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Hemptouch Skin Creams, Balms and CBD Oil

Hemptouch UK

Hemptouch is a small Slovenian grower and manufacturer of high-quality CBD products. They harvest their hemp by hand and use CO2 extraction and maceration to produce raw CBD oil. The founder is an experienced biologist and herbalist who's put together the best formulas we've found for our CBD creams and balms collection. Besides producing CBD balms for different skin types - dry, problem and sensitive skin - Hemptouch also supply a high-quality CBD extract and we feature their strongest CBD drops, the 15% CBD oil.

When we met with their team and saw how beautiful and pristine the fields of Hemptouch are, we were sold. After trying their CBD balms and creams, it was clear to us we needed to feature these in our collection. of the very best products that we have found in Europe. Hemptouch was born with CBD skincare in mind. The founder, Silvija Špehar, is on a mission to create natural skincare for people with sensitive and irritable skin. The soothing and nourishing qualities of these products will ensure they become a staple of your skincare routine.

Combining CBD skincare with other products like CBD drops, vape juice or an edible is a good idea because these will synergise and increase the bioavailability of CBD and the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in these formulas.