Full Spectrum Amino Acids (200g powder or 120 capsules) G&G


Full Spectrum Amino Acid Powder or Capsules

This food supplement formula contains all 20 amino acids in free form crystalline state for immediate absorption. These are all of the building blocks of protein and in this free form they:

  • do not require digestion
  • are much easier for the body to absorb than protein
  • do not tax the liver or kidney system

Marathon Recovery Support

    Marathon recovery supplements tend to contain artificial glucose and underestimate the power of amino acids in free form, for deep, meaningful recovery at muscle level. Whether you're looking to recover from a marathon or from any strenuous exercise, these full spectrum amino acids replenish muscle mass instantaneously and without any digestive effort.

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    Best Way to Support the Building of Muscle Mass

    These free-form full spectrum amino acids are indicated as food supplements to support recovery processes after strenuous exercise or surgery to:

    • prevent muscle breakdown
    • repair muscle or build muscle mass
    • build new tissue after muscle injury

    Amino acids from fermented natural enzymes

      • high-quality vegan supplement
        • energy boosting
        • suitable for vegetarians, vegans and Kosher

          How to recover from a marathon article

          And a video discussing tips on marathon recovery:

          Full Spectrum Amino Acids (120 capsules) G&G

          Ingredients (per 1 capsule)
          L-glutamic acid 75mg
          L-glutamine 75mg
          L-lysine 69mg
          L-arginine 60mg
          L-leucine 45mg
          L-isoleucine 45mg
          L-valine 44mg
          Glycine 36mg
          L-methionine 36mg
          L-phenylalanine 36mg
          L-serine 36mg
          L-threonine 30mg
          L-tyrosine 30mg
          L-histidine 20mg
          L-alanine 18mg
          L-aspartic acid 15mg
          L-proline 15mg
          L-tryptophan 12mg
          L-taurine 10mg
          L-cysteine 3.7mg
          Capsule Shell: Vegetable Cellulose 120mg

          Take 1 to 2 capsules daily or use as directed by a physician.

          Full Spectrum Amino Acid Powder (200g) G&G

          Ingredients (per 4 grams or 1 teaspoon):
          L-Glutamic Acid 400mg
          L-Glutamine 400mg
          L-Lysine 400mg
          L-Arginine 367mg
          L-Leucine 320mg
          L-Isoleucine 240mg
          L-Valine 240mg
          Glycine 234mg
          L-Methionine 196mg
          L-Phenylalanine 196mg
          L-Serine 196mg
          L-Threonine 160mg
          L-Tyrosine 160mg
          L-Histidine 107mg
          L-Alanine 96mg
          L-Aspartic Acid 81mg
          L-Proline 73mg
          L-Taurine 57mg
          L-Tryptophan 55mg
          L-Cysteine 20mg


          Take one level teaspoon (4g approximately) 3 times daily, half an hour before food. Or use as directed by a physician.

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