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by for the Ageless Team March 11, 2023

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Best UK CBD oils in detail
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Best CBD selection criteria

At for the Ageless we know our CBD oil. After years of ongoing research for a close family member, in 2016 we launched the website with a simple mission: To showcase the best CBD supplements from ethical, transparent producers, whilst removing the confusion from the purchasing process.

In that time, we have personally tried a huge number of oils, edibles, balms and e-liquids. Steadily refining our collections as we go, we are now happy to share with you a full list of our favourite CBD oils. Before we endorse any CBD brand, they must meet our strict selection criteria as set out in our CBD guide:

  1. The total CBD content must be clear.
  2. It must be CO2 extracted.
  3. Products must be lab-tested for safety and total cannabinoid content.
  4. The hemp used for extraction must be organically grown.
  5. CBD extract should be full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and correctly labelled as such.
  6. The product must work for us, so we personally test all products before selling them.

Best CBD oils table

CBD oil Highlights Total CBD CBD per unit Cost per mg
Biopurus 5% Certified organic. Whole-plant, full-spectrum extract. 500mg 2.5mg per drop 5.8p
BioBloom 8% Certified organic. Whole-plant, full-spectrum, high in CBDa. 800mg / 2400mg 4mg per drop 4.5p / 6.2p
50% CBD oil Full-spectrum. Strongest oil available. 5000mg 25mg per drop 3.7p
CannabiGold Select 1000mg Easy to use pump delivery. Full spectrum. 1000mg 10mg per pump 4.9p
Love CBD spray 2000mg Full spectrum oil from a UK company. Strongest spray. 2000mg 16mg per spray 4.9p
Love Hemp CBD spray Broad-spectrum (THC free) available in 4 flavours. 600mg / 1200mg 3.3mg / 7.5mg per spray 4.2p/5p

CBD facts

Best UK CBD oils in detail

Biopurus: Best overall CBD oil

Biopurus logo

Biopurus is a small supplier of top-notch, certified organic and high-strength cannabidiol drops using CO2 supercritical extraction, the industry's gold standard. The cornerstone of Biopurus isn’t extravagant packaging or marketing gimmicks; they have instead focused on developing a certified organic, whole-plant extract of superb quality. This is, without doubt, the best UK CBD oil brand we’ve tried and tested to date. And the one to have received the most enthusiastic reviews.

The highest quality extracts are not only full-spectrum but must also preserve the raw phytonutrients of the plant. Namely, the terpene profile, its bioflavonoids, the chlorophyll, and lipids (omega oils). This makes Biopurus the best UK oil as they believe in preserving the whole-plant, to deliver the full benefits of cannabis oil.

Packing so much high-quality cannabidiol into a bottle does come with a few small caveats. As it is a whole-plant extract, it has a stronger, thicker texture than a regular CBD oil. The taste is earthy and powerful when applied under the tongue. The bottle is also not suitable for travelling and must be stored in a stable upright position to prevent leaking.

Biopurus Range

Biopurus features a wide range of full-spectrum certifed organic concentrations, from 5% cannabidiol through to a strong 30% CBD oil. Biopurus has recently launched a CBG oil (cannabigerol) perfectly balanced with CBD (500mg of each).

Alongside this, their splendid organic hemp teas made using Cannabis Sativa L and the Futura strain range from 1.6% to 4%. These teas are high in other cannabinoids like CBDa, which synergise well with the oils in the Biopurus collection.

Recommended Biopurus CBD oil: 5%

The 500mg in 10ml (5%) CBD oil from Biopurus is by far the best beginner’s oil in the UK. This product meets all of our selection criteria because it is CO2 extracted, full-spectrum and certified organic.

Whilst the taste is stronger than many oils, when we tested, it was by far the most effective product. One drop of this 5% oil contains approximately 2.5mg of cannabidiol, making it ideal for those new to CBD.

Biopurus reviews

Great service and I'm impressed with early results

This was my first foray into the world of CBD products and I had researched extensively before choosing this oil from ForTheAgeless. The customer service I received was great and they helped out with amending an order promptly and helpfully. The oil itself, I really like it. Tastes great and seems to be having a positive effect on my wellbeing and sleep so I can't ask for more than that. It's not a "cheap" product but I'm a believer that you tend to get what you pay for.

The best oil I’ve tried

I’ve tried lots of different brands, this is by far the best.

Customer service above and beyond

This is an item I’ve bought many times over and rate very highly. Between a large family and returning to university, compounded by the last year of Covid, this CBD oil has taken the edge off my stress and anxiety. I recently had an issue with my product’s packaging and within a day of inquiring received an email, followed by a phone call, to remedy the issue which I have to say, the solution was beyond my expectations. You don’t get customer service like this very often, or an understanding of how much the company values quality in the products they sell.


Sleepy Tea 🙂

I drink one cup a day, usually in the evening, I think they help me sleep along with the CBD oil. It's an acquired taste, not dissimilar to green tea but I like it. I would purchase again.


Great relaxing experience

I enjoyed this tea with a bit of lemon juice to add a hit of sweet and sour. I felt very relaxed and chilled out too. It’s high quality in substance and I’m definitely making it part of my daily routine. I take it for anxiety and to relax. Highly recommend!

Biopurus Pros

  • Full-spectrum and whole-plant
  • CO2 extracted to maintain plant nutrients
  • Certified organic (EU)
  • Competitive pricing for the quality available
  • Exquisite whole-plant hemp teas
  • CBG / CBD formula available
  • Lab tests publicly available to prove cannabinoid content

Biopurus Cons

  • Stronger taste
  • Basic dropper (not suitable for travel)
Strength: 500mg – 3000mg   Price Range: £13.99 – £219.90   Quality: 10/10   Customer Reviews: 9/10

BioBloom CBD/CBDa oil

BioBloom logoBioBloom has taken an interesting and unique approach to their range that has cemented their place as one of the best brands for sale in the UK. Rather than provide stronger oils, they have focused on products that balance CBD and CBDa alongside a full-spectrum of other cannabinoids.

As whole-plant extracts, BioBloom oils also contain the often-lost lipids, chlorophyll, terpenes, bioflavonoids, and other delicate phytonutrients present in hemp. This makes the drops darker and the taste stronger than many other brands.

BioBloom is also the only organic CBD oil manufacturer that conducts meticulous lab tests to ensure its formulas contain a near-perfect 50:50 CBD to CBDa ratio. There’s a large body of research pointing to the benefits of cannabidiol being enhanced by the presence of its "sister" cannabinoid CBDa.

Why does BioBloom not offer stronger products? It is their belief in the added benefit of other cannabinoids. They would rather you take 10 drops of the BioBloom 4% CBD oil instead of taking 1 drop of a 40% oil. The CBD content is the same, but by taking more of the oil, you take in more of the other cannabinoids, thus enhancing the effect of the main active ingredients CBD and CBDa.

BioBloom boasts a triple organic certification

BIO Organic logoHaving one organic certification is hard enough. BioBloom possesses three: the Austrian, Swiss and Hungarian Bio certificate plus the British Biodynamic Association one, making it the only cannabidiol product available in the UK with a triple organic certification.

These stamps demonstrate that BioBloom complies with organic standards from “seed to shelf”, in other words, from the selection of its seeds and the fertile, pristine ground where they grow, to the manufacturing and bottling process. The meticulous third-party tests on this brand check the level of cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the oil. It is remarkable how this small family company raises the standards for the entire CBD industry.

BioBloom Range

A small but high-quality range is what BioBloom set out to create and they have attained this goal. Oils available are limited to a full-spectrum, organic 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10% strength that can be purchased in 10ml or 30ml bottles.

All bottles come safely packaged in an individual box with a product insert clearly displaying its organic certification. These extracts are available alongside CBD teas (tea bags and loose leaf) that are high in CBDa and complement the oils perfectly.

Recommended BioBloom CBD oil: 8%

The 8% BioBloom CBD oil is perfect for anyone just starting out with cannabidiol. What sets BioBloom apart from all other brands is their commitment to providing oils that have a mix of CBDa and CBD, both having slightly different effects that complement one another.
Available in 10ml or 30ml bottles, containing 800mg and 2400mg of cannabidiol respectively.

BioBloom reviews

Great product from a friendly and professional company.

I have tried 5 different CBD oils in the last two years. For someone trying to capture the whole plant, this is by far the best product I have tried. It has a raw feel to it and is much more viscous than the others so you can't leave it in the fridge (or take it out before use). I used to buy it directly from Austria but just recently discovered for the Ageless. The first order was entirely uneventful (as in no probs). Speedy confirmation and delivery.

BioBloom Hemp Flower Tea
Hemp Flower tea

We enjoy brewing this tea every night before bed and think it helps promote restful sleep. We like the way this tea is grown and produced in an organic and ethical way. Hemp can pick up a lot of toxins and with Bio Bloom we know that this is not the case.

Fast service, excellent product

Item arrived very quickly and is of very high quality! I will definitely be ordering more.


Excellent product

This product has really helped my elderly Father. Life changing even.


Great stuff!

Seems to work really well with recovery and the advice from For the Ageless was superb.

BioBloom Pros

  • Full spectrum and whole plant
  • CO2 extraction to maintain plant nutrients
  • Certified organic (EU and UK)
  • CBDa and CBD in combination
  • Lab tests publicly available to prove cannabinoid and terpene content

BioBloom Cons

  • Very strong hempy taste
  • Basic dropper (not suitable for travel)
  • No high-strength concentrates
Strength: 400mg – 3000mg    Price Range: £8.90 – £136.90   Quality: 10/10   Customer Reviews: 8.5/10

CBD Ultra oil

CBD Ultra logo

CBD Ultra offers a select range of well made, potent oils. They use CO2 supercritical extracted CBD distillate. This ensures all their products contain an effective blend of natural cannabinoids and terpenes. As a family-run business, they’ve made their name by focusing on honesty and complete traceability of everything they produce.

We recommend CBD Ultra oils because of their attention to detail and the quality this produces. The hemp used is sourced from Colorado where it’s grown organically. Although the oil is made to organic standards, it doesn’t have an official organic certification. Once the cannabinoids are extracted and added to the carrier oil, a series of in house analysis and third-party testing is carried out.

Their 50% oil is one of the strongest CBD drops available in the UK and is made with a buttery MCT oil which helps make the taste significantly more absorbable and palatable than a regular high-strength oil.

CBD Ultra Range

CBD Ultra offers a small product range with impressive levels of potency. They also offer a CBG/CBD oil which combines a perfect balance of 500mg CBG and 500mg CBD.
On top of that, you can also choose from their unbeatable range of vape oils; they’re free from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol so you can place drops under your tongue if you prefer.
The quality of CBD Ultra's products is consistently high and the innovative nature of their products make it one of our customers' top favourites in the UK.

Recommended CBD Ultra oil: 50%

Exclusively available at for the Ageless, CBD Ultra produces a 50% CBD oil with an MCT carrier.
Each 10ml bottle contains a full-spectrum distillate with 5000mg of CBD and a range of terpenes. It’s one of the strongest most affordable high concentration oils available in the UK.

Because of its strength, each drop delivers 25mg CBD and you only need to take one or two to get your entire daily serving. The bottle contains 200 drops.

CBD Ultra reviews

Delighted and grateful

I’m so glad to have stumbled across this company. They are such a responsible and ethically driven company and their customer service is amazing. They give in-depth and helpful advice and guide you through the maze of CBD products available in an informed and supportive way. I have ordered twice so far and am delighted with the effect the products I’ve ordered have had on my chronic health issue. I am a fan…of the products, of CBD in general and of this company.

Amazing service and quality products

Daniel essentially offered an invaluable 45 minute consultation with zero pressure to buy anything. Just good advice to someone who was a bit confused about the plethora of CBD products available. Rather than me spending months researching various products, Daniel was able to recommend a couple of solutions that might work best. As a bonus, the CBD products Daniel recommended really do seem to be helping! I would highly recommend (and already have) happily recommended For The Ageless. Thank you so much. P.S. Shipping was rapid too.

Dealing with For the Ageless is a pleasurable experience

Daniel is extremely helpful and his advice, support and suggestions are honest authentic and ethical I purchased CBD oil which was very effective and I will purchase more when this batch is exhausted. I look forward to investigating further products from their range.



Both the product and service were fantastic, fast speedy delivery of a quality product and all in information to make a informed choice on what is best. I won’t use another product again I shall be a happy retuning customer over an over again. Thank you.


Fantastic service

Thank you so much for your kind help and expertise in guiding me to the right products. It has given me much more confidence in the health choices I am making.

CBD Ultra Pros

  • Full spectrum
  • CO2 extraction
  • Innovative formulas with C8 and distillate
  • High in other cannabinoids like CBG and CBD
  • Rich in terpenes

CBD Ultra Cons

  • No organic certification
  • Limited product range
Strength: 1000mg – 5000mg   Price Range: £41 – £215.00   Quality: 9.5/10   Customer Reviews: 9/10

CannabiGold Original CBD oil

CannabiGold logo

CannabiGold’s unique selling point is not its oil but its method of application. A common customer issue is droppers leaking, because when the highly viscous oil gets in the rim of a conventional bottle it is not easy to close. Looking to remedy this, CannabiGold developed a side nozzle. This pump can deliver a consistent squirt easily under the tongue, without having to use a mirror to ensure one is getting the right number of drops.

The easy dropper technology quickly boosted the good reputation of the already popular cylinder bottles because they’re easy to use and do not leak. This makes them suitable for travelling. Each of their 12ml bottles contains 100 pumps of precisely measured CBD, making it the simplest and most convenient bottle available.

CannabiGold’s CO2 extracted oil comes from 1,250 acres of hemp fields in Poland and is available in 13 European countries. CannabiGold is one of the only companies in Europe with more than 700 brick and mortar sales locations.

CannabiGold range

Founder and CEO Maciej Kowalski reached the peak of success by methodically researching, testing and improving their CBD oils. These range from a starter 500mg CBD oil through to a much stronger 3000mg.

Also available in the CannabiGold collection are CBD capsules, perfect for those who do not enjoy the raw flavour of hemp and prefer pre-measured amounts of cannabidiol. We feature a permanent multibuy offer for these. Ideal choice for those looking to spend less.

Recommended CannabiGold oil: Select 1000mg

CannabiGold Select 1000mg is a splendid, lab-tested, European full-spectrum oil of great quality that many of our customers love. It comes in a 12ml hemp seed carrier.

The atomiser makes it very simple to use, serving up 10mg of CBD in each pump. Unlike conventional droppers, it is designed to prevent leakage. Perfect for anyone looking for an oil that can be carried with them.

CannabiGold reviews

CannabiGold capsules
Excellent service!

Great service, prompt delivery and very competitive prices! Really great all round!


Wonderful purchase, really hits the spot!

Best CBD oil available

This is truly the best CBD available known the uk. Highly recommend!


Great product, excellent service

I’ve tried a few different CBD oils over the past year and they’ve been very hit and miss. From the start this is a well packaged and well designed bottle for sub lingual dosage. Its been very effective for me and will definitely buy again. For The Ageless delivered exceptional service - nice to be buying from people who know what they’re doing in this area!


For the Ageless always meets our high expectations

CannabiGold Select CBD 1000mg is consistently made to a very exacting high standard. There is never any unpleasant aftertaste from this high quality product. The Hemp tea generously included with our CBD purchase makes a satisfyingly relaxing brew; thank you. Tried so far without adding milk, sugar or honey. For the Ageless has always delivered the highest quality produce.

CannabiGold Pros

  • Full spectrum
  • CO2 extraction
  • Consistent quality
  • Inexpensive comparing to other brands
  • Packaging featuring an advanced dropper for easy administration

CannabiGold Cons

  • No organic certification
Strength: 300mg – 3000mg   Price Range: £19.99 – £219.90   Quality:8.5/10   Customer Reviews: 9/10

Love CBD oil

Love CBD logo

When the founders of Love CBD, brothers Phil and Dan Culbertson, learned about the success of cannabis in the USA, they saw an opportunity for launching a CBD business in the UK. This family-run company from Newmarket, Suffolk, realised that many of the CBD oils available in the UK at that time (2014) were of substandard quality and decided to become connoisseurs, putting together blends using what they consider to be the best hemp strains available.

After two years of R&D and lots of testing, Love CBD had already established itself as one of the pioneer brands in the UK for sprays and balms. They specialise in blending extracts from different strains to achieve a unique balance of cannabinoids and terpenes for improved taste and effect. That's why they call this premium product the "entourage" range. If you live in the UK and haven't tried Love CBD, then you should really give it a go.

Love CBD range

Love CBD produces a 1400mg and 2000mg entourage spray in a 20ml bottle. They also feature a high-strength CBD Balm with only natural ingredients including 1000mg of CBD, coconut oil, shea butter, cacao and rosemary.

The Love CBD Entourage capsules are a convenient way to take cannabidiol in pre-measured amounts, from 10mg to 30mg per capsule. These were the first vegan, UK-made capsules available at a reasonable price and the bestselling ones at our store.

Recommended Love CBD oil: 2000mg entourage spray

Love CBD produces one of the very best CBD sprays we’ve found in the UK. Alongside 2000mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol, you will find a naturally high level of CBDa and other cannabinoids that contribute to the entourage effect.
The 2000mg spray provides 16mg of CBD per spray, so only 1-2 sprays per day are needed for most users. We recommend it as our no 1 mid-strength spray that can be taken with you anywhere you go.

Love CBD reviews

Another terrific product!

Having had a very helpful conversation with one of the staff, I am trying a different strength oil. I would not have felt comfortable without having had his guidance and it is early days but I think the oil is a good fit. Thank you once again.

Excellent product and service

I’ve been using Love CBD products for a while now and find that they are always of the best quality. It was the first brand I tried and still excellent and effective. I use 2 different brands of CBD liquid, and that seems to work best for me, alongside Love CBD balm and a tea. The Love CBD liquid purchased is the highest dosage, but I use a lot less, so works out best value, especially as it was on sale at the time. For the Ageless delivers items ordered very quickly, and well wrapped, with very good use by dates.


Very soothing . Not sticky and a little goes a long way.

Love CBD 1800mg capsules

Love CBD Entourage capsules

Excellent. Noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms.

Love CBD 600mg capsules

Great service!!

This is the way all online transactions should be. Easy to order and you get within 2 days. I love dealing with these guys. Really recommended!! A+++

Love CBD Pros

  • Great value for money
  • Full spectrum
  • CO2 extraction
  • Cherry picks and blends strains into their formulas
  • Unique products

Love CBD Cons

  • No organic certification
  • Limited product range
Strength: 300mg – 5000mg   Price Range: £59.99 – £129.99   Quality: 8/10   Customer Reviews: N/A

Love Hemp CBD oil

Love Hemp logo

Love Hemp is a top UK based brand. When Love Hemp launched, it focused on bringing fine organic hemp oils from the EU, particularly from the Czech Republic, into the UK market. When cannabis legislation changed in the USA, they switched to Colorado-grown organic hemp from a company called Folium. All Love Hemp products are broad spectrum (THC free).

Their information and labelling are transparent and all products possess third-party certification detailing cannabinoid content. Love Hemp is responsible for breaking ground and shifting the UK public’s perception of cannabis as a source of vegan goodness for people of all ages. Their products are a safe and affordable choice with the guarantee of high quality.

Love Hemp Range

If you’re new to CBD oil, Love Hemp advocates getting started with their 2% or 4% concentrate and then moving on to the 20% strength later on. Love Hemp also features the largest bottle of CBD oil in the UK, a 10000mg oil that comes in a 100ml bottle, great value for money for family use or those who want their oil to last much longer.
Those who dislike the taste of a standard oil can opt for Love Hemp’s jelly domes, which are similar in texture to wine gums, chewy and full of flavour. There are also flavoured sprays including Valencia orange, wild cherry and peppermint which are perfect for those new to cannabidiol.

Recommended Love Hemp oil: 2%/4% spray

Love Hemp CBD spray is an affordable low-strength extract. We recommend this oil because it allows you to try a broad-spectrum oil for less, with the confidence of it being THC free. Love Hemp CBD spray is an affordable low-strength extract. We recommend this oil because it allows you to try a broad-spectrum oil for less, with the confidence of it being THC free. Besides, you can choose between 4 flavours: natural, peppermint, Valencia orange and wild cherry. All are produced using no artificial flavourings and cover the hemp taste that not everyone enjoys in a CBD oil.

Love Hemp reviews

Love Hemp 10000mg CBD oil
Best value

As usual delivered promptly, first time I've tried Love Hemp, pleasant taste, will order again.

New to love hemp

Having only used this product for three weeks I have noticed a remarkable change in not only my physical health but my mental wellbeing is also much improved definitely recommend this product and company (for the ageless), I am one happy customer. Thank you.

Love Hemp

I have taken this CBD oil for quite a few years as I have found it was the most effective. It’s easy to use and the lemon makes it very palatable.


CBD oil Atomiser spray

Excellent service! it arrived promptly and very quickly! Have always ordered from for the Ageless and never had had any problems! This spray is a real benefit as well as all your other products are! I also ordered Organic Hemp Tea which I have liked and brought before. It tastes great and is ideal for that wind down cuppa! Thank you for your 5* service! Will continue to use your products!

Love Hemp CBD domes

I love these

This is my second bottle and I’m sure I will order more. They are so tasty and are useful to get your CBD dose when you can’t be bothered to stand in front of a mirror to put oil drops under your tongue. I also like to keep them by my bed and have one the minute I wake up! Yum.

Love Hemp Pros

  • Broad-spectrum
  • THC free
  • CO2 extraction
  • Consistent high quality
  • Inexpensive comparing to other brands
  • Large product range includes capsules and edibles

Love Hemp Cons

  • Large range can change often
  • No official organic certification
  • Doesn't contain a full range of cannabinoids
Strength: 600mg – 10000mg   Price Range: £29.99 – £299.99   Quality: 8/10   Customer Reviews: 8/10

Choosing your oil

Full, broad-spectrum or isolate

Most manufacturers will label CBD products as either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate. This refers to the type of extract used and will give you an indication of which cannabinoids it contains. Most CBD products contain at least a tiny trace of THC but those made with broad-spectrum and isolate should be as close to THC-free as possible.

Full-spectrum - contains CBD alongside all the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants. CBD will be the most abundant, but there will be traces of others, including THC.

Full Spectrum Broad Isolate graphAccording to the ‘entourage effect theory, consuming a range of cannabinoids together is likely to enhance their efficacy. You can verify that a product is full-spectrum by looking at the certificates of analysis (lab tests). You won’t see a list of over 100 cannabinoids because not all are tested for, but you should expect to see CBD and about 6 or more other cannabinoids, including THC.

The term “whole plant” is a term that refers to full-spectrum oils that have not been filtered to remove plant waxes, lipids and nutrients.

Full-spectrum oil cost: Around 5-6p per mg of CBD or £25-30 for 500mg of CBD.

Broad-spectrum - contains a full range of cannabinoids but no THC. Broad-spectrum oils are likely to provide the entourage effect, but some scientists argue that THC is an essential component. When you buy a broad-spectrum product, you can expect to see 4 or 5 other cannabinoids listed alongside the CBD on the third-party lab results.

Broad-spectrum oil cost: Around 4-7p per mg of CBD or £20-35 for 500mg of CBD. This can vary significantly depending on the lab testing used to check to what level the THC has been removed.

Isolate - a CBD-only extract that contains no other cannabinoids or plant matter. Occasionally called ‘pure CBD’ it comes in the form of either crystals or a powder and is the cheapest way to produce cannabidiol products. This is considered by many as the least effective form of CBD unless it contains additional terpenes to enhance it.

Isolate oil cost: Around 4-5p per mg of CBD or £20-25 for 500mg of CBD.

How much should you budget?

hemp plants growing money

The middle of the range is around 5-6 pence per mg of CBD, or £25-30 for a 10ml bottle containing a total of 500mg (5% strength). This price can go up or down depending on the type of extract used, how the product was produced, it’s organic credentials and the quality of third-party testing.

To pay more than £30 per 500mg you should expect that the product is certified organic, not just using extract from organic hemp, has been third party lab tested for safety and to prove any claims made on the label such as being full or broad-spectrum.

The majority of people use less than 50mg of CBD per day. If you use 50mg per day, a 500mg bottle will last 10 days. Based on the average price of £25-30 this will see you spend £75-90 per month or £2.50-£3 per day. Less than the price of a medium coffee at any of the large chains in the UK.

We consider this the higher end of what you can expect to spend because many won’t need to consume 50mg per day. Also, if you are using this amount the price per mg will decrease when you buy larger 30ml bottles or higher strengths (10% and above).

Choosing a strength

CBD products come in a range of different strengths. Most often the strength is indicated on the label as an amount in milligrams or by a percentage. A milligram amount simply tells you how much CBD is present in the container, but a percentage can be more complicated. The percentage value doesn’t indicate the quantity of CBD on its own so you also need to take into account the product volume (10ml, 30ml, etc.).

This table shows how many milligrams (mg) of CBD a product contains based on the percentage (%) and the volume in millilitres (ml) of the container. The percentages shown are those most commonly used in CBD oils and similar products.


































When choosing your first CBD oil we recommend starting with a strength of 10% and below. This will allow you to experiment by taking smaller amounts and building up to find what’s suitable for you. With oils above 10% CBD, the amount per drop means you may take more than you require, costing you more in the long term.

The table below demonstrates how much CBD is contained in each drop for a range of commonly available strengths.









Mg per drop








Mg per ml








We've written two articles about the strongest CBD oils and edibles (gummies, paste and capsules) we stock.

How to take CBD oil

Woman takes CBD under tongue

We recommend taking the oil twice per day, before breakfast and dinner. The method we recommend is to consume it sublingually (under the tongue). This is the most efficient and effective method. All you need to do is:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror to ensure you take the intended number of drops.
  2. Gently swirl (do not shake) the bottle to mix.
  3. Using the provided pipette take the required number of drops and place under the tongue.
  4. Hold for 1-2 minutes so the CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream.
  5. Swallow any remaining oil and wash down with a drink of your choice.

How much should I take?

gradual increase taking CBD

CBD affects everyone slightly differently depending on several factors, including body mass, internal chemistry and existing health conditions. Consequently, it’s important to take the time to find out how it affects you and what daily amount provides the results you’re looking for.

The best way to find this out is to begin by taking a small amount and slowly increasing it over a few weeks. For example, start by taking 10mg twice per day. After a week, you can double that amount to 20mg twice per day.

However, continuing to increase the daily amount may not yield the results you expect. This is because CBD is biphasic and can produce different effects with different serving sizes.

Listen to your body and increase the amount you take accordingly, without exceeding the 70mg daily amount recommended by the FSA.

Are there any side effects?

Some people experience side effects when taking CBD. The most common are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gastrointestinal problems, including discomfort, diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Changes in appetite and weight.

Allergies - CBD is not known to cause an allergic reaction, but different brands use different carrier oils, flavours, additives, and additional ingredients. Before you try a new product, make sure you check the ingredients list.


If you use any medication, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking CBD, because it may interact with some commonly prescribed drugs. The UK Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) recommendation is that you shouldn’t use CBD if you’re taking medication.

FSA logoOther FSA recommendations are:

  • Do not exceed 70mg of CBD each day.
  • Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.
  • If you have any health concerns, contact a healthcare professional before using CBD.

Please note CBD is sold as a food supplement only. It is not intended to assist with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, ailment or medical condition. Any product statements provided on this site are for information only and do not constitute medical advice. Read our full legal disclaimer for more information.

Why shop at for the Ageless

for the Ageless trustpilot five star score

We match the prices of all our suppliers and offer free samples on orders over £30. For those spending over £199, free gifts and next-day priority delivery is included free of charge.

Everything we sell comes directly from the supplier or main distributor; it's then shipped from a state-of-the-art facility in Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton. This is one of the few organic warehouses in England that meets the high standards set out by the EU, DEFRA, and the Soil Association.

We've been members of the Cannabis Trades Association since 2017 and adhere to UK legislation for the safety and marketing of CBD products.

We are always here for you, which is why we have hundreds of excellent customer reviews here, on Google and Trustpilot. We receive high praise for our devotion to customer service and for choosing only the best CBD oils available in Europe and Great Britain.

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If you want to know more about any of the CBD products we sell, we'd love to hear from you. We are available to arrange a one-to-one consultation with an expert via:

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We are a small but mighty team of experienced natural health researchers. We follow strict selection criteria and test everything we retail: from ground-breaking food supplements to natural skincare products. Our main area of expertise is CBD.

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