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What we offer

We love to work closely with fellow entrepreneurs and content creators, so have designed a system that is matched by very few other online retailers. As a member of the for the Ageless affiliate programme, you will get exceptional terms for each referred purchase.

Pay period - The pay period ends on the last day of every month.

Time of payment - You will receive your commission around the fifteenth day of the month.

Commission rates - The rate of commission is based on your sales volume for each calendar month:

  • Sales of between 0-£999 will receive a commission of 10%.
  • Those between 1000-£1999 get 15%.
  • If they go beyond £2000, you will be rewarded with 20%.

Length of cookie - Cookies last for 31 days.

Method of payment - We'll pay your commission via bank transfer or gift card (your choice).

Who should join?

We welcome all content creators who own a professional digital platform that provides a high-quality user experience. This could include review sites, information hubs and membership pages but we don't accept coupon sites.

We particularly look for sites that avoid unlawful practices, spam or "black hat" SEO techniques. If you have at least 1,000 visitors per month, an active social media following, and publish content regularly, then we want you to sign up today.

Reasons to join

We are a small and dedicated team with an impressive reputation built on excellent products and superb customer care. As a result, we have a high-conversion rate for referrals and are trusted by many of the UK's best-known brands and manufacturers. We also offer a generous commission structure, long cookie times, monthly payments and personalised support via our intuitive affiliate interface.

If you're looking for a high-paying, affiliate programme with a broad range of natural products that convert, then look no further, you've found it!

Being a part of for the Ageless's affiliate program has been profitable, simple and stress-free. It's easy to get going and payments are always reliably processed each month. I'm very happy with this service. - Jack Woodhouse, High & Polite

I am always happy to refer to for the Ageless as I know that they will deliver quickly and provide top class customer service. Payment is both regular and reliable and the team are always happy to answer product questions. - Herbert Maxwell, Herb Reviews

Who are we?

for the Ageless is an online store that provides meticulously selected natural supplements and skincare products. Our aim is to nurture a nation of health-conscious individuals by stocking items that we've tested ourselves and providing top-notch personalised customer service.

We stock a broad range of food supplements, vitamins, CBD products, balms and lotions. Each product and brand is selected with rigorous attention to detail, to guarantee high safety standards. To ensure we find the best we look for brands that are upfront and honest about their products. We also prioritise those that use gold-standard manufacturing processes, commission third-party lab tests and have been awarded organic certification.

In our quest for quality, we've got to know our manufacturers on a first name basis and can offer a unique insight into their products. On our store pages, you can expect to find top brands like G&G Vitamins, Mushrooms 4 Life, Living Nutrition, Alteya Organics, Planet Paleo, Love Hemp, Love CBD, Biopurus, BioBloom, PuriBio, the Original Alternative and CBD Ultra.

Because we're determined to provide exceptional products and outstanding customer service, we often receive positive reviews and mentions on influential publications and websites. You can read our excellent reviews on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and on our product review page. We've also been mentioned by The Independent, Reader's Digest, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Sun, Cannabis Wealth, Nutra Ingredients, Best Spy, and many others.

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