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Superfoods - For the Ageless Organic spirulina powder is just one of the dozen superfoods you can find in our superstar product: All-in-One Essential Food, an organic superfood powder from the UK that has won plenty of awards in the last few years. It also contains Swedish-patented pre-sprouted activated barley, which was one of the main sources of energy for Roman soldiers. It's natural B-vitamin complex, made entirely of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs is also unique in the market. And that's just one of the products below.
At for the Ageless, you will also find the best of the UK and Europe's CBD hemp oil: from BioBloom's raw, whole-plant CBD oil extract to CBD Ultra's high-strength 50% CBD oil. To help focus the mind you can also try Ginseng and Gingko Biloba, Asian classics long-adopted by the West traditionally to mitigate stress and increase concentration levels. What Ginseng and Gingko Biloba do to the brain, Propolis and Royal Jelly do to the immune system. New to the Superfoods collection: collagen peptides, Shiitake and Lion's Mane mushroom and Candi-X, 10 organic supplements to help you keep Candida Albicans under control. If there are any superfoods you wish to see featured on this collection beyond organic spirulina and royal jelly, please let us know!