Guide to CBD lip balm

by for the Ageless Team March 31, 2023

Guide to CBD lip balm

It seems like cannabidiol (CBD) is put into anything these days, but is it true that a CBD lip balm can work wonders on dry, cracked, and painful lips? As always with the world of CBD, it dependsโ€ฆ but it pays to do the research.

A lip balm is simply a salve or a balm designed to protect the lips. The base is usually made from wax with added moisturising ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil. A CBD lip balm will also include a small amount of extract from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant that is rich in the cannabinoid CBD.

But not all CBD lip balms are created equal, and we are going to give you the information needed to choose one that is not just paying lip service to its benefits.

CBD lip balm fast facts

  • A CBD lip balm is similar to a standard balm with one of the additional ingredients being cannabidiol.
  • A hemp balm differs from a CBD balm as it uses oil extracted from the seeds and contains no cannabidiol.
  • It can provide immediate relief to chapped, sore, or dry lips
  • A CBD lip balm can be reapplied throughout the day
  • A balm made with full-spectrum extract will contain small amounts of THC but this wonโ€™t cause a failed drug test or make you feel โ€˜highโ€™.

CBD lip balm vs hemp lip balm

There are two different types of lip balms on the market made using hemp. You can buy both a hemp lip balm and a CBD lip balm, but there is a key difference in the active ingredients.

In a hemp lip balm, the main active ingredient is hemp oil. This oil is produced by pressing hemp seeds which are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and omegas.

A CBD lip balm on the other hand includes cannabidiol which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. The CBD is absorbed by cannabinoid receptors in the skin, these receptors have an important part to play in how the body self-regulates and maintains homeostasis.


CBD lip balm

Hemp lip balm

Active ingredient

CBD from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant

Hemp seed oil


5 - 200mg of CBD in lip balm

No CBD present


Rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and omegas

Benefits of CBD lip balm

Smiling woman mouth

A lip balm containing CBD can be absorbed directly through the skin for fast localised relief.ย  Some research suggests the antioxidant properties of CBD can neutralise free radicals and that it also has some antibacterial properties. These properties can provide the lips with some protection if you have cracked skin or sores.

Lip balm with hemp seed oil has its own benefits. It is believed to have antibacterial properties too and can keep skin moisturised with its high content of fatty acids.ย  So, finding a lip balm that includes both hemp seed oil and CBD will maximise the benefits.

How to choose the best CBD lip balm

When purchasing a CBD lip balm, itโ€™s important to know what to look out for. Not all products are created equal and there is little regulation around CBD skincare products. So, we have a 4-point guide that can help you make an informed decision.

1. Find high-quality CBD

There are several ways to assure the CBD in your lip balm is high-quality:

  • Check the CBD lip balm has a certificate of analysis. This confirms the amount of CBD on the label is correct.
  • Look for full or broad-spectrum extract as this also contains a range of cannabinoids alongside CBD that work with one another for enhanced effects.
  • Search for a product that extracts CBD from organically grown hemp. Hemp is a bio-accumulator so it sucks up heavy metals and toxins from the soil it is grown in.

2. Ensure there is enough CBD to make a difference

Make sure there is enough CBD in the lip balm to have an effect. A good guide is to find a lip balm with at least 100mg of high-quality full or broad-spectrum extract.

3. Choose natural organic ingredients

The rest of the ingredients should be sourced naturally and be free from harmful preservatives, synthetic dyes, or chemicals. Not only are natural ingredients better for us, but they are better for the environment.

4. Buy from a trusted source

Not all companies have your best interests at heart. Find one that is transparent about who they are, has excellent customer reviews and understands the products.


Here at for the Ageless, we use every product before we add them to the website. To date, we have only found one balm that meets these criteria, which is why we stock PharmaHemp CBD lip balm. It contains full-spectrum CBD with hemp seed oil amongst other beneficial natural ingredients.

So next time you are suffering from sore, painful lips, consider choosing a high-quality, high potency lab-tested CBD lip balm.

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