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Biopurus, organic oil specialist

Biopurus UK

Biopurus UK is a young and thriving manufacturer of organic, cold-pressed oils including a boutique range of high-quality hemp products, hemp tea and organic CBD oils. Biopurus offers not only full-spectrum CBD oil but also whole-plant Co2 extraction, meaning, their oils contain many more nutrients than your regular golden oil. The flavour of the Biopurus range is stronger, but you have the guarantee that you're taking a whole-plant CBD oil, not only with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, but also with its natural chlorophyll, lipids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients, which are normally stripped from regular CBD oils. At for the Ageless, we match the manufacturer's price and run frequent sales on the Biopurus range, making it the most affordable, best value-for-money organic CBD oil brand on offer. We feature all of their CBD oil products and, for many of them, we are UK exclusive retailers. Biopurus follows strict European organic quality standards of sourcing, producing and manufacturing organic hemp products with a large variety of hemp teas and CBD drops for such a boutique brand.

Whole-plant CBD oil and CBG oil

We feature the Biopurus 5% CBD Oil, 10% CBD Oil, 20% CBD Oil and 30% CBD Oil (the strongest CBD oil in this collection, which comes with a free gift and free next-day delivery). We also feature a wide range of 100% natural and certified organic Cannabis Sativa L. CBD hemp teas with a flavour to die for. The latest addition to the Biopurus collection of cold-pressed oils is the 5% CBG oil, which comes with 5% CBD oil, a balanced oil that is in high demand. When we first visited Biopurus UK and saw that they source from a certified organic Cannabis Sativa L. hemp farm in the Czech Republic and follow first-rate standards at their distribution centre in Ashford, UK, we knew this would be a brand to feature on our premium collection of organic CBD oils. Biopurus is not a mass producer of CBD oils so, from time to time, their oils go out of stock. We keep a very good relationship with this small manufacturer and will ensure to keep the stock coming as regularly as possible.

Please note that, due to the upcoming Novel Foods regulation, Biopurus products may only be available as listed until the end of March 2021.