Best CBD balms & creams

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Best CBD balms & creams

CBD is not just a great daily supplement; you can also use it topically to help alleviate various skin concerns. As with any purchase, knowing what makes a good product is vital so you can be confident you’re getting the real deal.

Countless companies use the term “CBD” when products contain little more than hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil can be incredibly beneficial for skin and hair (packed with nourishing omega-3 fatty acids), it’s also significantly cheaper to produce, so it shouldn’t carry the same price tag.

We stock a range of CBD balms and creams aimed at different uses. From face creams to muscle balms, we’ve tried and tested them all to deliver expert advice. When you choose a CBD cream or balm from our selection, you know it’s there because our team loves the formulation and has found it to deliver tangible results.

CBD balms & creams table


Reason to use

Lab Tested


Organic SOS CBD Balm

Good for use all over the body and managing skin conditions.

Cannabinoids & terpenes


OSI Magnesium CBD Cream

Good for relaxation and muscle recovery. Massage after shower.



Vitalize CBD face cream

Specially designed for nourishing the face's delicate skin (all skin types). 

Cannabinoids & terpenes


Love CBD 1000mg Balm

The strongest balm, perfect for muscle recovery and soothing irritated skin.

Cannabinoids & terpenes


Our selection criteria

With any trending product, you have to be aware of the desire to cash in on the increased interest. New CBD companies are always cropping up, and established brands are introducing new lines to meet customer demand.

Sunny hemp field

We have strict selection criteria that all products must meet to protect our customers from spending money on things that don’t work. This is the same for all CBD products we offer, from CBD oil and gummies to hemp teas and CBD balms.

  1. The packaging must clearly state the cannabinoids and in what amounts, either in mg or as a percentage.
  2. The CBD must be extracted from organically grown hemp. 
  3. The balm or cream has to come with an up-to-date certificate of analysis (CoA). This helps the customer to see that the product contains the advertised levels of CBD.
  4. Before we’ll add it to the website, we try it ourselves. We also give it to friends and family to gather feedback.
  5. And for the product to remain on the website, it needs to be popular with our customers! We take customer feedback very seriously, so if you think a product falls short of the mark, we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

The best CBD balms and creams in the UK

Best CBD balm: Organic CBD SOS Balm – BioBloom

Organic CBD SOS balm – BioBloom

This all-purpose multi-tasking balm is ideal for repairing the skin barrier and fixing common skincare conditions like dry, chapped and flaking skin. It’s the perfect thing to keep in your bag to deal with dry skin issues as they arise. A little bit goes a long way with this deliciously silky balm. It smooths on easily and is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue, so it’s also ideal for combination skin.

Alongside CBD, BioBloom SOS balm also contains hemp oil, olive oil, marigold extract and evening primrose oil. In isolation, each ingredient is a skincare powerhouse, and when combined, they work together in harmony to deeply nourish dehydrated skin.

Best CBD body cream – OSI Magnesium CBD Cream

CBD Cream Melatonin & OptiMSM OSI Magnesium

CBD creams can do more than just hydrate your skin. This OSI Magnesium CBD Cream contains ingredients that penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to help support muscle recovery. This makes it an ideal muscle cream to use after an intense workout.

This particular cream also contains melatonin to help you sleep, magnesium for relaxation and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which can help relieve joint pain and muscle inflammation. To care for your skin, this body cream also contains sweet almond oil and shea butter for a nourishing treat that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.

Best CBD face cream – Organic CBD face cream Vitalize – BioBloom

Organic CBD face cream Vitalize – BioBloom

The skin on your body is very different from your face, so we commonly use specialist facial creams rather than relying on a multi-task moisturiser. If you struggle with oily or combination skin, finding the right level of moisturising power that won’t leave you with a sheen by the end of the day is a real challenge.

This moisturiser contains skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado seed oil, fennel seed oil, chamomile, and marigold extract. This nourishing combination of ingredients will soothe delicate skin and deliver a daily dose of hydration, with the added benefit of CBD, which supports your skin’s endocannabinoid receptors.

Strongest CBD balm – 1000mg Love CBD balm

1000mg Love CBD balm

If you want the most bang for your buck, this Love CBD balm is ideal. Not only does it contain an impressive 1000mg of CBD in every pot, but it’s also loaded with skin-friendly ingredients like rosemary oil. This helps to stimulate blood flow, which can ease muscle tension, making it an ideal choice for a muscle recovery balm.

It also contains the powerhouse ingredient beta-caryophyllene, a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help boost collagen production. This makes it an ideal anti-ageing formula. Apply a thin layer twice a day after cleansing, making sure to cover your face, neck, and decollete area. Rub any remaining cream into the tops of your hands to maximise the benefits for your skin.

How to use CBD balms & creams

The method will be entirely different depending on the type of balm or cream you are using and the reasons you are using it. You can use a general CBD cream or balm anywhere on your body, avoiding delicate areas. 

Woman putting on body cream

Face cream typically has a different formulation and is designed to care for the thinner skin on your face. Avoid the eye area, but using a specialist face cream will also help prevent breakouts and excess oil.

For a muscle balm, we recommend using it before bed and after intense workouts. After showering, pat your skin dry and apply a thin layer of the balm to the affected muscles and joints. Leave this to dry, and then wear loose clothing to ensure maximum absorption.

Body balm for dry skin can be applied as often as needed. It’s a good idea to keep a jar of CBD balm with you to spot treat common skin conditions like chapped lips, dry cuticles, or patches of irritated skin.

If you have specific skin concerns, such as eczema or psoriasis, the majority of CBD creams and balms will be suitable for you, but it’s always a good idea to proceed with caution. Keep a close eye on your skin when introducing anything new to your routine.

While some users swear by their favourite CBD balm for easing flare-ups, it might not work for everyone, and you could have an inflammatory reaction to one of the natural ingredients. For example, linalool (the terpene that gives lavender its distinct scent) commonly causes allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.

While CBD balms and creams contain active CBD, it is absorbed topically and interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. It is not ingested, so you don’t need to worry about trying to measure intake. This also means you won’t experience the whole-body effects of CBD that is ingested or inhaled.


We stock a wide selection of CBD creams and balms for various purposes. We know there are a lot of inferior products on the market, which is why we have tried and tested all of those we sell so we can confidently say that they are the best of the best.

Whether you are looking for a muscle balm, joint pain relief, or a nourishing skincare treat, we’ve got you covered. If you’re unsure which CBD balm or cream is best for you, contact our team. We’d be happy to share our experience of these products to help narrow your selection.

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