Taking CBD Oil - Everything You Need to Know

by Gavin Crawley

How to Take CBD Oil-for the Ageless

If you’ve ever considered using CBD Oil or other CBD-based products in the past, you may have done some research about what all the fuss is about. During that search, you’ve more than likely seen all sorts of questions asked, like “is CBD safe?”, “how much is a safe dose to take of CBD oil?” or “what are the side effects of taking CBD?”. Well, we’re here to try and clear the confusion that exists within the general public. 

How to Use CBD oil – Key Points

We aim to paint a much clearer picture about CBD products, how they’re used and what you, as a consumer can expect when you use them. 

By reading on, you’re going to find out everything you need to know, such as:
  • Safety of CBD oil
  • CBD vs THC
  • 5 different ways to take CBD Oil
  • The best way to take CBD oil
  • Bioavailability – how much actually gets absorbed into your system
  • What dosages you should be taking? 
  • How much to take if this is your first time using CBD oil?
  • How long does it take for CBD to take effect?
  • Whether there any side effects from taking a normal dose of CBD Oil
  • Whether you actually CAN overdose on CBD Oil or not
  • The possible side effects of taking too much CBD Oil
  • What conditions can be treated with CBD Oil

The ultimate aim of this blog is that, by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll understand what’s right in terms of dosage and all the different ways that it’s possible to ingest CBD into your system.

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!
Countryside How to Take CBD Oil

Is taking CBD oil (Cannabidiol) Safe?

There’s a lot of misinformation in circulation about what CBD products are, so, what you’re going to find out by reading our blog is lots of helpful info on what types of products are available on the market and how they can be safely ingested or applied topically.

What are the side effects of taking CBD?

CBD side effects cannabis leafWhen we use the word side effects, we immediately think of the unpleasant effects that come from taking certain types of medication. We’re happy to say there are no known adverse effects to taking CBD Oil or any other CBD-based products. As long as you stick to no more than 200mg per day for standard use, it can be taken as a food supplement safely.

Like with any other food supplement, start with a low dose and, if you want to increase the dosage, increase it gradually to allow your body to adjust.

All of our CBD Oils are not toxic, non-addictive and 100% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free (below the 0.2% threshold permitted by law). 

Legal CBD drops, e-liquids, balms and edibles contain no THC

THC Free CBDThere’s a common misconception that CBD Oil can make you ‘high’ if you take enough of it. This is absolutely not true, as all of our CBD Oils are not toxic, non-addictive and THC free (they contain less than 0.2% of the maximum permitted by law). You would even pass a drugs test if you’d taken it every day for a year! (Web MD 2018)

THC is another rather unhelpful paradigm of the hemp industry, as it’s the enzyme that produces the high when cannabis is smoked. The fact that the way CBD is produced removes this entirely is often overlooked and, in this article, we deal with this and other factors, like dosages, any and all known side effects and how long the effects of CBD take to work.

There are so many people that are currently of the opinion that CBD = Cannabis = Illegal = stay away from it and this is typically based on an ignorance of the facts. There are many different types of products derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, each purposed for a different kind of delivery or a different kind of use. Only a very small fraction of these products can be identified as containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD products in the UK can contain up to 0.2% of THC to be considered legal and “THC free”. Read more about how CBD oil is made.

CBD oil comes from Cannabis - Does that make me a weed user?

Cannabis weed smokingThe aim of this article is to break down and debunk the myths that stop people from enjoying the gentle, but powerful assistance that CBD provides to the body’s many systems. It’s such a shame when people are put off with falsehoods based on years of conditioning that the cannabis plant and products made from it are something to fear and demonise. Taking CBD oil does not make you a weed user, because legal CBD products contain no THC, making them non-psychoactive, non-toxic and non-addictive.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil has been used for millennia by people all around the world to support good health and wellness. Societies dating back to the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs trusted in the gentle way its beneficial, natural characteristics were able to assist the body’s many and varied functions. 

(US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 2007) 

If you know how to take it, you’ll enjoy CBD oil

Benefits of CBD man runningOver the last few years, CBD products have seen a dramatic rise in their use in the Western world by people who are looking for a natural way to live healthier lives. Whilst the benefits of including CBD Oil in a person’s daily routine is becoming more widely known, there seems to be some confusion about the specifics of how to take it and how much to take of it, judging by the questions we are regularly asked by our customers.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to provide a blog about the subject so that the practice of using CBD Oils and other CBD derivatives becomes easier for everyone. Here we’re going to delve into the subject in much greater detail, tackling all of the common questions that are put to us by our customers every day.

At for the Ageless, we are on a mission to educate all of our customers, not just about all the ways that CBD can help your body function, but on exactly how to the get the very best of the products that they buy.


5 Ways to Take CBD Oil

Believe it or not, there are quite a number of ways that CBD can be assimilated or absorbed into the body - some well known, some not so much. Here are the 5 main ways to take CBD oil. 

1. Sublingual application of CBD drops and CBD pastes

Referring to the simple task of popping some of the CBD drops under your tongue, sublingual administration is perhaps the most commonly used method of ingestion. The reason for this is that it’s easy to do, it’s very effective, and it requires little or no preparation.

CBD Sublingual applicationSimply use the pipette that is included with every bottle of CBD drops and apply the required amount under your tongue. We recommend using a mirror to ensure you get the right number of drops under your tongue. The CBD should then be held there for between 1 to 3 minutes for the maximum possible absorption and then swallowed with the help of a drink.

Afterwards, it’s okay to have some food or another drink. We normally recommend taking the oil sublingually 1-3 times per day, before meals.

When using CBD in paste form, applying sublingually is a very similar process but, as the consistency is more viscous, you’ll need to squirt your dose on your finger or a spoon, before inserting it in your mouth. The application is a little different in that it’s a simple case of smearing the appropriate amount under your tongue or inside your back teeth on either side for the gums and the mucous membranes to absorb much of the CBD before swallowing it with the help of a drink or a bit of food.

After vaping, this is the quickest way to get the health-benefitting cannabidiol enzymes into your body. See the section on bioavailability below.

CBD oils for a sublingual application can be purchased in:

  • Tincture form as CBD drops (administered using a pipette or special nozzle)
  • Sublingual CBD sprays
  • CBD strips
  • The aforementioned CBD pastes

Eating after CBDWe have found that some customers using sublingual delivery experience a slightly strange ‘fuzzy’ or ‘sharp’ feeling on their tongue or the back of the throat. It’s invariably a mild experience that can be resolved easily by ensuring that you administer your CBD directly before meal times, so any funny tastes are immediately taken away by the taste of the food. Some other customers really like the taste of the oils and don’t mind sublingual application at all, in fact, they may even enjoy it. If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, consider oral ingestion or any other of the methods below. 

2. Oral Ingestion of CBD using CBD capsules or edibles

Another popular way to consume CBD products is via oral ingestion (eating them).

The types of products that can be consumed in this way are:

  • CBD drops and pastes
  • CBD capsules
  • Hemp tea
  • Edibles such as CBD sweets (gummy bears), chocolate or biscuits

CBD gummy in sunflowerWhen we talk about ‘edibles’, we’re referring to the huge range of foods that have been cooked or infused with cannabidiol oil, like CBD gummies, biscuits, chocolate, cakes or even popcorn! And it’s not just sweets… there is almost no food that can’t be infused with CBD Oil, so the options are pretty endless. (Cision PR Newswire Dec 2018)

The benefits to consuming CBD edibles are that cannabinoids are released slowly into the bloodstream and are long-lasting.

Because they’re extremely lubricant, CBD oils can be very messy and leak once opened if they’re not kept in an upright position. If you’re travelling or commuting and need to take CBD outside of home, we suggest taking CBD capsules, which are still an effective way to consume CBD.

For those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil, or are going through a particularly difficult time in which strong flavours produce nausea, oral ingestion via capsules can also be the best way to ingest CBD oil. Some people choose to mix their CBD drops or pastes with food or thick liquids (like yoghurt, a smoothie or maple syrup) to ingest without having to taste the CBD oil. 

Have a cuppa of Hemp tea for an extra boost of cannabinoids

CBD Hemp tea brewHemp tea is a fantastic way to enrich your body with abundant cannabinoids, more so in fact than when it is ingested in other forms. The reason being that it contains high quantities of CBDa, which is a so-called ‘inactive’ cannabinoid that is present in smaller amounts in other types of CBD products. This inactive enzyme (sometimes called ‘lazy CBD’) stays inactive until the plant has been brewed. (CFN Media Group April 2018)

Adding hot water to hemp tea bags or loose hemp tea activates these CBDa enzymes, meaning that your hot beverage is absolutely brimming with one of the purest forms of cannabidiol. We recommend combining tea with your regular CBD product (whether it’s a CBD vape, CBD capsules or CBD drops) because we think that this is one of the most holistically beneficial ways to ingest cannabinoids plus it is very tasty to boot!

Some research points to the benefits of ingesting hemp tea with a bit of fat. You can choose to have it with a meal, or with a biscuit or two. 

Point of interest: If you buy some of the hemp tea you find from the major brands in the UK, you’ll find that they’re most often made with poor, non-organic strains and will contain very little in the way of a full spectrum of cannabinoids. At for the Ageless, all of our hemp tea is certified organic and is just bursting with cannabinoid goodness!

CBD Gummies for an easy, sweet way to ingest Cannabidiol

People have been enjoying ‘gummy’ varieties of vitamin and omega oil supplements for years and now you can enjoy CBD gummies in the same delicious and fruity way.

CBD gummies are an easy and fun way for adults and children alike to ingest CBD, and it means you can feel naughty without any of the actual naughtiness that comes with real sweets, every time you chew one. If you love wine gums and jelly sweets, then gummies are your CBD delivery of choice!

Point of interest: Each CBDfx gummy bear contains 5mg of full-spectrum CBD (that’s the equivalent of 1 drop of 10% CBD oil). CBDfx gummies feature only organic ingredients. And each Love Hemp gummy bear contains 10mg of CBD (that’s the equivalent of 1 drop of 20% CBD oil). 

3. Inhalation and Vaporisation of CBD e-liquids

CBD vaping e-liquidsVaping has become something of a craze over the last few years, an ideal stepping stone for those wanting to stop smoking harmful cigarettes and the quickest way to get CBD in your system. Full-spectrum CBD can be taken into the body via inhalation or vaporisation. The practice is in an easy one that uses the same equipment used to administer nicotine juices or vape liquids or e-liquids. The dry CBD herb sold as CBD-rich full spectrum hemp tea can also be vaporised.

Vaporisation or inhalation also makes your CBD go a long way because it results in the fastest bioavailability of CBD entering your system when compared with sublingual delivery due to the low rate of enzyme breakdown and the way it quickly enters the bloodstream through the respiratory system. By directly entering the lungs, the CBD can then quickly and directly enter the bloodstream, with decreased breakdown rates and higher bioavailability.
(Medium CBD+ Origin June 2018) 

4. Topical or Subdermal application of CBD

Topical CBD balmsApplying CBD topically in balms, ointments and salves rich in essential oils is something that has been done all over the world for centuries. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is literally packed with endocannabinoid receptors. Due to the fact that skin absorption is quite a slow process, you do have to apply the cream or oil quite liberally into the skin in order to get meaningful quantities of cannabinoids absorbed.

Rubbing the area to increase the heat in the targeted area or applying the CBD creams after a shower, when the pores are open, are good tricks for making the most of their active ingredients. Some of our customers apply their CBD drops directly onto their skin, even though they haven’t been formulated for this use. Topical use of CBD drops is okay, but please be warned that they can easily taint clothes or be difficult to rub off once applied. It is also a more expensive choice than just using a CBD balm, ointment or salve, which have been formulated specifically for this use.

There is a wide range of natural skincare products, ointments and cosmetics on the market that uses CBD in their production and they include:

  • CBD lip balms
  • CBD lotions and creams
  • CBD balms, salves and ointments
  • CBD shampoos and gels
  • CBD makeup
  • CBD sunscreen

Skin CBD balmsSome of the items on the list vary in the way they are absorbed into the body. Shampoos, for example, are going to help give you a healthy scalp and good-looking hair, but not much of the CBD they contain will make their way into the body’s internal systems.

Our customers regularly report that applying CBD products like creams and balms make their skin feel healthier. We’ve got many CBD lip balm fans and CBD balms are popular stocking fillers in Christmas. As we said before, there are just tons of receptors in the skin, so it stands to reason that friends and relatives are telling customers that use topical CBD that they have a new healthy glow about them after having used it for a while.

Point of interest: In order to achieve a synergetic effect i.e. an increased compound effect, some people use different types of CBD products at the same time. If you do use this approach, however, it’s a really good idea to keep a note of how much CBD you’re taking in total. For information relating to the CBD content of each product, take a look at our CBD FAQs or our CBD guide. 

5. CBD Suppositories

Another way to administer cannabinoids is either vaginally or anally. This is an option that is usually chosen when ingestion via the mouth is not possible and, despite what you might be thinking, there is a savvy method to what may sound like madness to some. The method does have some clear advantages that make it preferable to other techniques.

The first is that a much higher level of cannabinoids are able to reach the bloodstream, by virtue of the fact that the metabolism of the liver is taken out of the equation. This also means that the effects are felt that much quicker and can last up to 8 hours. 

Bioavailability – How much CBD is actually absorbed and how fast?

What is bioavailability? In simple words, bioavailability is the degree (how much) and the speed (how fast) at which CBD will be absorbed by your body.

Different methods of application have different rates of bioavailability, which is why we hear about “high” “medium” or “low” bioavailability and “fast” or “slowly” bioavailable CBD. The table below shows the degree and rate at which CBD can be absorbed by the body, depending on the method of application.

According to our blog post on bioavailability, the highest rates go for vaping or inhaling CBD (34-56% absorption rate), followed by the sublingual (under the tongue) method of application (12-35%), oral consumption (4-20%), rectal (12%) and topical application.

Please note that how much and how fast CBD will be absorbed by your body is not only dependent on your method of application but - to a degree - also on your physical makeup, current circumstances and lifestyle.
CBD Oil Bioavailability

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

The time it takes for CBD to become effective varies from person to person. Variables like a person’s weight, height and metabolism all play their part in how long it takes. This is the overriding reason behind the advice we give people to be cautious when you first start taking CBD Oil, so that you can find your level without having too much, too soon for your own unique set of physical characteristics.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from our customers, if you’ve just started taking CBD, it may take 1-2 weeks and sometimes even a month or more to see any noticeable effects. These are not guaranteed of course and vary from person to person as they would with any food supplement or herbal tincture. 

What is the best way to take CBD oil?

In order to decide what is the best way to take CBD oil for you, we need to consider your personal preferences, your current circumstances and the bioavailability of the method of application.

Point of interest: In order to achieve a synergetic effect, most experienced users choose to take different types of CBD products at the same time. For example, taking CBD drops and vaping, or vaping and taking CBD gummies, or having hemp tea along with a CBD spray and a CBD cream. 

How much CBD oil should I take?

How much CBD to takeThe answer to this question is dependent on a number of variables, too many in fact to give a specific answer in milligrams. Firstly, there’s the fact that no two people are the same, so the dose required to achieve the same benefits can vary. Also, people take different doses of CBD depending on what exactly they’re trying to achieve.

It’s important to say that we are not allowed by law to even suggest that there are any medical benefits to using CBD products or about the efficacy of CBD in treating any illness or medical condition. We know from our customers that those suffering a number of different ailments derive varying amounts of relief from the use of CBD products, but in terms of empirical evidence, it’s considered merely anecdotal.

To list every way that CBD is able to help the body would take far too long to list here. If the purpose of your choosing to take CBD products is a very specific one, we would recommend talking to one of our team to find out what exact dose in milligrams would be most suitable for you. We can make general recommendations but won’t be able to discuss or even mention any medical benefits or conditions.

Disclaimer: Please note that for the Ageless retails CBD products as food supplements intended only to support your wellbeing and not to prevent, treat or cure any disease. 

How much CBD oil to take if it’s your first time?

Birds many and oneBased on the feedback that we've received from customers, we have figured that there is no such thing as a standard dosage. There is a start dosage, but every person is different, and everybody reacts differently to cannabinoids.

It all depends on how you dose it and how sensitive you are to it. A good rule of thumb is to start with the minimum dose for a week and see how you react, whether or not you need to increase it. Some people do well with a very small daily dose and some require more, depending greatly on the method of application and personal circumstances.

The basic principle we are trying to convey is that starting slowly is always the best way to go. Be patient. Depending on your body and circumstances, CBD can take time to have any effects and sometimes has no evident effects. Treat CBD products like you would any other food supplement, as a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Whatever your goal is and to help you get started, you can have a chat with one of our friendly advisors if you have anything you’re unsure of or concerned about. The fastest way to reach us is via our Messenger chat found at the bottom right of every page on our site. 

How Many Drops or Milligrams of CBD Oil Should I Take?

Drop how much CBD to takeIf you’re new to taking CBD, then you have to start somewhere. We would recommend taking no more than 10 to 20 mg per day for a week. This can be broken down into 10mg in the morning before breakfast and 10mg in the evening before dinner. The dosage can be increased in stages over the next few weeks until it gets to the level you are happy with.

Most manufacturers also recommend a 10-20mg start dose and suggest increasing it by 50%, week after week, only if needed. 

Can You “Overdose” on CBD Oil?

Girl with cherries and strawberriesThe first thing to say on this matter is that the word overdose is perhaps inappropriate when talking about CBD Oil, as it’s one that is usually associated with the use of illicit or illegal substances. It also conjures images of a person taking too much of something that is bad for them, even in small doses, so we’ll rephrase the question to be one of “Can you take too much CBD Oil?”

The straight answer is that you can take more than your metabolism is able to process at any one time and this simply means that you’ve overestimated the required amount for your own physical makeup. In fact, there has never been even one confirmed case where someone has literally died from taking too much CBD Oil - the reason being that CBD is tolerated in the body even at high levels (‘Tolerated’ in this sense, means your body can cope with it without suffering any kind of damage). (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 2017) 

What if I Take “Too Much” CBD Oil?

Aqua art splash too much CBDShould you exceed the dosage that is right for your own physiology, the effects that you feel are most likely to be mild, but noticeable. You’ll probably feel more drowsy, super relaxed and you might even experience a minor drop in blood pressure. So, if you don’t want to spend 12-14 hours a day in bed and walking round in a mild stupor, we’d highly recommend that you start low and build up to a level that you’re happy with.

We think it’s worth at least trying, especially as so many people have tried it and enjoyed its positive effects. 

How to Use CBD oil for Pain, Sleep or Cancer and other Conditions

There are many who use CBD Oil for a wide range of reasons, but as food supplement retailers, we are not legally allowed or even in a position to offer advice regarding medical treatment for medical conditions. We are obliged to reiterate our disclaimer:

"Food supplements are not intended to prevent, treat or, cure any disease or medical condition. 
Please check with your doctor or qualified health practitioner for interaction with other medication or supplements you may already be taking.” 

Conclusion on How to Take CBD Oil

CBD oil journeyIn this article, we’ve learnt that whilst CBD oil is a fine, natural way to promote general health and wellness, there are some simple guidelines that need to be followed to get the very best out of its use.

We’ve discovered that there are many different types of CBD products that can be consumed in a way that best suits the individual.

We’ve also learnt that much of the mainstream thinking about what products derived from the cannabis plant are…. well, a bit silly. There’s really nothing to be worried about when trying it.

Lastly, we’ve learnt that whilst each person will benefit from a different daily dose of CBD, having too much is not something that you should be overly concerned about either. 

Want to Try CBD oil Out?

Couple in countryside CBDRather than make bold claims about how regular use of CBD products can improve health, we prefer to let our products speak for themselves. We recommend that anyone who is unsure about including CBD in their routine, should try it out for themselves and then decide what they think on their own.

With a certified organic CBD oil extract working out at just £29.90, you can do just that in your own way and at your own pace. Aftercare is a priority for us at for the Ageless too, so we want to know all about how you get on, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. If you’re not getting along with it, it could be that you just need to adjust your method of consumption.

Many of our current customers started in this “suck it and see” way and have gone on to enjoy a more natural way of staying happy and well. We think it’s worth at least trying, especially as so many people have recently tried it and are now enjoying its positive effects on overall health, long-term. 

Looking to Buy CBD oil? We make it easy and rewarding

If you would like to take a look through the entire range of CBD products that we supply, you can see all this and more on our full CBD collection page. It can be confusing seeing so many CBD products. This is why we thought of placing the total amount of CBD content in red circles above each of the products. This will allow you to compare them easily.

Flowers CBD gifts and rewardsWe offer a manufacturer price-match guarantee, which means we always match the prices of our manufacturers. We also offer a free sample with orders over £30 (quote 'sample' in your order notes if you’re not prompted with a free sample at the ‘Cart’ page when you check out) and free product gifts for orders over £200 (you can pick your own gift at the ‘Cart’ page too).

This gift offer becomes more succulent for orders over £300, £400 and £500 and comes particularly handy when you purchase a high-percentage CBD oil, are stocking up for the family or getting lots of gifts for Christmas.

If, after browsing through, you think of some questions or need some help in choosing the right product for your needs, we have a handy ‘live chat’ feature on our site through which you can talk to our friendly experts and get the lowdown. It’s easy to spot - just look at the bottom right of the page for the Messenger symbol.

Based on the questions we’ve had in the past, the team has put together a simple CBD guide and a CBD FAQ that is very likely to contain the information you’re looking for.

We also welcome your comments or questions below the references in this article.

Thank you so much for reading our blog and we hope it has cleared up any questions you may have had about how to how to take CBD oil and how to safely start your CBD journey.

 Check back soon for news, views and for all-things CBD!

Enjoy your CBD oil,

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