Best vitamins for tiredness

by for the Ageless Team March 27, 2023

Best vitamins for tiredness

A busy, fast-paced existence is the norm for many of us as we juggle the demands of family life, a career, social commitments, and finding time to exercise, eat well, and reduce stress levels. We end up rushing through the week, desperate for the weekend and before we know it, the cycle starts again.

All of this busyness can take its toll and we can be left feeling tired all the time and lacking in energy. We collapse into bed each night, probably later than we wanted to, and wake to our alarm with sleepiness, grumpiness, and an instant feeling of just another ten more minutes, please… Feeling tired all the time even has its own acronym, used by GPs and doctors – TATT.

Eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising, minimising stress, staying hydrated and achieving at least seven hours of good quality sleep can all help us feel less tired and more energised. But what if we need a little extra support? Here, vitamin supplements can play an important role in giving us the daily boost we need.

Best vitamins for tiredness





Cost per serving

Vitamin B complex capsules

Best vitamin for tiredness




Mineral Multi capsules

Best minerals for energy




Vitamin C ascorbate capsules

Best vitamin for energy


30 - 60

43p - 22p

Vitamin D3 + K2 capsules

Best vitamin for fatigue




MyComplex mushroom capsules

Best supplement for tiredness


10 - 30

£2.30 – 77p

Organic Ashwagandha capsules

Best energy boosting adaptogen




Royal Jelly capsules

Best superfood for energy


30 - 60

37p – 18p

Siberian Ginseng capsules

Best superfood adaptogen for energy


60 - 120

27p – 13p

What nutrients might I be lacking if I’m tired all the time? 

A lot of the time, feeling exhausted with low energy levels can be attributed to our diet. Having a severe nutritional deficiency is rare, but we could be lacking slightly in important vitamins and minerals that help to energise us.

Tired yawning catAlthough vitamins and minerals, collectively known as micronutrients, don’t provide energy-giving calories, without them, we wouldn’t be able to release the energy provided by our food.

The main group of vitamins that help to release energy from our food are the B vitamins. B vitamins are found in a variety of foods including wholegrains, green leafy vegetables, meat, and nuts. The exception is vitamin B12 which is generally only found in animal products. If you’re vegan, you’re advised to take a daily vitamin B12 supplement.

Iron is a mineral that also helps to move oxygen around the body. If we’re low in iron, we may feel lethargic and weak. Vitamins C, D and magnesium deficiencies can also lead to tiredness.

Eating a diet very low in calories, carbohydrates or protein can also mean we feel tired. Carbs and proteins, along with fats, are the macronutrients and provide calories and energy. Eating a diet rich in wholegrains (brown bread, rice and pasta), grains, pulses and sweet potatoes, provides carbohydrates whilst low fat, high protein sources include lean white meat, fish, eggs, small amounts of dairy, beans, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, nuts, and seeds.

Best vitamin supplements for tiredness

The following vitamin and mineral supplements can help to restore vitality:

Best vitamin for tiredness - Bioactive B’s

Bioactive vitamin B complex capsules – G&G

This vitamin B complex from G&G Vitamins contains a complete range of the B vitamins, including B12, all in a highly absorbable, bioactive form as well as a non-bioactive form. Bioactive, or methylated, vitamins are absorbed by the body more quickly, and adding both forms of each B vitamin ensures you’re getting a broad spectrum intake.

With zero artificial fillers or binders, GMOs, gluten, lactose, or soya, these high quality vitamins are also suitable for anyone on a plant-based or kosher diet. Taking a vitamin B complex is more beneficial than taking individual B vitamins as they often work together in tandem, and as they contain B12, they’re ideal for vegans. One bottle of these one-a-day vitamins contains 60 capsules and will last two months. For the best combination we recommend taking Bioactive B’s daily alongside a multi-mineral.

Best minerals for energy - Mineral Multi

Mineral multi capsules – G&G

A multi-mineral supplement is a great addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure you’re getting all the valuable minerals you need. Mineral Multi from G&G Vitamins contains magnesium and iron that support good energy levels, as well as 11 other important minerals, eight of which have been chelated to maximise their absorbability.

They’re ideally paired with the Bioactive B’s supplement above, and the two can be safely taken together to cover all bases when you’re feeling tired and low in energy. Like all G&G Vitamins products, they’re also free from fillers, GMOs and allergens and are suitable for vegans. One bottle contains 120 capsules – take two per day and these will last for two months.

Best vitamin for energy - Calcium ascorbate (vitamin C)

Vitamin C - calcium ascorbate capsules – G&G

Calcium ascorbate, or buffered vitamin C, is a non-acidic form of vitamin C that’s gentler on the stomach. This high-quality vitamin C from G&G Vitamins is absorbed up to twice as efficiently as regular ascorbic acid – the more common form of vitamin C found in lower quality supplements. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of energy metabolism processes and can therefore help to promote higher energy levels.

Take one or two of these vegetarian and vegan-friendly capsules per day – each bottle contains 120, 500mg capsules – and it will last for between 2 and 4 months. They’re made from the finest quality ingredients, with no unnecessary chemical fillers, GMOs, gluten, lactose, or soya.

Best vitamin for fatigue - Vitamin D3 Plus

Vitamin D3 and K2 Capsules – G&G

These Vitamin D3 Plus capsules from G&G Vitamins also contain vitamin K2. Vitamins D3 and K2 work synergistically to support bone health, but they’re also important for vitality. In fact, one of the most commonly reported symptoms of a known vitamin D deficiency is fatigue.

Studies show, that supplementing the diet with vitamin D (which is primarily manufactured by the body, but only when UV light from the sun reaches our uncovered skin) can significantly help to reduce fatigue.

Again, they’re free from gluten, lactose, soya, and GMOs and are suitable for vegans. Take one capsule a day – each bottle contains 60 capsules and will last for two months. 

What other supplements can help with tiredness?

As well as vitamin and mineral supplements, there are other herbs, functional mushrooms and botanicals that can boost energy levels and relieve lethargy.

Best supplement for tiredness - MyComplex Organic Mushroom Blend

MyComplex – Organic mushroom blend

Known as functional, or medicinal mushrooms, this organic mushroom blend from Mushrooms 4 Life contains the bioactive elements of reishi, cordyceps, and maitake mushrooms. Extracted from fungi allowed to grow exactly as they would in nature, and concentrated to make these vegan friendly capsules, these mushrooms are all known for their ability to restore and maintain vitality and vigour.

They’ve been traditionally used to boost energy levels for centuries, and now, we can take them in these easy to digest capsules. Known as adaptogens, that support the body in adapting to stress, their bioactive properties make them ideal for those looking for a more holistic or integrative energy shift: they’re cognition-enhancing, mood-boosting, immune-strengthening, and stress-relieving.

Free from artificial fillers and binders, certified organic and free from gluten, soya and lactose, take between two and six capsules a day with food. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and will last up to a month.

Best energy-boosting adaptogen - Organic fermented ashwagandha 

Organic fermented ashwagandha

If you’re looking for an invigorated body and mind, yet with calmness and stillness, then fermented ashwagandha from Living Nutrition is for you. Ashwagandha is an ancient herb used medicinally in the traditional Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda, where it’s prized for its stress-relieving, energy-boosting properties.

Our first choice as an adaptogen, these organic, fermented capsules provide their active ingredients in their most bioactive form that rejuvenates as it calms, which interestingly, has the same effect as CBD.

Free from binders, fillers, gluten, soya, and lactose, certified organic and suitable for vegans, take one capsule, twice a day with food. Each packet contains 60 capsules and will last for one month.

Best superfood for energy - Royal Jelly 

Royal jelly capsules – G&G

Did you know that royal jelly is the food given to female honeybees in order for them to become queen bee? Queen bees then go on to lay up to 2,500 eggs a day, grow to double the size of a regular honeybee and live up to six years (compared to six to eight weeks for regular honeybees). All fuelled by royal jelly, which is why it’s such a popular superfood for energising the body.

It has an incredibly complex and comprehensive nutritional profile including B vitamins and iron and is rich in amino acids – the building blocks of protein.

These Royal jelly capsules from G&G Vitamins are highly concentrated and contain no artificial fillers, GMOs, gluten, lactose, or soya. Each packet contains 60 capsules, take one or two per day for maximum benefit and they will last for one to two months.

Best superfood adaptogen for energy - Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng capsules – G&G

Different from other types of ginseng, Siberian ginseng is rich in compounds called eleutherosides. These active ingredients give Siberian ginseng its adaptogenic properties and it’s been used across Siberia, Russia, and other parts of northern Europe as an energy booster for generations.

Unlike energy boosters that contain caffeine, this supplement won’t cause jitters and negatively impact sleep patterns and can help to boost athletic performance.

Each pack of Siberian ginseng capsules from G&G Vitamins contains 120 capsules – take one or two a day with food – and they will last for between two and four months. Like all G&G Vitamins’ products, they don’t contain any artificial fillers or binders, gluten, lactose, soya, or GMOs.

More ways to help relieve tiredness

Feeling tired all the time can often be attributed to our diet, but there are other lifestyle changes we can make to help us feel more energised.

It might sound obvious, but getting enough good quality sleep (with an emphasis on good quality) is crucial. Here, the concept of good ‘sleep hygiene’ is important too. Healthy sleep hygiene habits include:

  • Avoiding smartphones and tablets before bed (the blue light emitted by the screens tricks the brain into thinking it’s daytime).
  • Making sure your bedroom is cool, dark, quiet and clutter-free.
  • Making sure your bed is comfortable and clean.
  • Wearing pyjamas and using bed linen made from natural, breathable fabrics such as organic cotton or bamboo fibres.
  • Going to bed and waking each day at roughly the same time where possible (including at weekends).
  • Having a relaxing bedtime routine such as a warm caffeine-free drink, meditating, reading a book and having a warm (not hot) bath.

Tired man on bed with his dogAvoiding stimulants such as caffeine (including in cola and energy drinks as well as tea and coffee) past lunchtime will ensure that they’re out of our system before bedtime. As much as alcohol might send us to sleep, we don’t get good quality, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when we’re under the influence, and it’ll soon catch up with us. Aim for at least three or four alcohol-free days a week and try to avoid it in the hours before bedtime. 

Regular exercise helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle, ultimately helping us achieve better sleep. But not if we exercise too late in the day, so avoid performing a rigorous exercise such as running or HIIT in the two hours before bed. The exception is gentle yoga – practising yoga before bed can help to improve sleep quality and duration.

Supporting your wellbeing with supplements

Feeling tired and lacking in energy can be an inevitable consequence of modern-day living. But eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods and bolstering it with a nutritional supplement to help relieve tiredness can help.

If you’re doing all you can to energise yourself, but you can’t ever seem to get enough sleep, speak to your GP who can help you get to the bottom of why. Feeling anxious or depressed may also be causing you to feel like your energy reserves are low. Seeking professional help can feel like a huge task, but your GP can be a significantly beneficial first port of call.

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