Oncological support supplements

This selection of supplements has been put together to support those undergoing cancer treatments. It emphasises enhancing cellular protection, boosting the immune system's work, and caring for the body during recovery. These supplements contain ingredients such as fermented turmeric for antioxidant protection, Turkey tail and Reishi mushrooms for immune support, magnesium citrate and B vitamins for energy and cellular health, and Curaderm BEC5 skin cream and natural sunscreen for skin care. If you're looking for CBD products please check a selection of our strongest.

How do these supplements support cancer treatment?

Immune system enhancement

  • Turkey tail mushroom & Reishi: Medicinal mushrooms are known for their immune-supporting properties and for enhancing the body’s natural defences.
  • Bioregulators: Short-chain amino acids (natural peptides) that regulate bodily systems; look out for the immune function stack.
  • Vitamin D3 & K2 & zinc picolinate: Essential micronutrients crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Moringa, Chaga & Maitake mushroom: Superfoods that provide a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, further supporting immune health.

Antioxidant and cellular protection

  • Matcha & fermented turmeric: Rich in antioxidants, helping to combat oxidative stress and support cellular health.
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): Enhances the body's ability to neutralise harmful free radicals.
  • Vitamin C (non-acidic) & L-glutathione: Provide additional antioxidant support, protecting cells from damage.
  • Magnesium citrate & B vitamins: Crucial for maintaining energy levels and supporting cellular health.

Stress management and recovery

  • Fermented ashwaghanda & fermented valerian: Adaptogens that help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Royal jelly & propolis extract: Bee products that offer unique nutrients and bioactive compounds that support recovery and resilience.
  • DMG-15: Supports metabolic function and enhances physical and mental wellbeing during recovery.


  • Curaderm BEC5 skin cream: Designed for skin care, particularly in supporting the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers.
  • Natural sunscreen: Provides essential protection against UV radiation, reducing skin damage.

Choosing the right supplements

  1. Shelves natural remedies herbsIdentify your needs: Select supplements that align with your specific health goals, whether boosting immunity, managing treatment side effects, or supporting recovery.
  2. Consider combinations: Combining antioxidants, immune supporters, and stress management supplements can offer comprehensive support during oncological care.
  3. Complement your treatment plan: Choose the right supplements to enhance your existing treatment plan, providing additional support where needed.
  4. Review interactions: Always check for potential interactions with oncological treatments and consult with your doctor.
  5. Monitor your response: Pay attention to how your body responds to these supplements and adjust your regimen as needed in consultation with your doctor.

Our promise

Going through any cancer treatment is daunting, specially during an already difficult time. As a family, we know this first-hand. So, we understand the importance of high-quality, toxin-free ingredients in your supplements. At for the Ageless, we only select supplements that are gentle on the stomach and free from unnecessary chemicals and artificial ingredients. They’re also free from gluten, lactose, sugar, soya, and GMOs. Except for products such as royal jelly, propolis, and bone broths, they’re also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.