Love CBD Balm & High-Strength CBD Spray

The Original Entourage Oil Blends Made in Britain


Love CBD is a family run business which began in Suffolk late in 2014. It started as a passion project after CBD was being legalised within various US states and only very low-quality products were available to buy in the UK. Love CBD has grown to become a pioneer in the UK CBD market. They were one of the first UK companies to manufacturer their own oils using hemp flower rather than leftover hemp fibre. Now they have the most popular CBD balm available and a CBD spray, renowned across Europe.

The high-strength CBD sprays we feature here contain 1400mg and 2000mg of CBD extract in an easy-to-apply bottle with a spray nozzle. This spray nozzle was developed to prevent waste and has reduced the leakage associated with regular droppers. CBD sprays are ideal for those on the move or if you don't want to count drops. Love CBD balm is 100% natural and contains a large quantity of cannabinoids and other essential oils. The XL CBD balm boasts 1000mg of CBD in a 100g glass jar wonderful for home and impressive as a gift.

Love CBD focuses on creating oils that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This is the mix that produces the entourage effect. The key principle behind the entourage effect is that CBD, when consumed with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, will work better than CBD in isolation. If you would prefer to take your oil using a dropper go and check our main collection or if you are new to CBD we have put together a guide on how to take CBD oil.