BioBloom: the whole story

by for the Ageless Team February 06, 2023

BioBloom: the whole story

At for the Ageless, we have carefully chosen a number of products that you can buy from the BioBloom CBD range. To provide our customers with the best information possible, we spoke with Elisabeth Denk, Co-founder, and Managing Director of BioBloom to get the full lowdown on their products, to find out more about the company ethos and see what sets them apart from the rest of the UK CBD industry. Here’s what they had to say.

Who is BioBloom

Why and when did BioBloom begin?

BioBloom founders

BioBloom was founded in 2016 by myself Elisabeth Denk and my business partner Christoph Werdenich. I come from a family which already had a decade's experience in organic agriculture and was especially interested in the high potential hemp plants offer.

In 2015 we started to grow industrial hemp on test fields which were processed into organic CBD oils and hemp tea. The feedback from (medical) experts was extraordinarily positive, so we decided to keep producing organic hemp products and founded BioBloom.

What is the BioBloom mission?

Our mission is to develop the best natural products for the health of humans and since 2022, for animals as well. With our plant-based, certified organic CBD, hemp, and natural products, we strive to help people achieve better well-being while at the same time handling nature’s resources with care.

What makes your products different to others available in the UK?

As we are responsible for all steps in production, from sowing the seeds on our certified organic fields through to harvesting and packaging the final product, we can guarantee the highest organic quality. Our products are 100% natural, contain no artificial additives, and contain only regional plant-based ingredients. We also spend a lot of time developing our oils and teas to figure out the best combinations to ensure the highest bioavailability and most potent effects.

How are BioBloom CBD products produced?

Where is the hemp grown that’s used in your products and is it organic?

BioBloom Biocert

We grow the hemp in our own Bio Austria-certified fields. An innovative approach in agriculture, the hemp plants grow in a specially developed row culture. This in combination with the particularly nutrient-rich loamy soil in the former alluvial area of Lake Neusiedl and the Pannonian climate help the hemp plants grow healthily and sustainably while at the same time allowing them to develop the many valuable nutrients such as CBD, in naturally high concentrations, all without fertilisers or irrigation.

All our hemp products are not only named organic but in contrast to most competitors, they are organically certified by the responsible Austrian authorities as well.

What methods are used to extract cannabinoids from hemp?

BioBloom CBD extraction

After drying, the hemp plants are sent to the certified laboratory NATECO2 (ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, BIOCERT, KOSHER), which specialises in gentle plant extractions. There, the cannabinoids are carefully extracted using supercritical CO2.

The slow and gentle CO2 extraction process ensures that the valuable natural elements of the hemp plant are preserved so that the finished product is of the highest quality. This method guarantees that our organic CBD oils offer a perfect ratio between CBD and CBDa which is instrumental for the high bioavailability of BioBloom CBD oils and ensures that they are completely free of any solvents.

What type of extract is used in your products and why did you choose this?

We are convinced that only natural full-spectrum extract ensures the best CBD oils as this includes all the other important and health-promoting ingredients found in the hemp plant. Our entire production process is designed to preserve as many of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and plant nutrients as possible so that they all end up in the oil.

Where are your products manufactured and are the facilities GMP certified?

BioBloom hemp field

We “manufacture” our products by ourselves in our own production facility. Only the CO2 extraction is carried out externally.

As the only CBD producer to be a Bio Austria Quality Partner, we are subject to the strictest quality criteria, right from cultivation to the finished product.

BioBloom CBD oils are also the only ones on the market that have the even stricter Bio Austria Certificate in addition to the ABG (Austria Bio Guarantee) certification.

Are BioBloom CBD products lab tested for safety? If so, what type of testing do you carry out?

In addition to the strict quality criteria that we must follow as Bio Austria quality partners, internal test procedures and independent quality control testing is carried out regularly. Each batch is analysed to determine precise cannabinoid make-up and to ensure the absence of pesticides and microbiological contamination. All results and analyses can be found on product pages

We are also very proud that our organic CBD oils carry the AC seal of quality from the independent patients' organisation ARGE CANNA, which has become the best-known quality seal for organic CBD products in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria).

BioBloom, a compliant brand

Are you a member of any trade associations?

We are a member of the EIHA, the European Industrial Hemp Association.

Has BioBloom submitted a Novel Foods application to the FSA and at which stage are you at with this?

The EIHA has filed a Novel Foods application with the FSA as a part of the EIHA application. So, all BioBloom CBD products are allowed to remain on sale in the UK as the EIHA application has received pre-approval status.

Now, there are numerous studies being carried out. Upon their completion, they will be handed into FSA as well as to EFSA for completion of the application processes in the UK and EU alike.

What does the future hold for BioBloom?

We succeeded in becoming one of the largest organic CBD producers in the DACH region and BioBloom is well known for its high-quality products. We are optimistic that the market for natural organic products will grow worldwide so we are working on some new innovations. We will also continue to provide people with the best natural plant-based products for their health and wellbeing.

BioBloom product range

Do you have any advice for someone trying your products for the first time?

First, no one needs to be afraid of CBD. There are no known serious side effects. From experience, we advise CBD newcomers to start with low doses and slowly find their own individual feel-good dose. And don't be irritated by our CBD oils' strong and bitter taste. As they are 100% natural and contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, we consider the strong taste a sign of quality.

BioBloom CBD oils

BioBloom offers a small range of CBD oils, all produced using whole-plant (includes the naturally occurring flavonoids and plant nutrients), full-spectrum hemp extract.

BioBloom CBD oil 8%Unlike many CBD brands, the final product is certified organic. Most do not go to the effort of achieving this status because it is a costly and time-consuming process, but this really separates BioBloom oils from the masses available in the UK.

There are 5 strengths of BioBloom organic CBD oil available and we stock 4 of these. They are made using only two natural ingredients, a hemp seed carrier oil and whole-plant hemp extract. Each strength is available in two sizes, 10ml and 30ml.

At for the Ageless, we stock:

BioBloom CBD balms and face cream

BioBloom CBD balms and cream

BioBloom also produces vegan natural skincare for face and body with organic CBD and other carefully selected plant oils, extracts, and essential oils. Their combination of naturally soothing, moisturising oils gives the creams and balms a silky texture and delicate aroma. They are ideal for soothing dry, irritated, flaky or chapped skin, and also beneficial for tired, aching joints.

BioBloom hemp flower tea

Here at for the Ageless, we are big fans of hemp tea and the BioBloom offering is one of the best we’ve found. They are produced using only certified organic hemp flowers which are shredded and sold as both tea bags and in loose hemp flower forms.

BioBloom hemp flower teaThe hemp teas include no additives and are rich in CBDa, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

At for the Ageless, we stock:

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BioBloom banner

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