Is CBD suitable for children?

by Tom Russell October 15, 2020

CBD oil for children

Adults across the UK are utilising CBD for a plethora of reasons. With the possibility of so many benefits, surely, we should share this with our children?

But is this safe? Can we confidently allow our little ones to supplement their diet with CBD?

In November of 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) shared a paper on cannabidiol in which they concluded that CBD posed no threat to health, has no potential for abuse and mentioned details of trials carried out that included participants as young as two.

Note: Whilst CBD is considered generally safe to use you should always ensure you know of any potential risks before adding this supplement to your child’s diet. We recommend talking to a Doctor or health professional first. This is because CBD interacts with some medications and can change how the body metabolises them.

CBD for children: fast facts

  • CBD is legal for minors in the UK. However, trades bodies advise against selling to under 18s.
  • Yes, children can take CBD but it is best not to give it to toddlers unless prescribed.
  • To date, few studies have been carried out on the safety of giving CBD to children. Those completed have reported no safety concerns.
  • If you are considering giving CBD to your child, we recommend consulting a doctor first.
  • Consuming CBD can lead to some minor side effects.

Can you give CBD to a child in the UK?

The decision of whether children should take CBD is down to parents. Currently, there are no legal regulations restricting its use to adults only. However, UK cannabis trade bodies like the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) and the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) advise against it.

The CTA insists that brands should “never knowingly sell CBD products to anyone under the age of 18.” And that “Anyone purchasing on the behalf of an under 18 must be aware that products […] have stipulated recommended doses.” The ACI is more specific and requires brands to “indicate pregnant, breastfeeding women and children must not consume CBD products.”

Is CBD safe for children?

Child taking CBD oil

CBD generally considered to be safe and the WHO states: “To date there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” However, very little research has been conducted specifically with children, so it is not yet known if it affects them differently to adults. The small number of studies that have involved children have demonstrated some success and reported no safety concerns. As a result, some parents are comfortable giving CBD to their children and others aren’t.

Some studies have reported minor side effects when consuming CBD. These include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gastrointestinal problems, including discomfort, diarrhoea or vomiting.
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Interactions with medication

Cannabidiol-based medication has, in some cases, undergone trials and received approval for children as young as one. However, unless you have a prescription for your toddler, it is best to wait until they are a little older before they take CBD as a supplement.

How much CBD can children take?

Boy running in orchard

Finding the correct amount is different for every user and is no different for children.

The mg of CBD to take depends depend on body weight, so the correct amount for children will be significantly smaller than that of an adult. If you decide to give CBD to your child, a good starting point is 0.5mg per pound of bodyweight (just over 1mg per kg) spread between three servings a day.

For example, a child weighing 30 pounds (13kg) would take 15mg divided into three servings of 5mg to be taken across the day. This smaller serving could be increased slowly over the course of a week.

Weight in Stones

Weight in KG

Mg of CBD per day*

Mg of CBD per serving

2 stone (28lb)




3 stone (42lb)



7 mg

4 stone (56lb)



9 -10mg

5 stone (70lb)




6 stone (84lb)




7 stone (98lb)




8 stone (112lb)

50.8 kg



9 stone (126lb)




10 stone (140lb)




*We suggest dividing this into 3 servings taken before food.

What to look for when making a purchase

Children must be given high-quality oil with evidence of the proper safety checks. This is true for anyone using CBD. Low-quality oil is never recommended because it may not offer the same benefits provided by a top-quality organic full-spectrum oil and could contain toxins or illegal levels of THC.

To be confident that you’re buying a safe, high-quality oil, check each of these points:

1.    Is the total CBD content clearly displayed on the label? 

This will confirm that it is a CBD product and whether the strength is suitable for your needs. Some scam companies try to pass hemp seed oil off as CBD oil so always check that the label clearly states “CBD oil” and an amount in mg. For example, “500mg CBD oil” or “5% CBD oil”.

2.    Is the oil CO2 extracted? 

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the most effective, safe method to remove CBD from hemp plants. It only releases the necessary cannabinoids and leaves no dangerous solvent residue or contamination. 

3.    Have the products been lab-tested for safety and cannabinoid content? 

Certificates of Analysis completed by a third-party lab offer assurance that the product is high quality and has been safely prepared. They show that the profile of cannabinoids is legal, safe and effective. Chemicals and contaminants are also checked for and noted in the analysis. A sample from each batch of any CBD product must be tested and the certificate should be accessible from the product page.

4.    Was it extracted from organically grown hemp? 

Europe BIO Organic Stamp

Organic oils are the best way to avoid chemical contamination. Oil’s produced organically are an excellent choice for us all, but as children’s brains and bodies develop, they can be more vulnerable to trace amounts of toxins. Brands that display their organic certification have to meet rigorous standards and follow the principles specified by their country’s organic authority.

5.    Is the CBD full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and correctly labelled as such? 

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products contain a range of other cannabinoids alongside the CBD. They’re likely to be better quality and the ‘entourage effect theory’ suggests that they may have a better range of benefits than those made with CBD isolate.

6.    Does it actually work? 

At for the Ageless we try every product before we stock it to ensure that it’s effective and of exceptional quality.

Best CBD oils for children

These brands meet each of the six requirements listed above and are regularly used and positively reviewed by our customers: 

4% CBD Oil – BioBloom

BioBloom 4%

From BioBloom, this oil is certified organic and has been made with whole-plant extract. It’s nutritionally rich and contains many of the beneficial substances from the hemp plant including a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids.

Each 10ml bottle contains 400mg of CBD and one drop delivers 2mg at a time. This makes it an ideal choice for measuring out small servings.

We stock it because of BioBloom’s long track record for reaching the highest safety standards and providing high-quality products. Up to date, third-party certificates are available on the product page and they verify all of the claims on the bottle.

5% CBD Oil – Biopurus

Biopurus 5% Organic CBD Oil

This 5% oil from Biopurus is slightly stronger but is also made with a whole-plant hemp extract. It’s full-spectrum and is packed full of useful plant nutrients and terpenes.

All CBD products from Biopurus have been awarded an organic certification. In one bottle you get 500mg of CBD and one drop holds 2.5mg.

We’ve worked with Biopurus for several years and are always impressed by the quality of their products and their high safety standards. Current lab certificates are easy to find on the product page.


The World Health Organisation and many other bodies have found no threat to health from the use of CBD. It has the potential to provide many benefits to all of us and some that are specific to children. With the proper care and attention paid to quality and dose, it’s likely that CBD can be delivered safely to children allowing them to benefit from its varied effects.

As we move further towards a better understanding of how CBD interacts with the body, more research will be conducted to provide a better grasp of its specific benefits. In the meantime, give your family’s well-being a boost with the best quality organic oils available.

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