Best hemp teas in the UK

by for the Ageless Team January 31, 2024

Best hemp teas in the UK

Hemp tea offers a simple and accessible way to enjoy your daily serving of CBDa. This product is tasty, mindful, and completely discreet, which is why we’re big fans of hemp tea and all the benefits it has to offer.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together this guide to the best hemp teas available in the UK. We have tried and tested each of these products, so we feel confident recommending them to our family and friends.

UK’s best hemp teas




Lab Tested

Cannabinoid Content

PuriBio 5.2% CBD tea

Strongest hemp tea. Loose leaf.



1820mg CBD/CBDa

PuriBio 4% tea bags

Best tea bags.



1200mg CBD/CBDa

Biopurus 3.25% CBD tea

Best loose-leaf tea.



1625mg CBD/CBDa

PuriBio 1.8% CBG tea

Best CBG-rich tea. Loose leaf.



630mg CBG/CBGa

Our criteria for choosing a hemp tea

Choosing hemp tea

While there are plenty of excellent hemp tea brands available, there is also plenty of greenwashing going on. This means companies are trying to cash in on the increased demand for CBD products by sticking a hemp label on anything and everything. So, we have several criteria we look at when deciding to stock a hemp tea:

  1. The packaging must clearly state what cannabinoids can be found in the tea and in what quantity.
  2. It must be organic and certified as such. This reduces the risk of contaminants finding their way into your brew. As hemp is a bio-accumulator, it will suck up contaminants from pesticides and heavy metals remaining in the ground.
  3. The product must have a certificate of analysis (CoA)*. This proves that the cannabinoid content matches the packet and the absence of heavy metals and other contaminants.
  4. When the above 3 criteria are met, we will personally try the tea ourselves and share it with friends and family to get feedback.
  5. To stay on the site and make it onto this list, our customers must love it too!

*When reading the CoA for hemp tea, you’ll notice that it contains CBDa, rather than CBD. This is because hemp tea is made from raw milled hemp flowers, which are loaded with CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) rather than CBD

CBDa is the precursor to CBD, CBDa breaks down during a process known as decarboxylation, this term is used to describe the process of heating it and removing the acidic molecule leaving behind CBD. Brewing your tea with hot water won’t activate this process, so you should focus on the benefits of CBDa instead of CBD when choosing a hemp tea.

Our best hemp teas

Strongest hemp tea: PuriBio 5.2% CBD tea

5.2% CBD hemp tea - PuriBio

When we talk about the strongest tea, we’re talking about the cannabinoid content of the hemp tea. This 5.2% CBD tea from PuriBio contains 1,820mg of CBD in the 35g package – but the high cannabinoid content doesn’t result in a strong earthly flavour as you might expect.

This is a perfectly balanced CBD tea with a mellow flavour that will pair beautifully with your morning routine or can be used as part of a relaxing night-time wind down. It has a tender, herbal aroma that is reminiscent of green tea and sage.

It’s a loose-leaf tea, so you’ll need a tea strainer to make the perfect cuppa. And it is so rich, one heaped teaspoon can brew a whole pot of hemp tea. Experiment until you find the ideal brew for your taste.

Best tea bags: PuriBio 4% tea bags

4% Hemp CBD tea bags (20) - PuriBio

These tea bags are almost as strong as the loose-leaf hemp tea from the same brand, but these come with the added convenience of being pre-packaged in a tea bag. This preparation method is ideal for a single cup or to use on the go. 

The mild and mellow taste makes it an ideal addition to your morning routine to help brighten up your day. You can also enjoy it throughout the day to help enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Because they are strong, to get the most from these bags you can brew them for a second time. If you're making a big pot, you can use two bags.

Best loose hemp tea: Biopurus 3.25% CBD tea

3.25% Biopurus hemp tea

Our favourite loose-leaf tea is the Biopurus 3.25% CBD tea. It contains 1,625mg of CBD in the entire 50g package.

Unlike many CBD teas, this one is made from partially crushed buds, leaves, stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. Many CBD teas are more finely crushed, which results in a much stronger flavour. Less processing of the raw product results in a milder flavour.

It is greener and lighter in taste and aroma than the other Biopurus teas, despite being one of the strongest. A rebrew is still possible so feel free to use it twice. Enjoy during the day or in the evening.

Special mention hemp tea: PuriBio 1.8% CBG tea

1.8% PuriBio CBG hemp tea

One tea that deserves an honourable mention is the PuriBio 1.8% CBG tea. We recommend pairing this with a regular CBD tea to enjoy the best of both cannabinoids.

This gentle and subtly flavoured tea is light and pleasant, perfect for a morning pick-me-up. If you leave the bag in the mug or steep it for more than 7 minutes, you'll have the ideal evening cup.

It’s an innovative way to enjoy the benefits of CBG, which has its unique benefits and characteristics. As with all loose-leaf tea selections, you’ll be able to enjoy 1-2 brews out of each serving, making it incredible value for money.

How to brew your hemp tea

Brewing hemp tea

Brewing hemp tea couldn’t be easier. You can enjoy it warm after a short infusion, or you could try steeping it for longer and then chilling it with ice and lemon for a unique iced tea drink.

Loose-leaf tea is simply added to an infuser and then set in a mug. Leave the boiled water in the kettle for about one minute to allow it to cool slightly. This will protect the hemp and improve the flavour of the tea. 

Pour the slightly cooled water over the infuser and leave to steep for between 5-10 minutes. Shorter steeping times will result in a milder brew. You can then sweeten it with honey or add a slice of lemon to taste.

You can also combine your own loose-leaf teas to create unique flavour combinations, or to increase the cannabinoid content. For example, you could combine CBD and CBG tea, or you could add CBD tea to your favourite loose-leaf blends such as jasmine or green tea.

Are there any contraindications/ precautions?

As with all CBD products, you need to be aware of the possibility that it could interact with other medications you are taking. If your medication comes with a “grapefruit warning”, then you should avoid CBD products if you are taking this medication. Speak to a pharmacist if you are unsure.

CBD tea is typically safe for most adults to enjoy in moderation but pay close attention to how it makes you feel. Since it is more difficult to measure how much CBDa is in each cup, we recommend limiting your intake to 5 cups per day.


Hemp tea offers a tasty way to add CBDa into your daily routine in a mindful way. The process of brewing tea is highly meditative and drinking tea can help you feel more grounded and enhance your sense of wellness.

CBD tea can be enjoyed in the morning, or to wind down at the end of a long day. However, if you choose to use CBD tea, it’s simply important that you choose a reputable supplier that prioritises quality. Look for the certificate of analysis to confirm the cannabinoid content and always choose certified organic products to help avoid any nasties.

If you would like more information, feel free to reach out to us using the chat function, send us an email, or use the details on our contact page.

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