Charlotte's Web Oil - The Colorado Formula Now in the UK

CW™ The Original CBD Products by the Stanley Brothers

Charlotte's Web Oil - UK for the AgelessCharlotte's Web Oil is now available in the UK at our London store. We ship to the UK and within the EU. Charlotte's Web Oil is available as a CBD oil extract (see the different formulas below) as CBD capsules, a cream, and a balm made with CW CBD hemp extract.

When the Stanley Brothers came up with the hemp strain Charlotte's Web for a little girl called Charlotte Figi, they could not have imagined that this hemp extract would become world famous. Its ground-breaking benefits opened the doors to many other CBD oil and hemp extract manufacturers to produce better and better strains of hemp and improve production standards. Charlotte's Web Oil has been featured on CNN, 60 Minutes and many other mainstream media channels.

As the benefits of CBD oil have become more well-known, CBD hemp extract has been widely recognised by mainstream authorities and the public for its positive effects. It is now legal in the UK and Europe as long as it contains below 0.2% THC. Charlotte's Web Oil is a THC free brand. If you are looking for a full spectrum oil then have a look at the other CBD brands we stock. All Charlotte’s Web CBD products are non-intoxicating, non-addictive and non-toxic. They are recognised, legal and safe nutritional supplements with all the benefits of cold-pressed hemp extract. 



charlotte's web oil uk

Why is Charlotte’s Web Oil out of stock? + European Alternatives

For the past 6 months, Charlotte’s Web Oil has been having issues exporting the products from the US to the UK and Europe due to slow and problematic customs. Cannabis legislation is quickly changing in every country and this has made it difficult for American companies to be imported into the UK swiftly. Due to their higher cost and lower amounts of CBD, we suggest to try a local (European) brand in the meantime. We retail two certified organic brands from Austria - BioBloom -  and the Czech Republic - Biopurus - that won’t let you down in terms of quality and amount of CBD that you get per £. We’ve received excellent feedback for these whole-plant, raw oils (beyond full-spectrum) and all of their products come with a certificate of purity.

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