BioBloom UK - Organic CBD Oil from Austria

BioBloom UK - Organic CBD Oil from AustriaBioBloom is the number 1 organic CBD oil from Austria, now available in the UK at for the Ageless. When you have the guarantee that hemp extract is organic, you've got in your hands a premium natural product to support complete health and well-being. High-quality 100% organic CBD oil extracts are not easy to find.
This is why the pure, cold-pressed organic hemp flower extracts from BioBloom Austria are in high demand in the European hemp market and we're honooured to introduce them in the UK and deliver them worldwide. BioBloom, a family-run Austrian organic grower and manufacturer, embodies centuries of hemp farming expertise. Cannabis is considered one of the oldest and most versatile of medicinal plants. BioBloom has helped raised awareness of its benefits by focusing on organic CBD oil production through an innovative and sustainable farming and manufacturing process. With their unique organic hemp products (hemp flower tea, CBD hemp drops and hemp seed oil), Biobloom has captured the interest of doctors, health professionals and more and more customers every day for the past two years.

BioBloom UK - Organic CBD Oil from Austria hemp fieldThe high quality of BioBloom's organically certified hemp flowers used for all of its products are processed exclusively by hand. The organic hemp fields are located on the Hungarian / Austrian border in an area once covered by Lake Neusiedl. "Our products are 100% pure natural with absolutely no CBD concentrate or additives of any kind. Quality is very important to us!", says a spokesperson for the BioBloom family. BioBloom CBD hemp drops have gained increasing popularity among practitioners who prescribe CBD drops, because of their organic certification (BIO Austria and BIO Hungaria certified), guaranteeing its purity and safety. BioBloom organic CBD drops have absolutely no intoxicating effect and there is no danger of addiction. All BioBloom products are also available several pharmacies and health stores in UK, Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and more. BioBloom's organic hemp drops are also Kosher certified - the Co2 extraction has been certified by the patient association Arge-Canna with the AC quality seal.