg per day to achieve the same results.

Who shouldn’t take CBD gummies?

Since there is still a lot we don’t know about CBD, most of the information we have about it is anecdotal. CBD gummies are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for those taking other medications that might interact with CBD. 

If you are sensitive to sugar, you can find a sugar-free version or opt for capsules instead. It’s also worth checking if your products are vegan as some do contain animal products like gelatine, beeswax or shellac.

Finding the ideal number of CBD gummies for you

CBD gummies are no different to any other product. If it's your first-time, we always recommend starting with a small serving, paying attention to how they make you feel after a few days. Be mindful of your mental and physical state and identify any changes – if any.

Strongest CBD gummies and edibles

If you are new to CBD, you can choose a CBD gummy with low strength (10mg per gummy). This will enable you to take a small amount and see the effects. If necessary you then increase the amount gradually every 4-5 days until you find your ideal serving size.

If you are experienced with CBD, it's OK to choose a high-strength CBD gummy, as you will already know how higher serving sizes make you feel and may prefer to take one or two gummies rather than a handful over the course of the day.

Your age, height, weight, individual chemistry, experience with CBD and even what you eat and drink before and after will impact how your body responds. For optimal results we recommend taking CBD at regular intervals and with a meal.

How to take CBD gummies

Taking a CBD gummy

With all CBD products, we want to optimise bioavailability as much as possible. Bioavailability refers to the percentage of CBD that reaches the bloodstream.

CBD edibles have a bioavailability of between 4% and 20%. When taking CBD gummies, we recommend chewing them for longer than you would typically chew a sweet. By dissolving it in your mouth, you can consume the CBD sublingually.

By allowing the juices to sit under your tongue, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the small vessels found here.

Another great way to increase the bioavailability is to make sure you aren’t eating them on an empty stomach. Eating a small fatty snack after your gummy will help to increase the bioavailability, as the fat in the meal helps to preserve the CBD as it passes through your digestive tract.

How long do CBD gummies take to work?

Everyone experiences CBD in a different way. When ingesting, it typically takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to have an effect. The serving size will have a significant impact on the effects they have.

When taking CBD gummies, you might experience a brief sugar rush, particularly if you don’t typically consume much sugar. It’s important to pay close attention to how the CBD gummies make you feel, as this will help you determine your ideal serving size.

Can you take too many CBD gummies?

CBDfx berry gummies

Yes, you absolutely can take too many CBD gummies. In fact, it might be easier to take too many simply because they can be so delicious and moreish. It’s easy to think that another one can’t hurt, particularly if you have a sweet tooth. If you struggle to control yourself around sweet treats, CBD gummies might not be the right choice for you.

The daily recommended limit of CBD is 70mg. So, if you’re taking vegan CBD gummies from CBDfx, you could take up to 3 of their 25mg CBD gummies every day. If you’re taking other CBD products, such as CBD oil or capsules, make sure you add up the total amount of CBD you consume. Remember that the 70mg is a daily total, not per product.

If you accidentally take too much CBD, don’t panic. The good news is that the side effects are mild and short-lived if they do occur. There are also ways you can speed up the process of flushing it out of the body. Try these steps if you’ve taken too much:

  1. Stop taking CBD
  2. Drink more water
  3. Exercise to increase your metabolic rate
  4. Eat a high-fibre meal


CBD gummies are a highly effective way to add CBD to your daily routine if you dislike the process of counting drops. It is also a great method if you’re not fond of the earthy taste of some oils and want to enjoy a sweet treat.

When deciding how many CBD gummies you should eat, start by finding out the cannabinoid content of each sweet. Then, work out how many you can eat without exceeding 70mg per day.

Remember: start with a single sweet and see how this makes you feel. You can then increase every few days until you have reached your ideal serving size.

Contact us if you'd like any assistance figuring out the correct serving size or choosing the right gummies for your needs.

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Laura Howarth


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