Meno-Time 13-in-1 Herbs for MenoPause Survival (90 capsules) G&G


Meno-Time - 13 of the Best Herbal Remedies for Menopause in Just One Capsule by G&G

Meno-Time is a 13-in-1 Menopause Survival formula with the best herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms produced by award-winning UK supplement manufacturer G&G.

with Diosgenin (Desert Date), Hops, Kelp, Suma Root and 9 more active ingredients

Herbs and vitamins for menopause tend to be sold separately and if you want to take some of the recommended vitamins for menopause like Vitamin F or Natural Vitamin E, those need to be bought separately too. Fortunately, Meno-Time brings 13 of the best herbal remedies for menopause together in one capsule and it contains some of those essential vitamins too!

Just like wild jam, the desert date Balanite contains diosgenin as an active ingredient, a phytoestrogen that supports hormonal balance. This formula contains hops, featuring potent phytoestrogens that help reduce hot flushes and help prevent osteoporosis and heart disease. Hops also possess an estrogenic effect that relieves anxiety and induces sleep. Click on the More tab to find out more about the herbal remedies and vitamins included in Meno-Time.

Kelp is rich in iodine

  • supports thyroid and pituitary function
  • regulates metabolism
  • supports weight loss
  • acts as a water and toxin diuretic
  • works as a natural antibiotic
  • hair and nail growth

Natural Vitamin E

  • supports heart function
  • powerful anti-inflammatory
  • immune booster

Coenzyme CoQ10

  • supports mitochondrial function
  • key for energy metabolism
  • potent anti-ageing antioxidant
  • protects the cardiovascular system
  • lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
  • essential when taking statins

Evening primrose oil or Vitamin F

  • offers relief from a number of menopausal symptoms:
    • hot flashes
    • mood swings
    • vaginal dryness
    • night sweats
    • difficulty sleeping


  • increases libido
  • improves immunity
  • supports cardiovascular health and the nervous system
  • helps build muscle and reduce fat
  • accelerates wound healing

Suma Root (pfaffia paniculata)

  • supports hormonal balance
  • works as an energising tonic
  • reduces inflammation
  • boosts immunity
  • relieves pain

Korean (Panax) Ginseng

  • energiser
  • stimulates sexual function
  • relieves stress
  • boosts concentration, memory, sharpens thinking
  • supports the immune system 

Vitamin B5 alleviates

  • sleeplessness
  • anxiety
  • loss of libido

Aloe Vera supports

  • hormonal balance
  • digestion
  • the immune system
  • has cleansing and detoxifying properties
  • lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • improve the health of skin and hair
  • packed with vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B6

  • controls mood swings
  • precursor of serotonin that leads to peace and joy


  • antioxidant protection
  • minimises hot flashes
  • protects skin
  • supports cardiovascular system
  • supports thyroid function

Meno-Time 13-in-1 Herbs for MenoPause Survival (90 capsules)

Ingredients (per 1 capsule)
Desert date (Balanites aegyptiaca) 200mg (extract providing 5mg of diosgenin)
Hops (Humulus lupus) extract (4:1) 80mg
Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) 40mg (providing 28µg of iodine)
Vitamin E natural (50iu) 33.6mg (D-alpha tocopheryl succinate)
CoQ10 30mg
Evening primrose oil powder 30mg
L-arginine 30mg
Suma Root (Pfaffia paniculata) root 30mg
Korean (panax) ginseng extract (4:1) 20mg
Vitamin B5 (D-calcium pantothenate) 10mg
Aloe vera (200x concentrate) 3mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 1.6mg
Selenium (methionine) 50µg
Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose 100mg

Take 1 to 3 daily with a meal or use as directed by a physician.

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