Curaderm BEC5 - Skin Repair Cream

Curaderm BEC5 is Dr. Bill Cham's Natural Skin Repair Cream

Curaderm BEC5 - Skin Repair Cream For the Ageless
BEC5 Curaderm is a natural skin repair cream that acts on solar keratosis, sun spots, age spots, BCC and SCC. This skin repair cream has been widely recognised as an inexpensive natural remedy formulated by Dr. Bill Cham and tried and tested by thousands around the world. The Skin Health collection contains many products that synergise with BEC5 Curaderm such as Collagen Extra with glucosamine, chondroitin and vitamin C to repair skin inside out.

A remarkable discovery to support skin health topically without the risks involved in surgery. Curaderm BEC5 skin repair cream boasts plenty of impressive studies and testimonials from every continent and we're proud to feature it here. Its active ingredient Solasodine Glycosides is derived from aubergine and the Devil's Apple. The formula also contains salicylic acid and urea to help eliminate bad cells and renew the skin of the affected area.