Curaderm BEC5 skin repair cream (20ml) UK

Curaderm BEC5 UK - Australasia’s Devil’s Apple Cream with Solasodine Glycosides

Curaderm BEC5 cream was inspired by a farmers' remedy in Hereford cattle in Queensland Australia and formulated by biochemist Dr Bill E. Cham using the active ingredient Solasodine Glycosides (BEC) derived from eggplant and Australasia’s Devil’s Apple. for the Ageless is an official retailer of Curaderm BEC5 in the UK, delivering worldwide.

This is not black salve or dragon’s blood, but a supplement to support wellness. BEC5® cream has been shown to be very effective.

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    Free 3M Micropore Tape, ebook by Dr Bill Cham and Detailed Instructions

    With your purchase, you'll receive a FREE ebook by Dr Bill Cham and instructions on how to use Curaderm BEC5 via email and a FREE roll of 3M Micropore tape.

    The instructions and free ebook by Dr Bill Cham will be made available digitally via private download right after your purchase. The 3M Micropore tape will be shipped to you along with the 20ml tube of Curaderm BEC5 cream.

    3M Micropore Tape is gentle to the skin because it is latex-free and hypoallergenic, highly breathable and holds well on damp skin. This is why Dr. Bill Cham recommends it after applying Curaderm BEC5, to ensure the cream stays on the skin to be treated until the next application.

    Research on Curaderm BEC5, skin repair cream

    Scientific Research Open Access Site

    In an interview to Longevity Medicine Review, Dr Bill Cham explains how Curaderm works in actual practice

    Interview with Dr Jonathan V. Wright on Dr Bill Chams' Curaderm BEC5

    Short Interview of Dr Jonathan V. Wright on Dr Bill Chams' Curaderm BEC5. The book mentioned is sent to you for free as a PDF as part of your Curaderm BEC5 purchase.

    Curaderm BEC5 cream (20ml) delivered by the authorised UK distributor

    Curaderm BEC5 is a smooth, white cream that comes in a 20ml tube that, although small, contains enough cream for 76 days of treatment when applied twice a day on a regular-size lesion. That is an average of 152 applications.

    Active Ingredients

    Solasodine Glycosides (BEC), Salicyclic Acid and Urea


    • do not apply to moles or melanomas
    • do not use if you are allergic to eggplant (aubergine) or aspirin
    • keep away from children

    Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and sent over email or use as directed by a physician.

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