Hannah de Gruchy - Author

Hannah de Gruchy Hannah is a committed eco-warrior and eco-worrier, always on the lookout for something else to add to her eco cred, or to worry about.

She recognises that we can’t do it all eco-wise, but she is currently going through a phase of simplifying her life and now avoids fast fashion and over consumption of any kind. Almost completely plant-based (she’ll sometimes eat fish), Hannah chooses to eat as sustainably as she can, opting for locally grown, seasonal plant based foods. She’s also a committed wine drinker, but as yet, can’t afford delicious English wine on a regular basis.

From the city lab to the peaceful countryside

This 40-something, ex-Londoner now resides in rural Essex and loves the tranquillity of her new home. As a freelance writer specialising in health, wellness and sustainability issues, she realises how fortunate she is to have so much nature and peacefulness for reflection and inspiration on her doorstep. Her degree in Human Biology and years of working in labs and health environments helps her turn complex science into easy to understand, fun, engaging articles; something she loves doing.

After hanging up her lab coat and later quitting the semi-corporate world, she still can’t believe she’s able to earn a living doing something she enjoys so much. She doesn’t believe in expensive gym memberships in order to keep fit. She’s a fair weather runner, and she’s always encouraging others to lace up their trainers and start running, however slow or short the distance. She’s taught herself enough yoga (using the Yoga Studio app) to pass as somewhere between a beginner and intermediate, and uses free exercise apps to do the HIIT workouts she loves.

Passionate about the environment & sustainability

If Hannah isn’t running, writing or watching The Great British Bake Off, you’ll find her dancing in a field (strictly summer months only) at a music festival, normally having discussed the pitfalls of the plastic bottles of expensive, bad wine on offer.

Hannah’s current bugbear is greenwashing, particularly at festivals when compostable cups, plates and cutlery are touted as an answer to the plastic problem. (Whilst commendable that compostable bio-plastics don’t increase the use of virgin plastics, they’ll only compost or biodegrade in the right circumstances, i.e. a compost heap. Not in a normal black bag with all kinds of festival rubbish.)

Hannah doesn’t have all the answers, but loves using her words to help educate and spread the eco message. Keep up with what Hannah does next on her Instagram. You’ll also find much of Hannah’s work on Eco & Beyond.