Nutraceuticals - Food Supplements from the UK

The best UK food supplements from the UK

Nutraceuticals - Food Supplements from the UK For the AgelessFood supplements or nutraceuticals are the go-to solution for those seeking beauty from within. Mainly derived from food and herbs, these unique extracts, also called functional foods, are unique finds that we've found through our ongoing research and have gathered here, all in one place. These innovative formulas are food supplements that work best when you're already following a healthy, non-inflammatory diet. 

In her article about nutraceuticals, Hannah de Gruchy explains how "they bridge the gap between food and medicine" and are gaining popularity thanks to the rise of integrative or functional medicine. All the products listed here are legally certified as nutritional supplements. Watch this space for new formulas from UK. Most of the ones listed below have been formulated and manufactured in Great Britain.