CBD drops & sprays

We offer a carefully curated range of CBD drops and sprays from leading UK and European brands. Choose from a range of bottle sizes and strengths with the confidence that you are buying a quality CBD oil. All our CBD drops and sprays include organic grown hemp extract which is lab tested for safety and quality purposes.

What are CBD drops?


CBD drops are a mixture of hemp extract suspended in a carrier oil for easy and convenient consumption. When hemp is harvested, the flowers, stalks and leaves are dried before the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted. This is usually done in one of two ways, using Supercritical CO2 Extraction or a solvent.

You are then left with a cannabinoid-rich extract that can be used in a whole range of CBD products. Depending on the processes used and the parameters set this extract will be either:

•    Full-spectrum – contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp.
•    Broad-spectrum – includes more than one cannabinoid but has had the THC removed during extraction.
•    Isolate – a highly refined form of CBD where every effort has been made to remove all other cannabinoids and plant matter.

This extract is then added to a carrier oil ready to be packaged as CBD drops or a spray. As cannabinoids are fat soluble these carrier oils require a high fat content.
The most common carrier oils are:

•    Hemp seed oil
•    Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil – usually coconut or palm oil.
•    Olive oil

Are CBD drops legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD drops and sprays are legal to buy in the UK as long as they meet certain criteria for marketing and cannabinoid content. CBD itself is not a controlled substance but if the oil contains too much THC, CBN or CBDV it is not legal to buy or sell.

Will I get "high" taking CBD drops?

CBD is a non-intoxicating substance so taking CBD drops will not make you feel high. THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis. The hemp used to produce CBD oils is very low in THC. When present in legal levels, there are not high enough amounts of THC to cause intoxication.

What are the benefits of using CBD drops?

The key benefit to CBD drops is their versatility. There are a number of ways drops can be taken. CBD drops can be added to food and drink, absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) and applied topically. No other CBD product is this flexible.
Other benefits of CBD drops include:

•    Faster acting than CBD gummies, hemp tea and topical application using a CBD balm.
•    CBD drops are available in different strengths from 3% up to 40%. This gives you more choice and enables you to take an amount that is precise to your needs.
•    Oils are one of the most cost-effective CBD products with the lowest average price per mg of CBD.  

What are the disadvantages of CBD drops?

Like all methods of ingestion there are some downsides to taking your CBD in drop form. By far the worst thing about using CBD oil is the taste. Some oils are filtered so can be milder in flavour but generally you will find full-spectrum, particularly whole plant extracts, are earthy and can be bitter. Some of the CBD sprays we offer are flavoured but this will never completely cover this taste.

Another downside to CBD drops is that sublingual application can be a little fiddly. You will need to look in the mirror and count drops whilst administering the oil. This can take a little practice.

What strength should I choose and how much to take?

how much CBD to take

For those new to CBD we recommend starting with a lower concentration 5% oil. The reason being that with a lower concentration you can experiment to find a precise amount that suits your needs. In a 5% oil, each drop contains approximately 2.5mg of CBD. By the time you have finished this first bottle, you will know how much to take each day and can then decide if a stronger concentration will be more cost effective.

The amount each person takes will vary slightly. For the first week we recommend that you take 10mg of CBD in the morning and another 10mg in the evening. Over the course of this week you should monitor how this affects you.

If after one week you are achieving the desired results, continue consuming 10mg each morning and evening. If not, you will need to increase the amount during week 2. A good way to do this is to up the amount by 50%. So 10mg becomes 15mg in the morning and again in the evening.

Again, monitor the effects and decide whether to increase the amount in week 3 or continue as you are.   

Why buy CBD drops from for the Ageless?

CBD Drops for the Ageless

When it comes down to staying healthy and remaining ageless nothing beats optimum nutrition, exercise, rest and a peaceful mind.

In times of deficiency or when life becomes hectic, you can support a healthy lifestyle with high-quality supplements that are proven to fast-track results. As their name says, “supplements” exist to compliment positive lifestyle choices.
When choosing your supplement, it is important to know that they are safe, produced using high quality ingredients and do what they say on the label.
Before any CBD drops and sprays are sold at for the Ageless, we have six criteria that the product must meet. These are our selection criteria:

•    Is the total CBD content clear?
•    Is supercritical CO2 extraction used?
•    Have the products been lab-tested for safety and cannabinoid content?
•    Was it extracted from organically grown hemp?
•    Is the CBD full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and correctly labelled as such?
•    Does it actually work? We personally test all products before we add them to the collection.

Price-match guarantee

Every product sold at for the Ageless is price match guaranteed. We ensure you only ever pay the manufacturers recommended retail price and not a penny more. If you find a price has changed and we have not yet updated the website please get in contact with the team.