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by Tom Russell January 18, 2021

Marine Collagen Beautifier Health

Marine collagen is a supplement containing structural proteins sourced from fish. The skins, fins, scales and bones are collected, dried and crushed. Then they’re treated with acids and enzymes to extract the long collagen proteins from the waste material. Finally the collagen proteins are used to create a product such as a powder, tablet, or drink.

Collagen makes up over 25% of our body’s protein content and it provides strength and elasticity to major structures such as skin, joints, blood vessels, muscles, bones, connective tissue, and the digestive tract. Many different collagen types take on different roles in our body; marine collagen is predominantly type I which is used in our skin, tendons and bones. This makes it an excellent choice for people looking to improve their general wellbeing or rejuvenate their skin. 

Benefits of marine collagen

Because marine and bovine collagen both share some of the same types of collagen and similar amino acids, they also share many of the same benefits. However, there are some things that marine collagen is particularly effective for:

1. Faster absorption

When you want quick results, marine collagen can’t be beaten. The molecules that make up type I collagen allow it to be broken into smaller pieces than other types. Because most marine collagen products contain only type I, they absorb into your bloodstream faster than bovine collagen that has types I and III.

2. Skin and beauty support

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Marine-sourced collagen is far superior to others when you’re targeting your skin. This is because type 1 collagen has a strong, stretchy structure which provides skin its elasticity. Also, marine collagen provides the right amino acids in the precise ratio to match your skin’s needs.

Studies have found that supplements containing this collagen type can reduce skin roughness, make it smoother and lessen the depth of wrinkles. It’s also useful for strengthening nails and supporting the growth of thicker hair.

3. Power and strength/muscle mass

The type I collagen found in marine sourced products is excellent for muscle repair and recovery, as well as to build strength. A study conducted in 2015 looked at the effects of type 1 collagen on a group of frail men. They took part in a daily 12-week exercise program and those who took the collagen gained “a more pronounced improvement of body composition, as indicated by a significant increase in muscle mass […], compared with placebo”.

4. Meeting your daily protein needs and improving your general health

Because collagen is such a necessary protein throughout your body, you need a dietary source of amino acids and peptides. This should come from a varied and balanced diet, but for the times when it’s hard to get everything you need from food, both marine and bovine sourced collagen supplements can be a great way to add more to your diet. This supports your overall wellbeing and daily nutritional needs.

Hydrolysed marine collagen  

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Marine collagen proteins are made of long chains of amino acids. Your body can’t use intact proteins because it needs to rebuild them for its own uses. This means that if you eat whole proteins, your body will need to break them down and rebuild them into the form it needs most.

Hydrolysed collagen has already been broken down so your body can use the proteins straight away. Hydrolysation is a process that breaks the chains and divides them into smaller proteins known as peptides. Each peptide is a short chain and may contain only two or three amino acids. Your body can either use the whole peptide or break them down further into single amino acids.

Either way, the process is quicker and uses less energy expenditure than having to process complete collagen proteins. Also, hydrolysation makes the product much easier to use; it can come in powder form or be added to a liquid without retaining any unpleasant flavour or texture.

Which is better, wild-caught or farmed marine collagen?

Wild fish to produce marine collagen

Marine collagen can be sourced from wild-caught or farmed fish. While they are similar, it’s wild-caught fish that are likely to offer the best quality and enhanced nutritional value. Because they live wild, they have active lives and have a broader nutrient-rich diet.

Farmed fish are still excellent sources of collagen, but they’re fed on pellets of fish meal and remain in small enclosures throughout their lives. Consequently, they’re at greater risk of lice and bacteria. Also, in some cases, hormones and antibiotics are used to influence their health and growth.

While not all farmed fish are produced unethically, sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish are the best choice for marine collagen. For further peace of mind, look for labels that clearly state, ‘sustainably sourced’ and ‘wild-caught’, as well as information on any tests that are done to verify quality and safety.

Does marine collagen have any side effects?

Free-range cattle vs. wild fish

Many studies have been conducted with collagen and a large portion of those used marine-sourced peptides. Due to the information gathered during research, marine collagen is considered to have a good safety profile and isn’t associated with any significant health risks. However, as with any supplement, there are a few things to be aware of when making a purchase:

  • One study found that the fish parts used to produce marine collagen, skin, fins and bones, are less likely to cause a reaction in people who suffer from fish allergies. However, people with fish or shellfish allergies shouldn’t use it because there’s still a chance it could cause a serious reaction.
  • Different brands may add extra ingredients to the collagen so if you don’t suffer from fish or shellfish allergy, but are sensitive to other substances, you must check the label before making your purchase.
  • Some participants in studies reported a bad taste in their mouth after taking bovine collagen. This hasn’t been reported with marine collagen which has no strong flavour or fishy taste because all fish oils are removed. To avoid any chance of this, you can opt for products with additional natural flavours or those that are mixed with hot water to make a tasty drink.
  • Others noticed mild digestive discomfort, including bloating and heartburn.


There are lots of collagen products to choose from, but for fast absorption, beauty, muscle recovery and general health, wild-caught, marine collagen peptides are the best option. They are made into a fine, tasteless powder that is often enhanced with additional ingredients such as flavour or useful vitamins. This makes them the easiest peptides to use because they can be swallowed as a powder or tablet or added to liquids.

Need helping choosing your collagen? Send us a message or read our article on the best marine collagen powder in the UK.

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for the Ageless
for the Ageless

June 22, 2021

Hi Pattie, We’ve been in touch with you over email, but for the benefit of anyone reading this: many of our customers use both bovine and marine collagen for their combined benefits. Many mix pure bovine collagen and marine collagen in one tub. Others take each on alternate days.
For more information please visit our collagen guide or contact us at or give us a call: 0208 191 8621.

Pattie Haes
Pattie Haes

June 22, 2021

Hi, I wish to use Marine Collagen(wild caught) and Pure Collagen (Pasturer-raised beef) for the separate benefits they bring. What is the best combination? Can I use Marine one month and then Pure one month etc.? or is it best to only stick to one? or is it best to do it alternate days or 3.5g of each, each day?
thanks for your help

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