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Our story and mission

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In 2008, my family faced a critical situation concerning my father’s health that sent us on an eye-opening journey. Using my skills in journalism and teaching, I searched high and low in the wellness industry for ways to help improve his health. We faced a lot of ups and downs, but in the end, we learned a lot, and the experience brought the family closer together. Most importantly, each of us found a renewed sense of hope for better health.

Understanding the need for high-quality products and useful insights, I promised to share what we had learned with people on a similar path, and in 2016 established for the Ageless. Our pledge was simple: cut through the marketing noise and share real wellness solutions. No fluff or false promises, just quality products with clear guidance.

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We teamed up with experts to handpick effective supplements and now offer these along with straightforward lifestyle tips. Thanks to the valuable feedback from thousands of customers, for the Ageless has become a trusted name in wellness, a fusion of quality and real experience.

Our mission is to be your trusted source for the best CBD products and supplements, sharing easy, real-life tips to help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Daniel Perez Vidal - Founder of for the Ageless

Our promise to you

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We promise to:

• Be honest and reliable every step of the way.
• Handpick only the best-quality supplements using rigorous selection criteria to ensure they are effective and free from contaminants.
• Make the product selection process simple and provide practical tips to enhance their effectiveness.
• Provide product guidance tailored to the individual's needs and goals.
• Continue being curious, open, and ready to learn.

In practice, here's what you can expect from us:

Good service: Fast, safe, and confidential delivery.
Trust: Every product on our shelves comes with our seal of approval.
Value: We never charge more than the official retail price.
Guidance: With over 100+ articles and guides, our expertise is at your fingertips.
Support: Get quick, personalised advice from a real person, not a bot. We treat your wellness journey as our own.

Meet the team

Daniel Perez Vidal

Daniel Perez Vidal

A former investigative journalist and university professor, Daniel is the owner and leader of for the Ageless. You will find him writing blog posts, managing supply chains, speaking with customers on the telephone and generally being involved in everything that ensures the smooth day-to-day operations of for the Ageless. His passion for independent research continues to bring innovative content and products to the platform.

Hannah De Gruchy

Hannah De Gruchy

Hannah is a freelance writer specialising in health and wellness. She is interested in the biology of the skin and loves using her words to help separate science from pseudoscience. Hannah has a degree in Human Biology and many years of experience working in laboratories in London. Using this experience, Hannah enjoys turning complex science into engaging, easy-to-digest pieces.

Tom Russell

Tom Russell

With a strong interest in natural wellness and a deep understanding of CBD, Tom is a frequent contributor to the blog. Armed with an English degree and extensive writing experience, he's personally tested and reviewed an array of CBD products and other supplements, offering unique insights that can only come from practical hands-on experience.

Laura Howarth

Laura Howarth

Transitioning from academia to publishing and eventually settling as a wellness copywriter, she found her niche in CBD. Drawing from her personal journey with CBD and her commitment to dispelling myths, she crafts content that's both authentic and informative. Her articles not only provide clarity in the world of wellness but also resonate deeply with those seeking genuine experience.

Dr Marios Kyriazis

Dr Marios Kyriazis

Dr Marios reviews and fact-checks content on our blog posts and product guides. He is a key part of the review process on any health-related content ensuring the information is up-to-date and reflects the latest scientific evidence. As an esteemed gerontologist and doctor who cares deeply about his craft, his insight and inspiration have been invaluable to our team.

Our 5-star products

G&G Vitamins, Living Nutrition, Alteya Organics, Planet Paleo

Our range features top CBD brands like Biopurus, CannabiGoldBioBloom, and CBD Brothers, who manufacture the highest quality CBD extracts we’ve found: they are clearly labelled, CO2 extracted, all-natural, full-spectrum (a whole range of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients) or broad-spectrum, and third-party lab tested.

Even though it is our speciality, we’re not just a CBD store. Our food supplement and natural skincare selection comes from renowned British and European brands like G&G VitaminsMushrooms 4 LifeLiving NutritionAlteya Organics and Planet Paleo. The brands we showcase never compromise on quality and use only top-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging, coupled with fair prices.

We only choose natural products, and where possible, those that are certified organic. All adhere to UK legislation (Food Standards Agency), follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP standards), the UK advertising standard code, and have been tested for quality and safety.

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Worldwide service from Britain

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We source all products directly from the supplier or main distributor and store and ship them from a state-of-the-art facility in Brackmills Industrial Estate, Northampton. This is one of the few Soil Association-certified organic warehouses in England, meeting the high standards laid down by the EU and DEFRA.

Our main customer base is in the UK, but we also deliver to countries in Europe where CBD is legal. We also ship food supplements and skincare worldwide.


We’re proud of the excellent reviews we receive on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and product review collector Stamped.io.

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Our ethos and trustworthy information have made us travel far. We’ve been mentioned and featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Express, Daily Mail, Readers Digest, Nutra Ingredients and on the Holland & Barrett website.

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