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Dr Marios KyriazisDr Marios Kyriazis is a medical doctor and world-famous biomedical gerontologist nominated for the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2017. At for the Ageless, his role includes fact-checking and advising on the validity of our content. He reads work from our authors to ensure that it achieves high standards of quality and accuracy.

Gerontology is the scientific study of various aspects of old age, and Dr Kyriazis is one of its leading authorities. His fascination with ageing led him to be involved in relevant studies with scientific bodies, all over the world. He has spent decades conducting research and making actionable, anti-ageing secrets accessible to the public.

Through his writing and television appearances, he has made many of the key findings of gerontology more readily available. With over a thousand articles, lectures and media appearances, he has provided a thorough coverage of the scientific advances in healthy ageing and longevity. 

Dr Kyriazis also has a keen interest in the history of medicine and medical equipment. To share this with others, he created the Historical Medical Instrument Society and organised a culturally significant exhibition called 'Medicine in Ancient Kition and Old Larnaca'. His other philanthropic endeavours also led him to set up the Caridi Estate in the Liguria. Initially it was 13 acres of abandoned scrap-land, but he was able to transform it into vineyards, orchards and woodland. It is now a destination for those who want to work and be involved in some of his life-enhancing discoveries.

Education in medicine

Following his military service in the Cypriot National Guard, Dr Kyriazis studied medicine at the University of Perugia and then, in 1982, received his medical degree at the University of Rome (Italy). His training as a junior doctor took place in various locations across the world including Cyprus, New York City (USA), Sheffield and Northampton (UK).

Several years later in 1987 he began to pursue his interest in prolonging life and studied gerontology to master's level at King's College London (1990). He also received a Diploma in Geriatric Medicine by the Royal College of Physicians which led him to become a Chartered Biologist and Member of the Society of Biology (UK).

Expertise in anti-ageing 

Dr Kyriazis view on anti-ageing medicine set him apart from his peers and set the course for his career. While others felt that the medicine of anti-ageing was just cosmetics and beauty products, he looked deeper. His approach showed that treating the underlying processes of ageing could remove some of the barriers currently presented by old age.

From there, most of his work became focused on using medicine and scientific discovery to find ways to 'extend the healthy lifespan of humans'. During his education and research, he has written, edited and peer-reviewed for several online publications; he published at PeerJ, edited at WebMed Central, and is a member of the NanoBiotech Pharma Medical Advisory Committee.

Incredibly, Dr Kyriazis also found time to write several books on anti-ageing treatments. They include The Anti-Aging Plan (Element Books 2000), The Age Defying Cookbook (Lorenz Books 2001), The Look Young Bible (Foulsham 2002), Anti-Aging Medicines (Watkins 2003), Challenging Aging: The Anti-senescence Effects of Hormesis, Environmental Enrichment, and Information Exposure (Bentham Science Publishers 2017), and The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution (Profound Health 2018).

As well as his writing he has founded several well-known societies, such as the British Longevity Society and the ELPIS Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans. Currently, he is the scientific director of the National Gerontology Centre (Cyprus), a Member of the Board of Trustees at the Mediterranean Graduate School of Applied Social Cognition, an affiliate researcher at the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition Group, University of Brussels, expert assessor with the European Commission, and is involved with several other scientific and academic societies.

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